How to Vape CBD Oil for Beginners - All You Need to Know

Posted by on 15th Jan 2023

CBD is a very popular product right now and more so with its known calming effect and other potential health benefits. It doesn’t get you high, but it does offer you relaxation. Hence, it’s not surprising to see CBD in many forms, like edibles, gummies, tinctures, and even vape juice. 

One of the most effective ways to consume it is by CBD oil vaping, aside from oral ingestion and topical applications. However, do take note that CBD oil is only meant for ingestion, but most people in this space like to call vape juice that way. 

There are many vapes for CBD oil emerging in the market, and it can be quite overwhelming to choose which ones are the best. In this article, you’ll learn how to vape CBD oil in the best way and know how to pick your vape and where to buy them. 

How to Choose a Vape?

How to Vape CBD Oil

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Choosing vapes for CBD oil is the first step to vaping cannabidiol, that’s a no-brainer. While there are a lot of options that you can choose from, most of them are easy to use. Of course, picking the simplest one would be good if you’re an absolute beginner to CBD vaping.  

When Choosing a CBD Vape

Although choosing a vape largely depends on your preferences, you do have to consider some things before getting yourself one. Below is a list you want to take into account before purchasing a CBD vaping device.

  • Budget. CBD vapes are common in the market nowadays but they do vary in terms of pricing depending on their brand. Typically, the more high-end the brand is, the higher the price. The device aside, you may also need to get a separate CBD vape juice. 

  • Vape juice. Choosing CBD oils and juices for vaping depends a lot on dosage and potency. So always consider your needs and preferences when buying one. Flavor and viscosity are also other considerations you may want to think about.

  • Vape type. Many vape models are available in the market, including pods, vape pens, cartridges, and more. Picking one depends on whether you want a disposable or reusable option.

  • Battery life. If you’re planning to get a refillable vape for CBD, battery life shouldn’t be as concerning since you can recharge them. Still, having a good battery life means you’ll be able to use your vape longer. 

Common Vapes for CBD

You’ll encounter many kinds of vaping devices depending on what your preferred local and online shops have. But here are five common vapes for CBD that you can try.

  • CBD pods. While a bit identical to cartridges for CBD oil, these pods can be connected with a JUUL battery. JUUL is a leading brand in the vaping space, and such compatibility essentially lets you have a CBD and nicotine vape in one. 

  • Vape pods. When looking for a refillable option, vape pods are a great choice aside from refillable vape pens. They’re suitable for e-juices with varying viscosities. Plus, there are a lot of flavored CBD for vape pods you can choose from.

  • CBD oil cartridges. From the name cartridge, it’s easy to think of it as a slim container that holds e-juice. You have to connect them to either a battery or vape pen to use them. They usually come in half to one-milliliter sizes.

  • Disposable vape pens for CBD. For an easy option, a disposable vape pen would be good. They mimic the shape of a cigarette and come with a built-in coil, battery, and vape juice. But you do need to dispose of them when their hundreds or so of puffs end.

  • Refillable vape pens for CBD. This vaping device lets you fill it with your choice of CBD oil in vape pen. They are rechargeable and more powerful than disposable pens in flavor and vapor. They do have some CBD vape pen instructions for good maintenance. 

Is Vaping CBD Oil Legal?

At the federal level, any form of CBD is considered legal as long as they don’t contain more than 0.3% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is what makes people high. Therefore, vaping CBD oil shouldn’t be illegal in normal circumstances.

However, the laws in the United States differ by state. Some states only accept THC-free CBD products, while others only recognize cannabidiol as legal if they’re hemp-derived. Checking your state laws is key to avoiding possible charges and sanctions. 

What is the Best Way to Vape CBD?

How to Vape CBD Oil

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Vaporizing and inhaling cannabidiol is one of the best ways to consume it, but did you know that there are also some tricks to vape CBD the right way? Here are some tips to vape CBD for the best effect and experience. 

Determine the Right Dosage

There’s no ideal dosage for cannabidiol that is set in stone, but setting a personal dosage is crucial depending on your body chemistry and needs. 

A good example of this is CBD’s association with better sleep, which means you may feel tired when you use it during the day. Some people also find it helpful with headaches. To ensure you don’t get unwanted effects, finding the right dosage matters if you’re using it for such purposes. 

Experimenting with your personal dosage is key here. Here are a few steps to determining the right vape dosage.

  1. Pick the correct CBD vape juice, which may also be called vaporizer hemp oil. People easily confuse it with tinctures and oil infusions, which are meant for oral ingestion or added to food

  2. Determine the potency of your vape juice. This is the amount of cannabidiol in mg (milligrams) per mL of your bottle. Calculate this by getting the total amount of CBD in your vape juice. Then, divide it by the total mL of your container.

  3. Know your vape’s capacity. Most e-liquid tanks can contain half a milliliter to five milliliters of vape juice. 

  4. Multiply the vape juice potency by the liquid capacity of your tank. This is the dosage that you’re taking for every refill of your vape. If there are 20 mg of CBD per 1 mL of juice, then a 5-mL vape tank means you take 100 mg of CBD per refill. 

