CBD Oil for Dogs: Separating Fact from Fiction in CBD Oil Use

If you are looking for information on CBD oil for dogs, the internet is a good place to start. However, researching about the product online can get confusing.

Ever since CBD oil became popular a few years ago, countless articles about it have been coming out left and right. Unfortunately, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell which is accurate and which is not.

But before you give up on your quest for reliable information, read the rest of this article. It has everything you need to know about CBD oil, what it can do for your pet, and how to get an authentic product.

What is CBD Oil?

What is CBD Oil?

To understand what CBD oil is, it is vital to first learn about CBD. CBD or cannabidiol is one of over 100 active compounds found in Cannabis sativa, more commonly known as marijuana. Collectively, these substances are referred to as cannabinoids.

CBD is usually mentioned along with THC or tetrahydrocannabinol, the more popular cannabinoid known for its psychoactive effects. THC is responsible for the euphoric or “high” feeling associated with marijuana, while CBD is not considered psychoactive.

The absence of mind-altering effects makes CBD products a popular choice for relieving pain and other symptoms. Scientific evidence pointing to its medicinal values is still inconclusive, but several studies support this assumption.

In addition, there are many personal accounts of people who claim that CBD helped improve their health and quality of life. However, more research is needed before CBD can gain universal acceptance.

The theory behind the assertion that CBD has health benefits is closely intertwined with the body’s endocannabinoid system or ECS. It is the body that helps control sleep, appetite, pain, and even the immune system.

What the CDB does is binds to receptors in the brain, the immune system, and the nervous system, bringing about a host of health benefits, including pain relief.

CBD oil is made by extracting the cannabinoid from the plant then mixing it with coconut or hemp seed oil. The oil acts as an inert carrier for the active substance.

CBD oil for dogs is gaining popularity among pet owners. Dogs, like humans and most vertebrates, have ECS and the potential to benefit from CBD.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs?

What Are the Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs?

CBD oil for dogs has many purported health benefits. Again, it is essential to note that there is currently no conclusive scientific proof to support them as CBD oil’s popularity is mainly rooted in anecdotal evidence.

Still, this hasn’t stopped the product from gaining traction in the market recently. Here are some of the beneficial effects dog owners believe their pets can get from CBD oil.

It Might Relieve Joint Pain

Some scientists believe that CBD binds to CB1, which are receptors in the brain that can help the immune system reduce swelling and change how the body feels pain. In addition, CBD can bind to the CB2 receptors in the nervous and immune systems, stimulating them to produce more natural cannabinoids.

It Could Relieve Seizures and Epilepsy

There have been many claims about how CBD can help alleviate certain medical conditions, but its effect on violent seizures and epilepsy is the most documented. This is true for both humans and dogs.

In 2018, the FDA approved Epidiolex, the very first CBD-based medicine used to treat these conditions. On the other hand, a study done by Colorado State University showed that around 89% of dogs with epilepsy had fewer and less violent seizures after being treated with CBD.

While it is important to take these pieces of information with a grain of salt, there is no denying that CBD oil for dogs is at least promising for pets with epilepsy.

It Might Help With Anxiety

Many factors can cause anxiety among dogs, the most common of which is extreme noise and separation from the owner. If your dog is experiencing stress, a dose of CBD oil might help.

A study done on rats showed that anxiety from being exposed to cats is significantly reduced by administering repeated doses of CBD.

Scientists are not sure how the process works, but it is believed that the cannabinoid helps stimulate the production of serotonin, a hormone that regulates mood and social behavior, among others.

It Could Help Ease Chronic Pain

Another area where CBD is showing much promise is pain management. Several studies suggest that it can help the ECS reduce chronic pain by interacting with the neurotransmitters and bringing down swelling.

One research that bears mentioning is the study done on rats demonstrating how CBD reduced the pain generated by surgical incisions. Another study using rats as subjects showed how oral CBD treatment is effective in easing the pain due to an inflamed sciatic nerve.

