How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat?

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

CBD Gummies

CBD gummies and other hemp-derived edibles delectably deliver the cannabinoid’s benefits into your system and produce long-lasting effects. But when edible first-timers prep for their first dose, many ask, “How many CBD gummies should I eat?”

It’s a simple question with numerous possible responses since several factors impact the ideal CBD dosage. In this guide, I will break these factors into easy-to-digest chunks, giving you the information needed to optimize your intake.

Let’s begin with a brief overview of the title question before delving into the different hemp extracts used in CBD-infused gummies.

The Quick Answer

Ultimately, there is no magic CBD dose to soothe all your troubles away. The type of hemp extract, the product strength, your age, body weight, and reason for taking gummies are just some of the variable that influence your optimum dosage.

However, I recommend following the manufacturer’s serving suggestions when trialing a new gummy product and knocking a few milligrams off if feeling hesitant. Easing your way into CBD edibles is the best approach to avoid side effects.

Types of CBD Gummies

Non-intoxicating, hemp-derived cannabidiol (CBD) extract comes in three unique forms. All are federally legal and compliant with the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill), and none of them will get you stoned. But the similarities end there!

CBD-isolate gummies

These edibles only contain one cannabinoid – no prizes for guessing which! Separating CBD from other cannabinoids makes it slightly less effective. However, CBD-isolate extract comes with the assurance of a clean drug test.

Most consider the THC-free nature of CBD-isolate gummies a plus, but the exclusion of minor cannabinoids like cannabigerol (CBG) is unfortunate. However, these edibles are cheaper than full and broad-spectrum products, which softens the blow!

Full-spectrum CBD gummies

For a more potent and well-rounded hemp experience, full-spectrum CBD gummies are an excellent pick. Laden with CBD, secondary cannabinoids, and even a little THC (less than 0.3%), these edibles promote hemp’s renowned entourage effect.

However, whole-plant hemp extract comes with an added cost and the slim risk of failing a drug test. Not everybody can countenance these downsides, leaving them no choice but to forgo the benefits of full-spectrum CBD.

Broad-spectrum CBD gummies

There is a third way if CBD-isolate or full-spectrum edibles don’t float your boat – broad-spectrum gummies! While THC-free, this hemp extract retains all the minor cannabinoids, making for more beneficial effects than stripped-down CBD-isolate.

No THC means a minor reduction in therapeutic value – but it’s a small price for the cast-iron guarantee of a negative drug test. Cost-wise, broad-spectrum CBD gummies typically fall in between their CBD-isolate and full-spectrum counterparts.

Other CBD gummies

Okay, there are a few other types of gummies. However, all are variants of those listed above. Some companies make edibles combining hemp-derived CBD extract with high concentrations of other cannabinoids.

CBD + Delta-8: Pairing calming CBD with psychoactive and euphoric delta-8 will make you high. But unlike THC, delta-8 is federally legal in any amount.

CBD + CBN: Many brands make hemp-derived products with rich quantities of relaxing cannabinol (CBN). While neither substance is clinically proven to help with sleep, it’s not uncommon to find CBD + CBN edibles marketed as sleep gummies.

CBD Dosage Chart for Gummies

Dosing with CBD gummies is a tricky business, and there is no exact science. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not provide CBD dosage recommendations, and advice can vary from brand to brand.

However, everyone has to start somewhere, and if your gummy product doesn’t come with dosage tips, it's natural to feel confused. I have devised this chart to guide you on the optimum CBD gummies dosage for your weight.

Body Weight (lbs)Low DosageMedium DosageHigh Dosage
100 to 13010mg20mg30mg
131 to 16020mg30mg40mg
161 to 19025mg35mg45mg
191 to 22035mg45mg55mg
221 to 25040mg50mg60mg
251 to 28045mg60mg75mg
280 and above55mg or more70mg or more85mg or more

The suggested serving could be too much or not enough. But if you can get your dosage in the right ballpark, you can then fine-tune it to the milligram.

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat for My Issue?

Low, medium, and high dosages might mean nothing if you don’t know how to remedy your ailment with CBD. I have picked out a few health issues many people take CBD for. Your ideal dosage may vary depending on symptom severity.

“How many CBD gummies should I take for…?” I hear you ask. Let’s go through a few examples.

  • For focus and concentration: low dosage
  • For physical discomfort relief: medium to high dosage
  • For stress relief: medium to high dosage
  • For jitters, nerves, and tension: medium to high dosage
  • For better rest and relaxation: high dosage

When deciding how many CBD gummies to eat, refer to the product packaging to check the precise amount of CBD per serving. One gummy is typically one serving, but this isn’t always the case – never make assumptions with unregulated CBD!

Can You Overdose on CBD Gummies?

It’s extremely unlikely. Indeed, nobody has ever overdosed on pure CBD gummies. However, untested, impure, and potentially fake CBD edibles could cause problems, even in small doses.

As noted in this scientific paper published in Current Drug Safety, a mighty 1500mg CBD per day is well-tolerated in humans. That is more than you usually find in an entire product! Therefore, an extra gummy or two won’t do you any serious harm. 

How Often Can You Take CBD Gummies?

