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Delta-8-THC products are exploding in popularity, as people look to enjoy a completely legal marijuana-style high. And with one of our CBD Genesis Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges, you can do just that!

Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges contain rich levels – 1000mg in this case – of delta-8-THC. This compound is a legal cannabinoid from the hemp plant, that bears a close resemblance to the psychoactive and federally prohibited delta-9-THC. Delta-8-THC induces a mild psychoactive high, making it popular for recreational use, and potentially for therapeutic use.

If this is your first time hearing about delta-8-THC we’re sure you have a few questions. We’ll start by showing you our collection of Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges, and then discuss the benefits of vaping and the legality of delta-8-THC in more depth.

Introducing Our Delta-8-THC Cartridge Collection

All of our Delta-8-THC Vape Cartridges have been tested by the independent Green Leaf Lab laboratory. This ensures they conform with legal requirements, and meet our sky-high standards for quality and purity. We do not use any vitamin E acetate in our vaping products. You can access up-to-date lab reports by clicking on the link in the description.

Each cartridge contains 1ml of e-liquid, with more than 90% pure delta-8-THC, per the lab reports. The rest is comprised of tiny quantities of other cannabinoids, making for a full-spectrum hemp experience. These vape cartridges have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) – hence why we sent them off for independent testing!

Strawnana (Hybrid): As the name gives away, Strawnana blends together strawberry and banana, making for a delicious cartridge. This fruity hybrid is great for starting your day in tasty fashion, and also serves as a good pick-me-up if you’re slumping in the afternoon.

Strawberry Cough (Sativa): This is an invigorating sativa-dominant vape cartridge, and brilliant for improving your motivation and focus. The cerebral effects of Strawberry Cough terpenes, combined with the psychoactive delta-8-THC, are perfect for enhancing your creativity. As this is a stimulating cartridge, we recommend enjoying it in during the first half of your day.

Granddaddy Purp (GDP) (Indica): This glorious indica is a cross between Afghani, Skunk and Mendocino Purps, all well-known strains in the cannabis scene. Granddaddy Purp packs a punch, and is associated with a body buzz and classic couchlock effects. Because of the all-round calming nature of this cartridge, it’s best saved for the evenings, when you have ample time to chill and sink into your sofa.

Blueberry Lemon Haze (Hybrid): This is an interesting hybrid that vapers tend to find kicks in more quickly than other strains. The exact reasons for Blueberry Lemon Haze's super-speedy effects are unknown, but it may be related to the strain’s terpene profile. Like any good hybrid, BLH works a treat at any time of the day. This cartridge boasts a delightful flavor.

Candyland (Sativa): This stimulating, sativa strain is a cross between Bay Platinum Cookies and Grandaddy Purple, and sometimes goes by the name ‘Kandyland’. It’s a brilliant delta-8-THC cartridge for perking up your mood, and giving you those classic cannabis giggles. In addition to the energy and creativity boost, Candyland may also alleviate pain and muscle tension.

OG Kush (Hybrid): A hybrid vape cartridge, Sherbert leans more toward being an indica than a sativa, but is a well-balanced strain, great for vaping at all hours. A cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, Sherbert is known for its potency. Expect a strong couchlock, but also plenty of mental clarity.

Girl Scout Cookies (Hybrid): A famous name in the world of cannabis, the delta-8-THC version of Girl Scout Cookies is simply a must-have. This intense vape cartridge will get you into a delightful, euphoric state within minutes, and also give you some pleasant body tingles. Girl Scout Cookies has a slightly sweet flavor, combined with hints of skunk.

What makes Delta-8-THC legal?

So, how come there is this federally legal form of cannabis on the market? Firstly, delta-8-THC is the real deal, and delivers a similar high to the more common, but prohibited delta-9-THC.

But crucially, what makes delta-8-THC legal is the wording – or rather the lack of it – in the Farm Bill. When the federal government legalized hemp, the only cannabinoid restricted was delta-9-THC (to less than 0.3% of a product). Lawmakers never considered delta-8-THC. That’s why products with rich levels of the compound, such as these vape cartridges, can be manufactured and sold across America.

3 benefits of vaping

Just like CBD, there are a variety of ways to consume delta-8-THC. Here are three key reasons why you should choose vaping over any other method.

