What is Delta 8 THC? All You Need To Know About It

In recent years, the sales of hemp-derived cannabinoids have exploded. However, the wave of excitement of CBD has now shifted to other products, with users seeking a new buzz with less harmful effects associated with cannabis. Due to the demand for new products, players in the cannabis business have developed new strains. One of the most popular compounds today is the Delta 8 THC. The popularity of this cannabinoid is because it’s not explicitly listed as a controlled substance; therefore, consumers can purchase it legally at any CBD retailer.

The National Cancer Institute classifies this compound as an appetite-stimulating, analgesic, and neuroprotective compound due to the lower psychoactive effects. However, despite this newest minor cannabinoid creating excitement in the CBD market, there’s confusion about its legality due to conflicting regulations.

Before you switch to this cannabinoid, it’s best to understand its dosage and effects, legality, whether it will get you high and where to get it safely. So what is Delta 8 THC?

Here’s all you need to know about delta 8 THC:

What is Delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC is a minor compound found in cannabis. Scientifically it’s known as delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol. It became popular thanks to its similarity to Delta-9 THC, the main compound found in cannabis that gets you high. However, it’s less potent compared to Delta-9, which is illegal in most states.

Chemically, Delta-8 THC is not too different from Delta-9 THC; they only differ with a few molecules, which have a significant impact. Because of these THC molecules, Delta 8 comes with a milder buzz.

Cannabis enthusiasts use Delta 8 THC because it leaves them feeling good and clear-headed. Furthermore, it does not come with the anxiety or paranoia that’s associated with Delta-9. Besides, the complexity in the legalizations in different states has prompted CBD companies to switch to selling Delta 8 THC products.

Recent legislations have legalized cannabinoids derived from hemp. This law favors Delta 8 products because they can either be extracted from cannabis or hemp. This has influenced the growth of hemp and extraction across the United States, boosting Delta 8 in areas where Delta 9 is illegal.

Even though Delta 8 THC is less potent than other THC forms, the demand is at an all-time high because of these legal loopholes. As a result, CBD and hemp companies have now increased their supply and extraction of this compound to meet the market demand.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Is Delta 8 Legal?

Delta-8 THC has complicated legality. The law is not very clear in some states and could get you into trouble. In the U.S, 11 states forbid this compound among them, Delaware, Arizona, Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Idaho, Mississippi, Rhode Island, Iowa, Montana, and Utah.

However, in most states, the product is legal. The grey arises because most states’ laws use language that only addresses marijuana, Delta-9, cannabis, THC, or CBD. Since Delta-8 is derived from CBD extracted from legal hemp, it’s common to find it being sold in locations where cannabis is illegal. This is in line with the 2018 Farm Bill.

Based on this federal law, Delta 8 THC is legal because despite hemp being a cannabis plant, it contains a concentration of less than 0.3% THC. However, some states chose not to adopt this farm bill into their state legislation. Therefore, using Delta 8 products in this state is a felony.

The ambiguity in the law does not favor individuals that go through drug tests. For example, the THC metabolites are stored in your body’s fat cells are likely to exhibit in your test if you don’t detox well. In addition, some states don’t differentiate between Delta 8 and Delta 9 products; therefore, it’s better to avoid the products if you have an upcoming test.

In the future, this could change because the federal Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) released a new guideline to differentiate between hemp and cannabis. If this is adopted after the review in October 2021, Delta-8 THC could become federally illegal.

Will Delta 8 Get You High?

Most cannabis enthusiasts crave the “high” feeling that comes with most marijuana products. So you might be probably be wondering does Delta 8 make you high? The answer is yes, but the experiences will vary from person to person.

Delta 8 will get you high, though not as Delta-9, which is the primary compound in cannabis. Most users get the buzz without extreme mental effects. Due to its reduced psychoactive effects, it’s an excellent choice for alleviating anxiety and pain while still getting the opportunity to think clearly.

Apart from the bodily high, these products will stimulate your appetite. It might not be intense as with Delta 9, but it will give you the urge to eat.