While CBD is safe and well-tolerated in astronomical amounts, side effects can occur with much lower dosages. Hence, most CBD brands recommend ingesting gummies once or twice daily – but you could probably take low-strength edibles more often.

Again, treat such dosage tips as a guideline and starting point rather than as a strict blueprint to follow. If the CBD in your gummies is wearing off and not providing adequate relief, take more. If you are experiencing side effects, scale it back.

Side effects of CBD gummies

CBD gummies rarely cause side effects, but they may crop up occasionally, especially with larger dosages. Reported CBD side effects include:

  • Appetite changes
  • Diarrhea (rare)
  • Dizziness
  • Drowsiness and fatigue
  • Dry mouth
  • Interactions with prescription drugs
  • Nausea and vomiting

NoteFull-spectrum CBD gummies with traces of THC are more likely to trigger anxiety and paranoia. Go for THC-free gummies if you are extra sensitive to psychoactive substances.

CBD side effects from gummies might last longer than side effects from other CBD products. Orally-ingested CBD stays active in your system for a greater length of time than CBD from e-liquids and tinctures.

Of course, we have only discussed the side effects of genuine CBD gummies. Untested edibles from sketchy brands could contain nasty ingredients and impurities that cause more unpleasant and dangerous side effects.

Spare yourself an edible nightmare by sticking with third-party tested gummies sold by established hemp retailers, such as CBD Genesis!

How to Eat CBD Gummies

How to Eat CBD Gummies

Eating CBD gummies is as easy as it sounds – but ingesting the correct number can be challenging. And bear in mind that CBD edibles taken on an empty stomach have faster-acting effects than those consumed on a full stomach.

But with these CBD dosage tips, you can avoid rookie errors, side effects, and ineffective experiences.

Start small

Begin with a low dose and boost your intake as required. You might not need as much as you think, so taking large amounts from the start could make your CBD journey more expensive than it should be.

Stick with that small dosage for a few days and assess how your body responds. If you have no significant side effects or adverse reactions but aren’t getting the desired effect, incrementally increase your dosage.

Gauge your body’s response

Check in with your body during and after your CBD gummy sessions, noting how you feel and any changes – this is particularly important when upping your dosage. 

If anything seems off, knock back your dose or take a break. Consider consulting a cannabis or hemp expert to fine-tune your dosing regimen or to unpick why CBD isn’t working for you.

Keep a diary

Journaling your CBD dosages and experiences can yield insight into how the substance affects you. It’s impossible to remember the finer details of several weeks of gummy usage – but you won’t need to if you have everything written down!

Having a crystal-clear record allows you to tweak your intake with confidence and home in on the perfect CBD dosage plan. Note how much CBD you take, and when you take it, and play around to see what works and what doesn’t. 

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat to Quit Smoking?

Promising research suggests CBD may help people quit smoking via a different mechanism to classic smoking cessation tools. In 2018, the peer-reviewed Addiction journal featured a study showing that CBD reduces attentional bias to cigarette cues.

Oddly, the researchers gave study participants a massive 800mg oral CBD dosage. I don’t advise taking that much but refer to the dosage chart above and prepare to scale up to a medium or high dose for best effects.

Picking the ideal time to dose also enhances your chance of success. CBD edibles can take an hour to work, so don’t wait until you are socializing with smokers to eat your gummy. Think ahead and dose an hour or two beforehand!

How Many CBD Gummies Should I Eat for Anxiety?

Anxiety is among the most common reasons for using CBD products, according to data from a survey of CBD users published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.

And while the science isn’t settled, research shows that CBD may have therapeutic value for several anxiety disorders, including generalized and social anxiety. In theory, long-lasting CBD gummies could provide extended relief from symptoms.

Inevitably, the optimum dosage for anxiety is different for everyone. But based on the CBD quantities used in anxiety studies, you might need a medium to high dosage for meaningful relief.

If you experience anxiety 24/7, it doesn’t matter when you eat CBD gummies – although a morning and afternoon dose could work well.

However, if your anxiety only spikes in social situations, plan for these in advance. Granted, it’s not always possible. But if you have a gathering at 6pm, getting a gummy into your system at around 4pm will give it ample time to take effect.

Buy Third-Party Tested CBD Gummies at CBD Genesis!

Buy Third-Party Tested CBD Gummies at CBD Genesis!

Here at CBD Genesis, we only stock genuine, third-party-tested CBD gummies. Untested edibles may contain harmful ingredients, illegal THC levels, and inconsistent amounts of CBD (or worse, no CBD at all).

We also have edibles for all preferences! Check out two of our top-selling CBD-isolate and full-spectrum CBD gummies.

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We are an inclusive brand and make our CBD gummies with organic and vegan-friendly ingredients – nobody is left behind! The gummies retain that sugary sweet flavor and don’t contain any harmful byproducts. Each container holds 20 tasty gummies.

CBD For The People – Dark Full-Spectrum Gummy NOIDS

However, if you are okay with some THC and don’t have drug test worries, these outstanding Dark Full-Spectrum Gummy Noids would make an excellent pick. CBD For The People makes its edibles with uncut, unrefined, whole-plant hemp extract.

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