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Key Facts

    • Potent fruit-flavored gummies
    • Suitable for vegans | No animal gelatin
    • 10mg D9 per gummy
    • This product contains less than 0.3% d9 THC, making it legal
    • Made with organic colors and flavorings
    • Sold in 25, 50, & 100 count packs (250mg, 500mg and 1000mg delta-9)


What are Delta 9 Gummies?

Delta 9 THC Gummies are delicious candies infused with large amounts of the delta 9 cannabinoid. The natural compound engages with the endocannabinoid system to produce delightful effects for the mind and body – and it is more potent than delta 8!

Delta 9 products are associated with extended pleasurable effects, reduced physical discomfort, and stress relief. The authentic experience lasts much longer than vaping cannabinoids or taking them from a tincture oil.

Delta 9 Gummies from CBD Genesis are available in two flavors (Berry and Passion Fruit), with Pina Colada and Watermelon gummies arriving soon. We use natural hemp extract and organic flavorings to create the best taste possible.

Our fruit-based treats also contain 1.25mg of CBC, CBG, and CBN. These three minor cannabinoids contribute to hemp’s full-spectrum nature and the entourage effect. Mixing in CBC, CBG, and CBN also embellishes delta 9’s properties.

If delta 8 or delta 10 gummies aren’t giving you enough of a kick, we highly recommend switching to our sweet delta 9 treats for more punchy effects! We have much more to learn about them in this delta 9 gummies review.

Are Delta 9 Gummies Legal?

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, hemp-derived delta 9 is legal when it makes up less than 0.3% of a product’s overall dry weight. Our Delta 9 Gummies conform with these federal regulations while promoting the optimum edible experience.

Each Delta 9 Gummy from CBD Genesis contains 20mg of delta 9. That equates to a delta 9 concentration of 0.2% which is still firmly below the maximum 0.3%, keeping you on the right side of the law.

The 2018 Farm Bill does not restrict quantities of cannabichromene (CBC), cannabigerol (CBG), or cannabinol (CBN) in hemp-based products. So, there’s no need to worry about the small but significant amounts of these cannabinoids.

Delta 9 Gummies Effects and Benefits

Delta 9 is an intriguing cannabinoid with both pleasurable benefits and positive effects on wellbeing. Our potent delta 9 gummies bring these qualities to the fore while ensuring any side effects are rare and kept to a minimum.

    • Soothes physical discomfort
    • Relaxes the mind and eases stress
    • Unlocks creativity
    • Increases appetite
    • Boosts libido
    • Makes you feel fantastic!

Perhaps you are struggling to enjoy your evenings due to aches and pains from a hard day’s work. Or maybe your creative endeavors have hit a brick wall, and you need something to unlock your mind and get it flowing again.

Effects and benefits of CBC, CBG, and CBN

CBN, CBG, and CBC have relaxing properties that add a calming dimension to your edible experience. Each helps to ease physical discomfort and soothe the mind.

Most delta 9 edible products only contain delta 9, but we do things differently at CBD Genesis. Incorporating these minor cannabinoids gives you more rounded hemp effects and makes any gummy side effects much less likely.

Dosing Recommendations for Delta 9 Gummies

The unique delta 9 cannabinoid impacts people differently, making it difficult to suggest specific serving sizes. However, as a rule, beginning with a small amount and gradually increasing your dose until satisfied is the best way forward.

The following factors can affect how your body responds to delta 9 gummies:

    • Age
    • Weight
    • Speed of metabolism
    • Delta 9 tolerance
    • Eating on a full or empty stomach
    • Whether your product contains other cannabinoids (i.e., CBD and CBG)

One gummy (20mg delta 9) is a good starting point, or perhaps half a serving if you are prone to experiencing anxiety and paranoia. You don’t want to overdo it when your tolerance is zero – a low dose allows you to get familiar with delta 9.

If a standard serving isn’t doing it for you, try upping your intake by half a gummy at a time. Those with a higher tolerance could up their serving size by more. It all comes down to what you feel comfortable with.

Consult your doctor or physician if you are concerned about taking delta 9 gummies or any other wellness product. Delta 9 is not suitable for everybody.

