Best CBD For Dog Anxiety: [Top Product Reviewed]

Posted by on 2nd Nov 2022

Dogs, like humans, have anxiety. It may be caused by fear of strangers, loud noises, exposure to new environments, or separation from family. Other times, old age puts seniors at risk of losing awareness and memory, subjecting them to developing anxiety.

While dog anxiety is normal, it can quickly become an anxiety disorder if left unchecked. Common signs to look out for are pacing, panting, drooling, aggression, whimpering, hiding, chewing on objects, excessive barking, and reverting to peeing and pooping around the house despite successful house training.

If your dog experiences anxiety from time to time, you must be wondering whether to use CBD for dogs anxiety. The truth is CBD oil can ease your dog’s anxiety. But how? Read on.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a natural compound present in cannabis plants. Most people think of marijuana anytime cannabis is mentioned. Though this is true to some extent, cannabis also includes hemp.

You cannot tell the difference between hemp and marijuana by looking at them. It is only through their chemical profile that you can make the distinction. Hemp contains high levels of CBD but 0.3% THC or less. Wait, is there a difference between THC and CBD? Yes!

THC contains psychoactive effects to make a person high. It attaches to CB1 receptors, thus interfering with their communication between neurons. The interference creates a euphoric sensation.

CBD, on the other hand, stimulates the cannabinoid receptors rather than attaching to them. This is why CBD has no mind-altering effects and is generally safe. There have been reports that CBD has medicinal properties. Although research is still underway, some studies have provided circumstantial evidence that supports this theory.

Some people use CBD to treat chronic pain. Science explains that CBD interacts with the endocannabinoid system to reduce inflammation and pain. Other studies found that blending CBD and THC was more effective at treating arthritis and multiple sclerosis.

Other people use CBD to relieve anxiety and mental health disorders. Many users prefer CBD because it offers relaxation without side effects. CBD does not induce drowsiness, agitation, insomnia, or migraines compared to certain medications. It is even safe for children as young as ten years.

But can dogs take CBD? Absolutely. CBD occurs naturally in hemp, and it is legal. Besides, consuming it does not put your dog’s health at risk.

And what is the best dose of CBD oil for dogs? Several vets recommend 0.05 mg to 0.25 mg per pound twice daily. Dogs that have CBD tolerance can use 0.125 mg or higher.

Nevertheless, we recommend asking your vet for the best dosage for your pup. They can identify what triggers your dog’s anxiety and prescribe an ideal dose.

Can CBD Help Dogs with Anxiety?

Best CBD For Dog Anxiety


There is limited evidence to support the effectiveness of CBD on canine anxiety. A 2020 study found non-significant results on using CBD to reduce stress-related behavior and anxiety in shelter dogs.

The selected dogs exhibited severe behavioral problems, including constant chewing, licking on walls, and extreme aggression. During the trial, researchers treated one group of dogs with 5% CBD and the other with a placebo.

After 45 days, the data showed that the dogs that took CBD reduced their aggressive behavior toward humans. This difference was minimal compared to the dogs that took a placebo.  

Despite this, we can also reason that CBD can help dogs with anxiety because it works on humans. Humans are mammals, and so are dogs. As mammals, our furry friends have neurotransmitters and an endocannabinoid system (ECS). CBD interacts with the dog’s ECS to maintain balance in the dog’s body. Cannabidiol stimulates central and peripheral nervous receptors to calm an anxious pup.

And that’s not all. Experts suggest that CBD can boost gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter in the central nervous system. GABA inhibits chemical messages to the brain to reduce stimulation. Boosting GABA levels can reduce stress and anxiety and promote sleep, which is what an anxious pup needs to quiet its brain.

But how do you medicate your canine with CBD? Well, you can start by offering CBD dog treats. Dogs love munching on treats, and it won’t feel like work.

Alternatively, add CBD pet tincture to your dog’s food. Most dogs do not suspect the addition of CBD, especially when it is added to their favorite food. However, picky eaters may pick up the ‘grassy’ taste and keep it off. If yours is a picky pup, CBD dog treats are your best option.

Some dogs display calming effects after their first CBD dose. Meanwhile, other pups take one to four weeks before they manifest results. Therefore, do not despair if you do not see any positive results after the first dose. Keep in mind that dogs, too, react differently to CBD, just like humans.

Did you know that CBD does more than ease a pup’s anxiety? Some pet owners have used CBD for dogs with arthritis. Arthritis is a progressive, degenerative condition that affects the joints, making it painful for a dog to move. Large breed and senior dogs are more prone to developing it.

