Can I Use CBD Oil on My Food?

Hemp (Cannabis) leaf in cup of tea

High CBD Oil may be consumed orally through food or raw foodstuffs. However, the High CBD Oil isn't activated; that means overwhelming it might not offer expected results. Consult a cannabinoid chart to focus on specific cannabinoids that might facilitate your specific symptoms. CBD Oils are especially good as their impact comes quickly, which is important if you're suffering with severe pain and need instant relief. Depending on how bad your problem is, the stronger dose of CBD you may need

You may put the dropper full of tincture into a cup of warm or hotwater for an instant cup of tea. You could even add the CBD into your Juice.

Ice Screams and sherbets
If you are out and about enjoying a beautiful hot sunny day and decide you want some CBD, you can always have it with your ice cream.

Soups, Gelatin, Salad dressing etc.
One of the many reasons why people have come to love CBD Oil is because the oil itself could be added into practically anything you consume.

Keep in mind; they are intended to be used directly under the tongue for maximum effect.