What is Pure THC & Is It Better? [+Popular Products]

What is Pure THC & Is It Better? [+Popular Products]

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

Pure THC is a much more highly concentrated version of THC like Delta-8 than you would find in regular cannabis flower. With pure THC, you can enjoy a much more potent psychoactive experience, and get high more rapidly than with classic cannabis products.

Whereas THC levels in marijuana buds typically top out at around 25%, a pure THC product can contain as much as 99.99% THC. Subsequently, pure THC does not contain any CBD, or any of the other cannabinoids found in marijuana. Pure THC is ideal for powerful highs, but the rich THC content means tolerance builds quickly.

Are you ready to take your THC experience to the next level? Then keep reading to find out more about pure THC, and get up to speed with the most concentrated and potent products on the market today.

What is Pure THC?

Pure THC is exactly what it sounds like: a purified version of THC. While people smoke marijuana or eat regular marijuana edibles for the THC, standard cannabis extracts contain a limited amount of THC.

The strongest cannabis available may have up to 20 to 25% THC, but the rest of the plant is comprised of other cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and plant compounds. Cannabis cultivators have done everything possible to grow stronger cannabis that delivers better highs, but there is only so much that can be done. And that’s where pure THC comes in.

This distillate concentrate extract smashes through the 25% barrier, and allows you to enjoy THC in concentrations of 99% or more. This pure, decarboxylated version of THC is clean and incredibly versatile, with many cannabis advocates arguing that it’s the future of THC. But before we get into the wide range of pure THC products that are out there, let’s look first at how this super-potent extract is made.

How is Pure THC made?

Cannabis distillation involves separating the THC from the rest of the compounds in marijuana. This is typically achieved by a process known as short-path distillation, or fractional distillation. While not a new method, cannabis distillation has become more popular recently with the growing demand for high-strength THC products.

How is Pure THC made?

But before short-path distillation can occur, the THC must first be separated from the marijuana plant, ideally via the gold standard supercritical CO2 extraction technique. This process separates out the THC and any other important compounds. Fats and lipids are then removed from the extract via a process known as winterization, which involves a solvent such as ethanol.

With the short-path distillation technique, the distillation is passed between flasks, with the aid of alcohol and a strict temperature control. Extract is slowly poured into a flask, and as it is heated, the THC-filled vapor is sucked up into fractionating tubing and then a condensing tube through a vacuum. This convenient, compact approach is efficient and prevents compound loss. The process can be repeated several times for improved refinement.

Introducing the Most Popular Pure THC Products

Because pure THC is so versatile, it’s no surprise that there is such a huge range of pure THC products. While THC in any form (except topical application) will get you high, the effects can differ depending on how you consume it. Hence each pure THC product has its own benefits.

Pure THC Oil

Pure THC tinctures are generally taken under the tongue, and offer the speedy benefits of sublingual absorption. This is the second-fastest way to get THC into your system after vaping, with the molecules swiftly entering the bloodstream via the sublingual glands and mucous membranes in the mouth. Tincture oils are great if you want a hard-hitting high, without the potential negative effects of vaping. Pure THC tinctures are also very discreet.

Furthermore, pure THC oil can also be used to make edibles and in any recipe of your choice. If using a tincture product in this way, be prepared for the THC to work more gradually, just like in an edible.

Pure THC Oil is a great product for experiencing the all-round benefits of THC. Whether you just want to get high as quickly as possible, or you want swift relief from your symptoms, tincture oils can do the trick.

Pure THC Crystals

THC crystals are perhaps what first comes to mind when you think of cannabis concentrates. These products have gained a reputation for their astonishing potency, and are the popular THC option of choice for the most hardened of consumers!

THC crystalline is as pure as it gets, although it does come in pre-psychoactive THC-A form, which means you’ll need to heat it to get high. Technically, you can enjoy the therapeutic effects of THC-A by eating the crystals directly or dissolving them into your drink. But we get that probably isn’t why you’re buying them!

For the full, mind-blowing high, you’ll want to vaporize pure THC crystals, using either a vaporizer designed for extracts, or by dabbing them with a dab rig. This works by heating up a nail, “dabbing” the concentrate on the nail, and inhaling that THC-rich vapor.

Pure THC Syringe

Not everyone is a fan of the THC syringe, but they can actually be pretty useful. Of course, in the world of drugs, syringes can give off some bad vibes. But THC syringes aren’t dangerous, and aren’t meant for intravenous injection, so there’s no need to have such concerns.

Rather, pure THC syringes are great for accurate THC dosing, and can be used for vaping or direct consumption with minimal product loss. When dealing with highly concentrated products, any wastage is costly. You could choose to dab a little oil from the syringe onto your finger, and rub it into the inside of your cheek.

Pure THC Wax

Wax is another excellent pure THC product for vaping. THC wax is slightly less potent than crystalline THC, but the sticky nature of the product perhaps makes it easier for dabbing. Not to mention, THC wax is already activated, so you can eat it for a magnificent high, just like any other edible.

If you want the best of both – the fast-acting effects of THC vaping, and the drawn out impact of a THC edible – then pure THC wax has you covered.

Pure THC Gummies

Gummies are a classic THC edible, and provide you with a level of discretion that most other THC products simply can’t give you. It’s pretty much impossible to tell pure THC gummies apart from regular gummies, so you can easily combine them with your normal candies and get stoned under the radar.

The THC in gummies – and any other edible – enters your bloodstream through the stomach. This process happens more slowly than vaporized or sublingually absorbed THC, so don’t expect to feel the high straight away – and resist the temptation to double your dose. Once the effects do start kicking in, you can expect the high to last twice as long.

Pure THC Terpenes

Purified terpenes are great for mixing with any pure THC products to recreate the effects of your favorite strains. Since the THC distillation process removes terpenes, this eliminates the sativa, indica and hybrid effects that give strains their uniqueness.

These compounds are not just useful for delivering cerebral or relaxing effects, they are also pack a flavorful punch. Terpenes complement your high rather than reducing it, so if you want to enhance your pure THC experience even further, we recommend picking up some pure terpenes.

Pure THC Powder

THC Powder

THC powder is very similar to THC crystals, except it comes in powdered form rather than crystalline form, making it even more versatile. Pure THC powder products are typically dissolvable in water, so can be added to your favorite beverages for an edible-like high. THC powder also works as a food ingredient.

Pure THC Disposables

Disposables are the easiest way to vape. Rather than having to fiddle around refilling empty cartridges with e-liquid, with disposables, you can just pick up your pen and inhale, and start getting baked within seconds.

Pure THC disposables are highly potent, and most brands offer a wide selection of flavors, just like you would get if purchasing marijuana flower. The flavors are possible thanks to the addition of terpenes. For increased energy, opt for a sativa. For relaxation and a “couchlock” effect, choose a sativa. And for a well-balanced high, go for a hybrid.

Is Pure THC better than non-pure THC?

This all depends on what you are looking for from your cannabis. If you are all about the high, and want the strongest possible products, then you will definitely prefer pure THC. This is the only way to break through the natural THC limits of flower, and it will give you a stoned feeling that even chain-smoking joints for hours wouldn’t deliver.

However, don’t think of “non-pure THC” as bad. People have been consuming natural, “non-pure” cannabis for thousands of years. There may be some impurities, but the best cannabis growers are able to minimize these. And if you don’t want that mega powerful high of pure THC, the complementing effects of CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds may be quite welcome.