It Might Help With The Symptoms of Allergies

The ECS is a complex neurotransmitter system that is widely distributed in tissues, including the skin. This could have significant implications for dogs as allergies and other skin conditions are among the most common problems that afflict them.

Aside from having anti-inflammatory properties, CBD is also known for its ability to regulate the production of sebum, an oily secretion generated by the skin’s sebaceous glands, relieving dry and itchy skin. Some dog owners also use CBD oil for interdigital cysts.

What Problem Does CBD Oil for Dogs Treat?

While there are many reported health benefits from giving CBD oil to your dog, they can be generalized into two major categories.

The first is in the management of seizures and epilepsy. As mentioned before, there is evidence saying that CBD can prevent attacks at times and lessen the severity at other times.

The second is the treatment of pain, especially neuropathic pain. This type of pain moves from the source and is characterized by the sensitization of the neural pathways.

It is important to note that, while many studies have been done, there is not enough evidence to say without a doubt that CBD works as advertised. However, other studies are underway that could finally provide scientific data to prove the benefits of CBD oil for dogs.

Is CBD Oil Legal and Safe for My Dog?

Is CBD Oil Legal and Safe for My Dog?

The first part of the questions can be confusing, as the laws covering CBD vary from one state to another. To ensure that it is ok to buy and use CBD in your location, you need to find out what the local regulations are.

However, one thing that all states agree on is that CBD food products for pets should not be sold across states. In many states, veterinarians are not allowed to give any kind of dosing information or even recommend CBD to pets.

Next, is CBD oil bad for dogs? There is limited information on the risks and potential side effects of CBD on animals. However, these are the symptoms to look out for based on how humans respond to the cannabinoid.

Dryness in the Mouth

CBD may limit the production of saliva for some time, which means that your dog will be thirsty. If you are using CBD oil for your pet, make sure that it remains hydrated and drinks plenty of water.

Lowered Blood Pressure

CBD is known to reduce blood pressure in humans, and there is reason to believe that it can have the same effect on your dog. Although the drop in blood pressure is minimal and temporary, it might be enough to cause some lightheadedness. Make sure that your dog is in a safe and secure place whenever you administer CBD oil.


CBD has demonstrated an ability to calm the nerves, which might make your dog drowsy. Again, make sure that it stays in a safe place when using CBD oil to avoid any accidents.

Problems With Fertility

Some studies have been done to look into the effects of CBD on animal fertility, and there is reason to believe that male animals exposed to the cannabinoid might develop fertility problems. Before you use it on your dog, consult with a veterinarian first.

How Often Should I Give CBD Oil to My Dog?

How Often Should I Give CBD Oil to My Dog?

The concentration of CBD oil for dogs is usually expressed in milligrams. Some veterinarians suggest a dosage of 0.05 mg to 0.25 mg for every pound of body weight two times a day.

If your pet is new to CBD, it is highly recommended that you start with lower doses and gradually work your way up, depending on how your dog responds.

If you notice that your dog has built up a tolerance for CBD, you can increase the dosage to 0.125 mg or higher.

Where Can I Purchase CBD Oil for My Dog?

It is becoming clear that CBD is more than just a passing trend, especially in the pet industry. If you want to try it for your dog, you can easily find online suppliers near you. However, make sure that you are dealing with a reputable company.

One way to do this is by finding out if the supplier has third-party testing results. This is one indication that the company makes the best CBD oil for dogs.

Another way is by looking at their manufacturing process. Most reputable brands are transparent about this. Finally, consult with a veterinarian first before you purchase CBD oil for dogs.

As to the question of what kind of CBD oil is good for dogs, they are generally safe, as long as you get your product from a reputable source.



CBD oil can help improve your pet’s quality of life in many ways. While scientific studies supporting this are currently lacking, there is enough anecdotal evidence to give it serious consideration. The key is to purchase only from reputable suppliers like CBD Genesis.

Visit our website to see some of the best CBD products in the market and the latest developments in the industry.

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