Always Look for a Trustable Brand

The safest way is undoubtedly the best way to vape CBD. However, while you want to enjoy its potential benefits, you don’t want to compromise your health and money. Hence, finding a reputable brand is necessary.

While there’s no guarantee that a vaping device from a good brand won’t have issues, such as exploding all of a sudden, it does help you decrease the chances. When looking for products, you want to see their manufacturing certifications and reviews from other customers.

For CBD vape oil, looking for a third-party certificate of analysis would be good to ensure that the products indeed have the right compounds and contents as marketed.  

How to Vape CBD Oil

Most vapes are intuitive to use, but here are some steps to follow in case you’re new to using one.

  1. Use a coil with an above 1-ohm rating.

  2. Use a low wattage rating on your vape settings for CBD.

  3. Fill the vape tank with your e-juice, properly soaking the coil.  

  4. Let the juice sit for five to ten minutes before using your vape. 

  5. Adjust your airflow settings as necessary.

  6. Start taking slow and small puffs. Do not take large puffs all at once in case you’re not used to it.

  7. After you finish your tank, always follow good maintenance practices for your vape. 

If you’re using a CBD oil cartridge, you just need to connect it to a 510 battery and turn it on. Then, you can start vaping your cannabidiol. For pods, you can connect them to a JUUL battery and do the same.

Is Vaping CBD Oil Safe?

How to Vape CBD Oil

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CBD oil vaping is considered safe when it meets the ideal conditions and regulations. As the old adage goes, too much of anything is never good. Controlling your dosage and taking legalized hemp products is the right way to go if you don’t want to get any of its potential side effects.

Another way you can vape cannabidiol safely is to check a brand’s laboratory tests before purchasing its products. Such tests check the levels of the cannabinoids (like THC), terpenes, and other compounds in what you’re taking. Ensure you’re not taking more than what is legal. 

Commercial CBD mostly contains low THC (less than 0.3%), which means you’ll not get high. However, they may still appear on your drug tests depending on how long it stays in your system. Also, be on the lookout for nicotine addiction if you’re using a switchable CBD and nicotine vape.

The Best Temperature to Vape CBD Oil

How to Vape CBD Oil

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There is no standard temperature when it comes to vaporizing CBD oil, whereas one’s preferences matter here the most. Some people like to vape at 340° F, while some like it a bit cooler at 320° F. 

The best way to vape CBD is at an ideal temperature range of 315° to 356° F. If you’re after the flavor of the CBD oil for vape pen cartridge, low temperatures at 315° F would be perfect. Vaping at 350° F, on the other hand, lets you enjoy a good amount of flavorful vapor.

What Wattage to Vape CBD E Liquid?

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While the recommended vaping wattages go from 10 to 30 watts, you can still customize your experience according to your taste. To ensure good sessions, getting a good device with proper CBD vape pen instructions would be crucial so that you don’t get lost in configuring it. 

By adjusting your vape settings for CBD, you can start from 10 watts at first and gradually go higher depending on your preferred vapor density and flavor.

Higher wattages in vaporizing CBD oil don’t necessarily mean more vapor. Your experience will vary depending on the vaporizer hemp oil you used and your atomizer’s resistance. 

The Best Place To Buy CBD Vape Near Me

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Buy them at Trusted Online Stores

Trusted and reputable online CBD stores like CBD Genesis hold a huge collection of vaping products for cannabidiol, including cartridges, CBD oil in vape pens, vape pods, and e-liquids. While we also retail CBD for vape pods from other brands, we sell our e-juice under our two brands: CBD Genesis and HempleBox. 

Here are the top products that you want to try.

1. CBD Vape Cartridges

Price: US$ 24.99 to US$ 64.99

CBD Genesis offers various oil cartridges, like CBD distillate and wax formats, from our own brand as well as other top brands like Active and For the People. 

2. CBD Genesis - CBD Disposable Vape Pen

Price: US$ 24.99

Potency: 1000 mg per 1 mL

These disposable vape pens are THC-free and are available in four strains: blue dream, granddaddy purp, girl scout cookies, and pineapple express.

3. FTP 500MG – 1000MG @ 65% CBD Uncut Wax Cartridge (X2)

How to Vape CBD Oil

Price: Starts from US$ 39.99

Type: Full-spectrum

Potency: 1000 mg at 65% per gram

This full-spectrum CBD wax cartridge is available in twelve terpene strains coming from two cannabis variants, Indica and Sativa. It’s also available in a hybrid format from 500 to 1000 mg. 

Pick a local store

With CBD’s recent legalization in 2018, it’s easy to guess that many brands and startups have emerged on the market. If you’re planning to buy CBD oil for vape pen cartridges from a local store, ensure to check their products’ COA (certificate of analysis), reputation, and pricing.

Final Thoughts

Vaping CBD oil is one of the most effective ways to consume cannabidiol. Choosing the right vaping device, e-liquid, temperature, and wattage is crucial to get the best effect and experience. Always check your state’s laws in terms of CBD usage and look for a brand you can trust. If you want to get started with vaping, check out the best products in our CBD vaping collection at CBD Genesis today!