Fortunately, a 2018 study found promising evidence that CBD can treat arthritis. CBD treatment not only reduced pain in the dogs but also increased their activity levels and comfort. Interestingly, some owners of the dogs used in the study had thought of euthanizing them to ease their misery before the clinical trial. But, their minds changed after a dose of 2mg/kg twice daily relieved arthritic pain for their dogs.

CBD oil can also help dogs with seizures. Seizures happen when the brain neurons fire abnormally to create intense electrical activity. This manifests in uncontrollable shaking or twitching, with episodes lasting a few seconds to minutes.  

Colorado State University students researched CBD's effects on dogs with intractable idiopathic epilepsy. They administered CBD to nine dogs and a placebo to seven dogs for 12 weeks.

During this time, the dogs that received CBD treatment had a 33% reduction in seizure frequency. Better still, none of the dogs exhibited behavioral effects from CBD use. The researchers, however, pointed out that more research is needed to determine whether higher doses of CBD could reduce seizure frequency by 50% or more.

Canines with skin disorders can benefit from dog CBD balm. Applying the product directly on the affected part can provide instant relief from itchy skin and promote fast skin healing. CBD balm soothes and nourishes the skin and is safe should your dog lick the applied part.

Will CBD Oil Make Your Dog High?

Under no circumstances does CBD oil make a dog high. Pet CBD oil comes from industrial hemp that contains zero to 0.3% THC. CBD does not alter bodily or brain functions, but THC levels higher than 0.3% can produce euphoric effects in your pup.

Can you give human CBD oil to your dog? Sure, as long as the oil has less than 0.3% THC.  However, use Pet CBD oil if you do not want your dog ingesting THC.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD for Anxiety?

Best CBD For Dog Anxiety


When writing this, there are no definitive reports about dogs experiencing adverse side effects when under CBD treatment, which is excellent news. Nevertheless, some pups did have mild symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, restlessness, and sedation.

It is important to note that a CBD overdose can result in the following symptoms in dogs:

  • Dry Mouth: This is the opposite of drooling. High doses of CBD can result in low saliva production, leading to painful swallowing and poor dental health. The best way to remedy this is by keeping your dog hydrated during treatment.

  • Dizziness: Your pup may have difficulty standing up or falling over repeatedly. Impure CBD oil with high THC levels is also known cause this effect. If your dog gets drowsy, remove any objects around them to prevent accidents as you wait for the effects to wear off.

  • Lethargy: If your dog becomes lazy or drowsy after ingesting CBD, you are giving an overdose.

  • Itchiness: Some dogs bite, scratch, and itch after a CBD dose.

  • Upset Stomach: The introduction of CBD does not sit well with most dogs’ stomachs, with some dogs vomiting or passing loose stool. It would be best to start slow while observing the effects to avoid this discomfort.

The above side effects last for a few hours. But, it would be best to prevent them altogether by administering low doses. Additionally, consult your vet for an optimal dose. 

Is CBD Safe for My Dog?

As a pet lover, it makes sense to establish whether or not CBD is safe for your dog. Without a doubt, pure CBD oil poses no health risks to your pup. Most concluded clinical trials, including this 2020 study, recorded no side effects during CBD treatment.

THC, however, is the compound you should be on the lookout for because it is toxic for dogs. Small amounts of THC may seem harmless to a human but can impair dogs due to the high cannabinoid receptors in their brain.

Take note that accidental ingestion or inhalation of marijuana can cause neurological effects in dogs. Some signs of THC intoxication include excessive drooling, dilated pupils, vomiting, tremors, urinary incontinence, stumbling into objects, agitation, irregular heartbeat, fast heart rate, seizures, and coma.

Apart from THC products, low-quality CBD products are also unsafe. Pet CBD products with traces of heavy metals and contaminants can cause severe health risks for your pup.

Now how can you find the best CBD for dog anxiety? First, look for organic CBD. An organic product assures you that it is free of herbicides, pesticides, and fungicides. Second, look for premium products that do not contain additives. They may fetch a higher price but are definitely worth your pup's health. Lastly, look at the certificate of analysis (COA). Ensure that you get CBD with little or no THC.

The Best Place To Buy CBD Oil for Dogs Near Me

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Final Thoughts: Can You Use CBD For Dogs with Anxiety?

Best CBD For Dog Anxiety


If you want a natural way to relieve your dog’s anxiety, CBD dog anxiety treatment is a safe option. CBD can help your pet settle into its routine without producing the adverse side effects of prescription anti-anxiety drugs. It induces relaxation and restfulness without making your dog high.

If your dog uses prescription anti-anxiety medication, consult your vet before giving CBD. Also, ask your vet for guidance on the best dose.

Shop for pure, potent pet CBD products free of THC from trustworthy vendors. Confirm that the product is organic, tested by independent labs, and certified as free of bacteria, additives, and GMOs.

You can get started here at CBD Genesis.