Top tips for taking delta 9 gummies

If it’s your first time with delta 9, you could benefit from taking a gummy in a calm and quiet environment. This will help you adjust to the effects without feeling overwhelmed, as can happen in loud and crowded spaces.

Spread your doses out. Delta 9 edibles have a longer duration of effects, which could catch out those more used to vaping products and tincture oils. Wait a few hours after your first serving before indulging in a second.

Possible side effects

Delta 9 gummy side effects are uncommon and mostly mild, but worth being aware of, nonetheless. They include:

    • Red eyes
    • Dry mouth
    • Drifting focus
    • Upset stomach
    • Unpleasant and nervous thoughts
    • Elevated appetite (yes, some people consider this a side effect!)

If you experience any of these, remind yourself they will subside once the delta 9 wears off (i.e., within a few hours). Do your best to remain calm and remember that it’s only happening because you have delta 9 in your system!

Delta 9 vs. CBD and Delta 8 Gummies

Delta 9 Gummies aren’t the only edibles in the hemp industry – CBD and delta 8 gummies are also popular among different user bases. But how do they compare?

Ultimately, it comes down to what you want from your edibles – there is no “best” gummy, it’s a matter of personal preference. However, delta 8 has more in common with delta 9 than CBD does.

Delta 9 vs. CBD

If you are pleasure-seeking and want a gummy that will leave you feeling chilled, happy, and smiley, delta 9 is the ideal cannabinoid. And there’s still a therapeutic element to these gummies, with benefits for the mind and body.

However, if you are all about a calming and relieving experience and aren’t interested in the pleasurable effects of delta 9, CBD gummies would be better. These are calming and perfect for general wellness, even if they aren’t as satisfying.

Delta 9 vs. Delta 8

Delta 9 is almost identical to delta 8, with just one difference in its molecular structure. However, that minor change makes delta 9 substantially more potent than delta 8 – with some researchers estimating that delta 9 is twice as strong!

However, more strength does not necessarily mean a better time – and as we discussed earlier, cannabinoids affect everybody differently. But if you need more of a kick than delta 8 can provide, it may be time to experiment with delta 9.

The only way to know what the delta 9, delta 8, and CBD cannabinoids can offer you is to try them. We sell all three types of gummies at CBD Genesis!

Why Eat Delta 9 Gummies?

Delta 9 Gummies have multiple benefits, some of which are unique to edibles. Let’s discuss.

Delicious flavor

Our Delta 9 Gummies taste fantastic, with exotic fruity flavors and a soft, chewy texture. That’s a marked difference from some hemp-based products, which are notorious for having a bitter, earthy flavor with a lingering aftertaste.

And you can savor these CBD Genesis edibles with peace of mind. We only use natural and organic flavorings and colorings, sparing you from nasty surprises.


Gummies don’t give you an immediate payoff, but delta 9 effects from an edible last considerably longer than other product types. It all comes down to how the cannabinoids enter your bloodstream – and edibles take a slow and scenic route!

Delta 9 in a gummy travels through your digestive tract before becoming active in your system. But this process also slows the rate at which delta 9 is delivered, hence why gummy effects last so much longer.


The best delta 9 gummies are more convenient than other hemp-derived products in terms of portability and dosing. For starters, you can take them at a moment’s notice without having to roll flower into a joint or fill a vape tank with e-liquid.

With gummies, you always know how much delta 9 you are taking, right down to the milligram! You can monitor your intake over weeks or months, and you don’t need to measure a dose each time you want to partake.


Edibles are the most discreet way of enjoying delta 9. You can indulge wherever you are, with no risk of making an obvious aroma via plumes of smelly vapor or smoke. Nor will you attract any attention as you might by awkwardly taking a tincture.

Delta 9 Gummies have no distinguishable aroma or appearance, blending in nicely with other candies. Gummies are your best option if you want a delta 9 dose in public or when with friends or family members who do not approve.

Finding High-Quality Delta 9 Gummies For Sale Online

The delta 9 market is much like any other in the hemp industry. There is plenty to think about when shopping, and not all products are up to standard. Here are the main factors to consider when shopping for high-quality delta 9 gummies.

Premium-grade ingredients

Pure, clean, and potent hemp extract is critical for any hemp-based product. In this case, gummies must contain premium delta 9 distillate sourced from an organic and ethical hemp farm in the United States.

