How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System [Research Backed]

If you’re wondering how long does CBD stays in your system, we must first break down the essential details you need to know about the product. 

Cannabidiol (otherwise known as CBD) had been around since the 1960s before it became a popular plant to help users with anxiety and other health-related problems.

And now, many users have seen its effects and benefits to the body, which keeps them wondering: how long does CBD take to start working? Will it last for a long time inside the body?

By looking at this article, we know you’re one of them. And so, we invite you to read more as we discuss the answers to the questions: what are the benefits of CBD, what are some CBD side effects, and more importantly, how long does CBD stay in the body?

What Is CBD?

How Long Does CBD Stay in Your System

Cannabidiol is one of the components found in a marijuana plant, but this substance is mostly extracted from hemp rather than cannabis. And since hemp does not contain THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, users won’t feel the psychoactive component that makes them high on marijuana. 

Until recently, the product has been gaining more popularity in the market. This is because many users find its effects beneficial, which only skyrocketed the value of CBD products up to $22 billion in 2022

Generally, it is formulated as an extract. But since users have diverse needs and ways to consume the product, manufacturers began creating vaporized liquids, capsules, edibles, and oils out of this substance.

CBD Products at a Glance

A wide variety of products are available that contain CBD that you can utilize. However, to get a better grasp on the specifics and applications of each CBD product, here is an overview:

  • Vapes: Those who utilize CBD vaporized liquids report significantly reduced nicotine cravings. It’s unlikely that vaping CBD will get you high because CBD does not have THC.
  • Edibles: Edibles are eaten forms of CBD. Typically, they are foods infused with CBD oil, such as CBD gummies or chocolates. 
  • Tinctures: Often mistaken as the same as oil, tinctures are strained in a bottle mixed with other flavors and high-proof alcohol. It is usually taken under the tongue to melt immediately into the user’s bloodstream.
  • Tea: With the tea, the CBD plant is grounded and put into a tea bag to drink with warm water quickly. This product is perfect for those looking for ideal relaxation before going to bed or on a lazy afternoon. 
  • Capsules: CBD capsules are another way to take CBD products. It comes in different milligrams to cater to the dosage that you need. This product usually helps people with anxiety and other health-related issues. 
  • Oils: Manufacturers create CBD oil from CBD extract mixed with hemp seed oil or coconut oil to dilute the product. The effects of CBD oil can help users with their pain, elevate their mood and eliminate stress. 

Benefits of Using CBD Products

As stated before, there are many benefits of CBD. As a result, consumers hold CBD in high regard while treating several health-related issues that other medicines can’t cure. 

The following are some benefits that have been attributed to using CBD:

While most of the listed benefits above are found in CBD products in general, the effects of CBD oil bring a more tranquil and calm state for most users.

Even the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) approved the creation of Epidiolex. A CBD prescription oil used to treat Dravet syndrome, and Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) is found in most children

How Long Does CBD Stay In The System?

If you’re wondering how long does CBD stay in the body? It mainly depends on how you take your CBD. When you take much of the product, it can last in your system for several hours up to a month. 

Like any other substance that undergoes digestion inside our body, CBD also takes time to dissolve. The half-life of the cannabidiol ranges from 1 hour up to 6 hours, depending on consumption method and other affecting factors. 

The factors may include the following:

  • Body Activity.  CBD’s metabolites are cleared from the body more quickly when taken on an empty stomach. Therefore, the effects of CBD products would wear off more rapidly in more physically active people than in less active people.
  • Metabolism. As previously indicated, how quickly your body processes, CBD depends on your metabolism. If your metabolism is completely reliable, the CBD components in your system will be broken down and absorbed into your body at a rapid rate.
  • Usage Recurrence. If you use CBD regularly or at a higher dose than most people, your body will adapt to store it, extending the time it remains in your system.
  • Other Medicines You Take. CBD goes through the same liver metabolism as any other prescription. The liver is responsible for breaking down medicines and other substances; this process is likely to be the same for CBD metabolites. Because of this, CBD will not dissolve as quickly and will likely remain in the body when combined with other medications.
  • Method of Taking CBD. As mentioned above, there are many ways you can take CBD products. And it also dictates how long the CBD stays in your system. If you smoke or inhale CBD, it will clear your system more quickly than if you take it orally. Tinctures and oils containing CBD may stay in your system for up to five days. Contrarily, the effects of something you eat or chew can remain in your system for up to eight hours.

How Long Do CBD Take To Start Working?

So, how long do cbd take to start working?

It typically takes 15 minutes or more to start feeling the effects. This is because the CBD effects are not as constant as you think it is. Instead, it works on its time, depending on the method and amount you used to consume the product. 

Like the way we tell the duration of CBD effects in your system, several factors also determine the time it takes to process the CBD effects. 

For example, when you apply CBD product on your skin, you will start noticing the effect as soon as 15 minutes. And yet when you ingest them, it would take 45 minutes to 120 minutes before you feel them kicking in. 