Fast-acting experience

If you want to get high as quickly as possible, then vaping is the best approach. When vaping, the cannabinoids are inhaled into the lungs, passed into the bloodstream and then the brain, where they can engage with cannabinoid receptors – a process that takes just seconds. Therefore, you’ll start feeling high within a couple of minutes. In contrast, if taking delta-8-THC in an edible, it may be an hour or more before you start experiencing the effects.

Better for your health than smoking

Smoking is the other method for getting delta-8-THC into your body rapidly. But smoking comes with more health risks. Even though smoking hemp flower is less risky than smoking tobacco, since it doesn’t have the very addictive nicotine, smoking is still bad for the lungs. In contrast, even though vaping comes with some risks, scientific researchers have reached a consensus that vaping is less harmful than smoking. Therefore, if you are health-conscious but want fast effects, vaping makes total sense!

Discreet, yet full of flavor!

As we’ve covered, our delta-8-THC vape cartridges are bursting with authentic and intense flavors. You’ll certainly love the high, but you’ll also revel in the vaping experience itself with a Granddaddy Purp or Girl Scout Cookies cart. Yet even with all that flavor, vaping is still pretty discreet. Compared with smoking, nothing gets burned during the vaping process, so it doesn’t produce that strong and notorious odor. With vaping, you can get your hit, without having to worry about getting noticed!

Final thoughts

Delta-8-THC products are an exciting new entry to the legal hemp market, and we’re delighted to stock a broad range of sativa, indica and hybrid vape cartridges. If you’ve already tried one, please drop us a comment with your thoughts and experiences. We would love to hear from you, and other vapers would, too!

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  • 4
    gdpurp, candyland, blueberry haze

    by Dean A Gulker on 17th Nov 2023

    first off, let me say these are the best delta 8 carts ive ever tried in my life so kudos to one only issue ive had is halfway through my candyland cart, the oil inside the cart started turning black and it hurt my lungs trying to finish it after that...wonder if anyone else has had this issue? i was using a one hitter battery i got in colorado at a smoke shop, and there is no low/medium/high settings on the battery so i doubt it could be from having any heat setting on too high because there is not one/ all the other carts ive ever put in the battery have never done this. would love to hear back from customer service if possible.

  • 5
    OG Kush Cart

    by Kyle Ulloa on 12th Oct 2023

    CBD gensis makes the best D8 carts on the market hands down! I've tried all brands, the overpriced ones, the ones who've been around the game for the longest, the cheap smokeshop ones, and let me tell you this is some real level stuff right here. The high is very physcoactive and for sure more than just your head buzzing, you'll feel like a big calm giant walking through a big bright green prairie. I recommend to listen to music or look at trees while puffing this. This strain brings a lot of creativity to mind. Even if you tend to get anxious at times this strain will shrink that anxiety like a shrinkray and put you back to reality. Expect the high to last like this: five 5sec hits will last you an hour and a half with the peak being 50 minutes long minimum if you have a high tolerance. The decrease of the high is natural very much like the real stuff. Never really got any munchies from the strain even after finishing a two hour workout. Very euphoric and feels very natural. Worth every penny and more for this gram.

  • 5
    Delta 8 vape cartridges

    by Matt on 1st Oct 2023

    Surprisingly excellent!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by A.Rad on 26th Nov 2022

    Ten outta ten ??

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Tory on 18th Oct 2022

    Really great product. Hits smooth and is strong. I've tried a lot of delta 8 vape products and this is the best yet. I had a different brand of cart before I tried this and thought my pen wasn't working well because it wouldn't hit - turns out the pen is fine and the other cart was the problem.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by KG on 6th Jun 2022

    Oh the GSC one is tasty! I'm very relaxed, pain-free, not nauseated and dizzy the way I live all the time in an illegal state. The people at this company are fabulous. I had a minor user error on my part with an order, and they didn't need to, but they fixed me right up anyways. Hoping I can continue doing business with them.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Enzo Ouellette on 12th Feb 2022

    Great product, always hits good, always gets the job done.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Zoe on 18th Jan 2022

    These carts are stronger than the D9 THC carts I get from the local dispensary. I had an issue with my order and their customer service is great! They went above and beyond to make sure I was good to go without hesitation.

  • 4
    Customer review

    by Alexis Teague on 13th Jan 2022

    They're card processor put a hold on the money because it was declined from an error in my billing zipcode (I recently moved). I still love they're products, but admittedly they're customer support could be better.