What Is CBD Oil? Everything You Need to Know About it!

More people are turning to cannabidiol (CBD) to treat their ailments. To get a clearer picture of the massive CBD market, CBD-infused products generated over $5 billion in sales revenue in 2021 alone, with an estimated $12 billion come 2024. 

It is only natural to want to know more about CBD oil if you are considering using it. So what is CBD oil? What is CBD oil good for? How does CBD oil impact the body? Are there any potential side effects?

We have provided these answers in this article, so keep reading to find out. 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD is one of the 100+ naturally-occurring chemical compounds present in cannabis plants. It can be extracted from marijuana or hemp plant, with marijuana having a higher concentration of THC, a mind-altering compound, and very few traces of CBD. Meanwhile, hemp has higher quantities of CBD and little to no THC. 

CBD does not cause a euphoric feeling. Instead, it acts on the endocannabinoid system (ECS) to restore natural balance. The endocannabinoid system consists of endocannabinoids, receptors, and enzymes responsible for bodily actions like mood, appetite, sleep, memory, reproduction, pain, and more. 

The ECS sends chemical signals to the brain to help your body work at optimal levels. For instance, the ECS helps cool you down when you are feeling hot. And since the ECS is a natural part of your body, CBD only activates it to maintain internal balance. 

But, CBD does not occur as CBD oil. Instead, it is extracted as a thick, oily paste and infused into a carrier oil. The most popular CBD carrier oils are olive oil, coconut oil, and hemp seed oil. Infusing CBD in a carrier oil enables easier dosing and improves bioavailability.

You can get CBD oil as full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate. Full-spectrum CBD oil contains all-natural phytochemicals from hemp, including 0.3% THC. Including these cannabinoids makes this spectrum potent by generating an entourage effect

Broad-spectrum CBD oil has all cannabinoids minus THC. Meanwhile, CBD isolates oil only contains pure CBD. 

You can ingest CBD oil through capsules, drops, tinctures, powders, and edibles. CBD passes through the digestive system and into the liver for metabolism, which may take up to 60 minutes for you to feel the effects. For faster absorption, try vaping or placing the oil under the tongue.

What are the benefits of CBD oil? Read on. 

What Does CBD Oil Actually Do?

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When CBD interacts with the ECS, it stimulates the body to encourage the production of natural endocannabinoids. In so doing, you enjoy these seven CBD oil benefits:

  • Manage Pain

Studies have found evidence suggesting that CBD oil helps manage pain. A recent 4-week trial on patients with nerve damage reported a reduction of intense pain and itchy sensations after applying topical CBD oil. 

  • Manage Anxiety

CBD oil is a potential treatment for generalized and social anxiety. A 2015 journal documented that CBD calms activity in the midbrain’s periaqueductal grey, a region responsible for behavior. The oil also increases GABA receptor levels to moderate brain excitement and reduce generalized activity.

In terms of managing social anxiety, a 2011 study found that ingesting CBD before simulated public speaking helped the participants feel less anxious. Participants who received a 600 mg dose of CBD did not suffer from cognitive impairment, decreased alert levels, or discomfort. 

Another 2019 study on Japanese teenagers found 300 mg of CBD oil to reduce anxiety-like behavior. The teenagers experienced avoidant personality disorder and social anxiety disorder. But after four weeks of treatment, teenagers who received CBD had reduced anxiety compared to those who took a placebo. 

Based on these findings, it would not seem like a stretch to use CBD to reduce anxiety. However, it would be best to ask your doctor to recommend the best dose. 

  • Improve Sleep

Some people use CBD oil to improve sleep, but research is still underway to prove its effectiveness. Some scientists argue that since CBD restores natural balance, sleep is one of the bodily functions it balances. By interacting with the ECS, CBD oil can help address sleep problems to help one sleep better. 

  • Reduce PTSD Symptoms

PTSD occurs when one is exposed to trauma and can manifest as negative moods, avoidance, nightmares, intrusive thoughts, distress, vivid flashbacks, and physical sensations. But CBD oil can help reduce PTSD symptoms, as revealed by a 2018 study. Eleven patients with PTSD received CBD oil along with psychiatric care. After eight weeks, ten patients reported decreased PTSD symptoms.   

  • Manage Opioid Addiction

CBD oil boasts anxiolytic, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-depressant properties. It has also shown signs of reducing craving for opioids, which can help one overcome opioid addiction. Although research is still underway, there is growing evidence that CBD oil can lessen opioid withdrawal symptoms. 

  • Treat Epilepsy

The FDA has approved Epidiolex, a prescription medicine made from CBD oil, as a treatment for rare epilepsies. The medication reduces seizures caused by Dravet Syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome (LGS), and Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). CBD oil has proven effective even in patients resistant to anti-epileptic drugs. 

  • Treat Diabetic Complications

Studies conducted on mice found that CBD oil can potentially treat diabetic complications. CBD oil reduces oxidative stress, inflammation, fibrosis, and cell death in diabetic mice to prevent heart damage. And since most scientific breakthroughs are often a result of testing on mice, it is only a matter of time before CBD is linked to treating diabetes and heart problems. 

How Can You Tell If Your CBD Oil Is Working?

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It is important to note that your CBD delivery method can impact how long you feel CBD effects.