For people living in states where cannabis is illegal, Delta 8 THC products might be the only way to experience THC effects legally. However, if you are a beginner or prefer milder products, this is a perfect place to start.

Delta 8 vs. CBD

    Delta 8 vs. CBD

Many cannabis users commonly use cannabidiol (CBD). The difference between Delta 8 and CBD is that the latter is non-intoxicating. The chemical structure of these two products is very different.

Delta 8 has THC, which is responsible for the high feeling one gets after using cannabis products. Once you consume Delta 8, it binds to the body’s endocannabinoid system resulting in a relaxed feeling. However, CBD doesn’t bind as readily to the system.

These characteristics of CBD have been utilized for medicinal benefits for the consumer. It might not get you intoxicated, but it can provide relief from some symptoms.

Dosage and Effects of Delta 8

For regular cannabis users, Delta 8 THC will feel milder. But if you are a beginner, it might be strong and too intense. Based on this reduced effect, CBD producers and distributors measure and dose the Delta 8 gummies and edibles at more than twice the strength of standard THC products.

Delta 9 THC gummies will come in 10mg, whereas Delta 8 gummies will be packed in 25mg for the same effects. If you are vaping, you can use the Delta-8 vaping cartridges that come in several flavors. However, you’ll still need to use the product moderately.

Before taking any cannabis products, it’s essential to note that it will depend on your body chemistry. Like any other compound, the effects will be based on your tolerance levels, the strain’s chemical profile, and the amount used. As a newbie, you should probably go for smaller quantities until your tolerance levels improve.

Furthermore, there is little research on the effects of Delta 8 THC in comparison to the standard THC and CBD. Because of that, there’s no clear information about how potent the compound is or how it affects your body.

To measure your tolerance, use the products in portions. Once you consume a little, give time for the effects to kick in before using more.

How to Find Good and Safe Delta 8: Best Delta 8 Brand

How to Find Good and Safe Delta 8: Best Delta 8 Brand

With little known information about the safety of Delta 8 THC products, users need to ensure they get risk-free products. Is THC Delta 8 safe?

Here’s how to check for a good product.

  • Use a Reputable Source

Delta 8 is relatively new in the market; therefore, it might be challenging to get legit products. Before you buy any product, check the source in detail from their website to get information on how they create or extract their compounds.

A legit source will have products that are tested, have a batch number for easier tracking. However, for your safety, avoid untested products or those with questionable test results. These might have harmful substances or might not contain any Delta-8 molecules.

A reputable brand or business will also have customer reviews and a way to contact them if you have any questions. A good company will answer all your questions about their brand.

  • Clear With Your Doctor

If you have any medical prescriptions, it’s advisable to talk to your doctor first. This process is essential, especially if the drug could interact with your medication.

  • Read The Label

Delta 8 THC products without labels are most likely not legitimate. These labels are essential because they indicate any potential side effects and activities you should avoid after using the products.

Only go for dealers who have a reputation for selling the right items. In addition, the label is good for newbies; it provides instructions for the dosage to take.

Best Delta 8 Brand

Delta 8 Factory – Delta 8 THC Flower

This product is a good source for Delta 8 THC. It’s available in several strains that you can choose from. The product comes in packages of 3.5 grams.



It’s our hope that this detailed guide has effectively answered the question – what is delta 8 THC?

Delta 8 THC has risen in popularity since early 2020. As the newest product in the market, it’s in high demand among cannabis enthusiasts. However, there is a lot of ambiguity, especially with the legality of the product.

Some states still don’t subscribe to federal law on the legality of hemp extracts. Therefore, it’s illegal in some places.

These products have a less psychoactive effect than regular THC but more intoxicating than CBD. Therefore, it’s recommended to use it in smaller portions as a new user until the body’s tolerance improves.

While shopping for these products, it’s better to go to a reputable source. As a new product, it might be wise to do your research first on the seller and manufacturer. By doing this, you’ll get access to the safest products in the market.

If you are looking for a reputable seller, you can contact CBD Genesis for all your Delta 8 THC products. They have edibles, gummies, vape pens, and cartridges, and more.

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