Inhaling the CBD would take 3 minutes as it passes the vapor in your lungs. This method works faster because the smoke contained in your lungs then transfers the CBD in your bloodstream faster compared to other methods. 

How Much CBD Should You Take?

The right dosage of CBD should also follow the different factors to guarantee the right effects for you. Some of the factors are: 

  • Body weight. Users who have higher body mass should require more dosage compared to the average ones. 
  • Medical Conditions. Along with other treatment medications, CBD should be used with caution to avoid undesired effects. 
  • CBD concentration. Different CBD products come with different amounts of CBD concentrations. For example, most CBD gummies users are recommended to use 1-5 gummies per day to reach their desired CBD effect.  

Typically, medically prescribed dosages work best for any consumption. But if they cannot give you the recommended amount, the best way to consume CBD starts with small dosages first. 

A small dosage for anxiety starts at 300 mg and then gradually increases to 600 mg. While improving your sleep should remain at 25 mg of CBD per day, and bowel diseases start with 10 mg per day. 

If you end up needing more than 300 mg, it is best to consult your doctor or dial down the doses to avoid side effects. 

What Are The Potential Side Effects of Using CBD Products?

There is no denying that you can get many benefits from CBD in your system. 

And yet, there are still potential side effects when you overconsume it. Some of the users have reportedly experienced the following:

  •  Nausea
  •  Fatigue
  •  Diarrhea
  • Dry eyes or Dry Mouth
  • Discomfort in your stomach or gut and
  • Weight changes

Some of these side effects are interrelated with one another.

An excessive dose of CBD taken without food may cause discomfort in your stomach or gut, nausea and diarrhea. While this increases the rate at which your body absorbs CBD’s therapeutic benefits, it can cause stomach upset because there is nothing else in your stomach to churn but CBD.

Dehydration, on the other hand, can cause tiredness, dry eyes or mouth, and make you feel tired. This is because CBD is known to take a lot of water out of your body as its effects happen.

To stop these side effects from happening, you should always keep your body hydrated.

Is It Legal To Use CBD?

Since CBD products are derived from hemp, they contain less than 0.3% THC or tetrahydrocannabinol. This percentage is what the Federal state considers legal. And yet, there may be some states where it is considered illegal.

Knowing its legality only protects its consumer against the law, especially since many consumers are at risk for overdosage and unbalanced chemical compounds within the substance.

Hence, we’ve listed the states where it is legal to use CBD:

  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Columbia
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • Michigan
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington

Meanwhile, other states and districts not mentioned above have specific laws and regulations about the substance. Most of it follows a certain condition to meet for it to be allowed for consumption while failing to do so can result in legal consequences.

The Best Place To Buy CBD Near Me

Are you wondering about where to buy cbd? It is important to buy CBD products from a store that you can trust. They should remain fresh and free from harmful chemicals, and CBD Genesis ensures that every CBD product is safe for everyone, even kids!

CBD genesis offers a lot of options you can choose from. So whether you’re looking for a CBD gummy that could make you fall asleep faster or feel better, there is a particular product for you.

Here are some recommendations:

1. FTP Gummy Noids Dark Full Spectrum Gummies

These gummies are great for those who want to recognize the CBD flavor in them immediately. However, you could still note the taste of cannabinoids as it takes you in a full spectrum without that nasty aftertaste!

These gummies come in cubes, which are just the perfect size when you’re looking for a quick bite gummy that could deliver the full effect within minutes.

2. Genesis CBD Gummy Bears

Gummy bears are not only cute, but they are pretty potent too! These gummies come from CBD Genesis, and you can see that each gummy already contains 25mg of CBD without any trace of THC!

These gummy bears are excellent in taste as the ingredients are made up of a mixture of CBD isolate and other sweeteners that cover up CBD’s undesirable taste.

3. Genesis CBD Sour Gummy Worms

Gummies aren’t limited to tasting sweet. It’s supposed to cater to the taste palate of everyone who looks forward to enjoying CBD themselves! These sour gummy worms are an excellent alternative to gummy bears.

With less focus on the sweetness and more on the sour flavor, you can enjoy the THC-free gummy worm that contains 25mg of CBD in each worm without the fear of a bitter aftertaste.

4. Active CBD 300mg CBD Chocolate Bar

If you’re looking for edibles other than gummies, it is best to treat yourself to the luxurious chocolate that can make you feel better.

This ensures that you can savor the chocolate in all its dark and delicious perfection while also taking advantage of the added health advantages of CBD.

Final Thoughts

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a substance extracted from hemp plants that do not contain any psychoactive properties to make users high. And because of that, many users love the benefits of CBD they get. 

But before it takes place, the usual amount of time they have to take goes from 15 minutes up to an hour, depending on how much CBD they take and other affecting factors. 

Even though the effects are lasting for numerous hours, CBD lasts in your system for more than an hour or months with the same said factors affecting your body. 

And because it has a high tendency to stay in your system longer than expected, it is important to know where to buy cbd products that you can trust. 
If you’re interested in reaping the benefits of CBD, check out CBD Genesis‘ variety of products today!

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