For example, if you added CBD oil into your food while your friend absorbed the oil sublingually, your friend would enjoy CBD effects minutes before you. If this happened, it would be wrong to think that your CBD oil was not working, while in fact, it was only your delivery method that took longer to offer similar benefits. 

Therefore, before you dismiss that your CBD oil is not working, note that it takes 30 to 60 minutes for CBD edibles to be absorbed into the bloodstream and just 10 to 15 minutes for sublingual administration. 

Additionally, your body’s response to CBD oil and tolerance differs from your partner’s or colleague’s. Your biology may affect how you respond to CBD oil. Besides, the CBD product’s quality may be why the CBD oil is not working. 

Having covered reasons why CBD oil may not always work, let us discuss what signs you should expect to know that CBD effects have kicked in. There are numerous testimonials on how different people responded to CBD oil.

Some users report a sense of mental clarity that helps them concentrate better on the task at hand. Others who use CBD oil at night feel more relaxed and even sleep better. 

Some athletes credit CBD for helping them feel in sync with their bodies and less fatigued. For others, CBD oil increases their appetite, while some complain it reduces theirs. Additionally, numerous users praise CBD for reducing their chronic pain after a week or two of daily administration. 

However, do not wait for an intoxicating high feeling, as CBD oil does not contain mind-altering properties like THC. 

Are There Potential Side Effects of Consuming CBD Oil?

Although CBD oil is generally safe, some people have suffered mild side effects. Here are the most common CBD oil side effects.

  • Dry Mouth

Having a dry mouth is often associated with THC use. However, you may also have dry eyes and mouth after using CBD oil. 

  • Drowsiness

Do you recall that CBD oil helps improve sleep? This can work as a benefit or a nuisance, depending on how you view it. Drowsiness may come as a long-waited relief for users looking to sleep better. However, drowsiness can be a negative side effect if sleep is not what you seek.  

  • Gastrointestinal Issues

You may experience diarrhea after ingesting CBD oil, but this may be due to your medical history. We recommend consulting your doctor should you experience gastrointestinal problems.

  • Nausea

Users with low CBD tolerance and sensitivity often experience nausea. But with time, their bodies adjust to CBD. 

Did you know that the safe use of CBD oil can prevent the above side effects? Well, if you are a beginner, stick to small doses as you work to find your ideal dosage. Also, avoid subpar CBD oil products as they may contain harmful substances. If you have pre-existing medical conditions, ask for your doctor’s recommendations before mixing CBD oil with your medication. And do never use CBD with alcohol. 

Where Is CBD Oil Legal to Use?

It is federally legal to use hemp-derived CBD oil across the 50 states. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized the growth of hemp by removing it from the Controlled Substances Act. It defined hemp as a type of cannabis plant with no more than 0.3% delta-9 THC on a dry weight basis. 

However, marijuana is still classified under the Controlled Substance Act. Drugs in this category have the potential for abuse and dependence. This means that CBD oil from marijuana is illegal across 50 states. 

Unfortunately, as clear as the federal law is, it does not apply to state laws, and this is where CBD oil legality becomes gray. Some states like Colorado, Alaska, California, Oregon, and more have legalized hemp and marijuana CBD oil. Other states like Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Oklahoma, and more approve only hemp-derived CBD. Meanwhile, Idaho only considers CBD oil products with 0%THC as legal.

This means that there is no one answer to where CBD oil is legal in the United States. Therefore, conduct your research to confirm whether CBD oil is legal in your state.

The Best Place to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

[Photo by CRYSTALWEED cannabis on Unsplash]

Now let us talk about where to buy CBD oil. You can only find high-quality CBD oil products from reputable vendors. CBD Genesis is the best place to get CBD oil. We offer shipping services across all states except those that prohibit CBD. 

All our products are sourced from organically-grown hemp and are federally legal. Besides, we care for customers and ensure that our products are third-party tested for purity and safety. We provide the best CBD products in the market, and our positive customer reviews are proof of our commitment. 

If you are yet to decide what you want to try, how about starting with this Active CBD Tropical Tincture? It has MCT and CBD oil for a pleasurable experience and is free of THC. 

Or, try these Active CBD Oil capsules if you enjoy taking premeasured doses of CBD oil. These water-soluble capsules contain all hemp cannabinoids except THC.

And we also have CBD oil isolate in stock. This Active CBD Oil Isolate Hemp Powder contains 99% CBD isolate and is one of the purest CBD powders you will find. 

 Alternatively, you can switch things up by choosing a topical application. This Active CBD Oil Roll On delivers CBD oil effectively as it boasts soothing and relaxing properties.

At CBD Genesis, we do not just sell CBD Oil. We also have CBD vape juice, CBD e-liquids, CBD flowers, CBD concentrates, CBD products for pets, Delta 8, Delta 10, THC-O, HHC, and multi-cannabinoid products. 

Since we sell federally legal products, you do not need to produce a prescription to shop with us. So go ahead and place your order now!

Is CBD Oil Safe?

CBD is generally a safe compound. It is naturally occurring in hemp plants and contains no psychoactive properties. Plus, it offers therapeutic value and can help manage underlying medical problems.

However, since the CBD market is not regulated, it would be best only to buy CBD oil from high-quality vendors like CBD Genesis. You want your products free of additives, heavy metals, and contaminants. 

So, get your CBD oil at CBD Genesis!

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