Delta 9 distillate made from low-quality hemp extract could be loaded with harmful by-products and impurities. At best, this could translate to a less satisfying delta 9 experience, and at worst, it could make you ill.

Furthermore, to meet a high-quality description, gummies must contain organic colors and flavorings, and no artificial ingredients. An all-organic approach is vital to creating that authentic taste and avoiding nasty synthetic flavors.

Third-party testing

All brands wax lyrical about how amazing their delta 9 products are. But it’s all talk unless they can back it up with a third-party certificate of analysis (COA). The independent lab testing process brings critical company transparency to the market.

A third-party report for a delta 9 gummy product states how much delta 9 is present, clarifying if the edible is genuine and Farm Bill compliant. Some lab analyses take a deep dive into the purity of a product, too.

Third-party lab testing works well in the hemp industry because it’s not a compulsory measure. If a brand makes safe, legal, and effective delta 9, they will happily lift the lid on their products. But corner-cutting companies cannot afford to be transparent.

Customer reviews

The seal of approval from customers is the final piece of the puzzle! Reviews from verified buyers have first-hand details on what to expect from a product. And they may have crucial nuggets of info not mentioned in the description.

Of course, the overall rating matters and gives you crowd-sourced data on how good a product is. But reviews often go deeper into the delta 9 experience, exploring its effects on users with different tolerance levels and how to maximize your edibles.

Why Buy Delta 9 Gummies from CBD Genesis?

Thank you for visiting CBD Genesis, America’s #1 brand for CBD, delta 8, and delta 9 products! The hemp industry may be young, but we have acquired several years of experience and success to give us an advantage over our competitors.

Our loyal customers shop with CBD Genesis for several reasons, from excellent product quality to stellar customer service. And we are always first to the scene when exciting new hemp products – like these delta 9 gummies – hit the market!

Premium brand

CBD Genesis is a high-quality hemp company that uses premium ingredients and the best manufacturing methods to develop world-class products. We have been in the industry since the early days of CBD and continue to innovate and improve.

We adopt a thorough approach to delta 9 gummies, using pure and potent delta 9 distillate and embracing third-party testing. The positive reviews for our delta 9 gummies and other hemp products speak for themselves!

Great customer service

Customer service often goes under the radar when choosing a brand, but it’s critical to a seamless shopping experience. If you have any queries or concerns about our delta 9 gummies, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

You can reach us rapidly by using the Live Chat feature on our website or via the provided phone number or email address. We are happy to help and point you in the right direction with our delta 9 gummies and any other products at CBD Genesis.

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  • 5

    by Peter Seale on 23rd Apr 2024

    Wish I had gotten these sooner. I had problems sleeping but not now. I am only taking a half gummy and it’s working great

  • 5
    These are delicious! A great sleep aid!

    by Fred R on 17th Apr 2024

    I use one or two before bed and wow do they help my insomnia! Relaxation is also very good . I will buy more,!

  • 5
    Delta 9 gummies

    by Veta Jackson on 21st Dec 2023

    These gummies are the best tasting I've used. I use them to help control my blood pressure and tension. They work well on my BP and the high is pleasant and my sleep has been great.

  • 4

    by Johnny on 27th Nov 2023

    Unfortunate to see the new strength. Seems like a sneaky way to double the price of the product.

  • 5
    D9 gummies

    by Fucilli Jerry on 27th Nov 2023

    Best gummies out there. I've tried a bunch. Too many.

  • 5
    Delta 9 gummies

    by Veta Jackson on 1st Nov 2023

    These are very good. They have a minimum of sugar and taste very good. The effects are really effective. I take them for hypertension. It's works great and lowers my BP better than my meds do.

  • 5
    Delta 9 Gummies

    by Shawn on 26th Oct 2023

    They certainly make me feel more relaxed, and I sleep great!

  • 5
    D9 gummie

    by Steve Glass on 27th Sep 2023

    Excellent till my last order. The mg went down to 10 mg instead of 20 I've been getting. Paid same price.

  • 5
    D9 gummie

    by Steve Glass on 27th Sep 2023

    Excellent till my last order. The mg went down to 10 mg instead of 20 I've been getting. Paid same price.