A Detailed CBD Cigarettes Review: Benefits, Effects & Legality

Looking for a detailed CBD cigarettes review? You have come to the right place!

CBD cigarettes have become the latest product gaining massive popularity in the cannabis world. With nicotine addiction becoming a problem, more people are seeking safer alternatives to traditional cigarettes.

Apart from offering an alternative smoking experience, these cigarettes have therapeutic benefits found in CBD. Companies dealing in cannabis products have added CBD cigarettes into their product line to meet the rising demand.

Unlike tobacco cigarettes, these CBD products are non-addictive and federally legal, thanks to the legalization of products derived from hemp.

The popularity of CBD cigarettes also arises from the fact that they provide a completely different cannabis experience. Enthusiasts enjoy the benefits without getting the psychoactive effects associated with THC.

If you are looking to try CBD products, here is a CBD cigarettes review to help you narrow down your options.

What Are CBD Cigarettes?

CBD cigarettes contain smokable hemp flowers derived from industrial hemp strains or high CBD strains. While they look like standard cigarettes, they don’t have any tobacco. Instead, the hemp-derived cannabidiol is low in THC.

Compared to other CBD delivery methods, these cigarettes offer the same benefits as edibles, pills, tinctures, and concentrates. However, their main distinction from other CBD forms is that they provide an alternative to smoking tobacco.

Smoking hemp delivers CBD to the body without the harmful effects associated with tobacco. They also don’t contain addictive substances such as nicotine; therefore, they are a much safer alternative. The main ingredients include ground-up hemp flower, trace amounts of THC, and terpenes to boost the aroma.

Since they have negligible traces of THC, these cigarettes will not get you high. Cannabidiol is also not psychotropic; therefore, you’ll experience a calm and relaxed feeling. In addition, because they are legal, you can find them easily, either online or at different drug stores.

Now that this CBD cigarettes review has shown you what CBD cigarettes are, what are the benefits and side effects of using these products?

Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Cigarettes

Benefits and Side Effects of CBD Cigarettes 

Before you buy any CBD cigarettes, you should have a clear understanding of the pros and cons. The effects might differ from person to person, especially if it’s your first time. These cigarettes come with tons of benefits associated with the CBD compound but also have some risks.

Here’s a breakdown.

Benefits of CBD Cigarettes

If you switch to CBD cigarettes, what are some of the advantages? Let’s discuss that.

  • The Product is Safer

According to WHO, smoking tobacco kills more than 8 million people every year. CBD cigarettes  CBD cigarettes are made with pure hemp flower, which is 100% natural and organic. They are completely free from any tobacco, nicotine, or additives that harm the body in the long run.

The absence of chemical ingredients is good for your health, making the product much safer. In addition, the hemp used in making the cigarettes is sourced directly from the farm; therefore, it doesn’t contain any harmful contaminants.

So if you are wondering, does CBD cigarettes have nicotine? You have your answer.

  • They are Non-Addictive

Compared to tobacco, CBD is non-addictive. Because the hemp in CBD cigarettes contains no nicotine or other addictive chemicals, it’s a good choice for enthusiasts. Tobacco smokers find it hard to quit smoking because nicotine is very addictive.

But with CBD cigarettes, users are safe from chemical dependence and nicotine withdrawal. The terpenes, hemp, and flavonoids will not make you dependent.

  • They Help Reduce Tobacco Addiction

Research shows that CBD can help tobacco smokers reduce their cigarette consumption. According to the CDC, the percentage of people who have managed to quit smoking tobacco cigarettes is still very low. However, it’s possible to cut back by switching to CBD cigarettes.

To avoid suffering from withdrawals or falling into depression when cutting back on tobacco, you should use CBD cigarettes which serve as an effective alternative.

  • They Are Good for Beginners

If this is your first time using hemp products, CBD cigarettes are ready to smoke. They come pre-rolled and don’t require you to charge first like vapes. In addition, they don’t have any psychoactive effects if you don’t want to get high.

  • They Don’t Get You High

The THC content in CBD is pretty low. Therefore, if you are a newbie, you may just experience a slight buzz which is temporary. This CBD cigarettes review shows that CBD cigarettes are relatively safe and don’t affect brain function. Instead, they leave you feeling calm and relaxed.

  • They Are Legal

Thanks to federal law, CBD cigarettes are not a controlled substance. Cannabidiol was legalized because it’s derived from hemp and contains THC levels of 0.3% and below. Therefore, if you want to switch from tobacco, you are still protected under the law.

The cigarettes have trace amounts of THC or none at all, making them legal. Because of this, you can easily purchase CBD cigarettes online or from the gas station.

  • They Taste and Smell Better

CBD cigarettes contain beneficial terpenes such as pinene, limonene, and myrcene. The flavored terpenes in the hemp flower boost the smell of the cigarettes.

Also, after you smoke, the hemp smoke doesn’t linger on your clothes or skin because of the aroma. Their aroma profile also comes with better taste than other products.

  • They Provide Better Results

Compared to other consumption methods such as gummies, edibles, and oils, smoking produces faster results. The CBD is absorbed into the body and blood system immediately, and users can enjoy the benefits much quicker.

Side Effects of CBD Cigarettes

Smoking CBD comes with several side effects. Here are some of them.

  • Respiratory Infections

Smoking CBD involves smoke inhalation. Consuming any type of smoke is not good for your lungs.

If you smoke in excess, you could get bronchitis and other respiratory infections.  You can protect yourself by using the products in the proper dosage.

  • Medical Interactions

CBD will interact with some prescription drugs. Therefore, if you have any medical condition or taking any long-term medication, you should first consult with your doctor. A health professional is well placed to advise whether you should mix the two in your body system.

  • Drowsiness

CBD cigarettes don’t come with any psychoactive effects. However, if you consume more than your body can handle, you could experience drowsiness and lightheadedness.

In excess doses, the CBD compound in the cigarettes becomes a sedative which leads to sleepiness. This side effect is dangerous, especially for people who need to operate machinery.

Things to Know About CBD Cigarettes: Legality, Popularity

Things to Know About CBD Cigarettes: Legality, Popularity 

Before you switch to CBD cigarettes, here’s what you need to know about their legality and popularity.

The Legality of CBD Cigarettes

As a beginner, you may be wondering, are CBD cigarettes legal? The answer is yes, according to the 2018 Farm Bill. This is because these cigarettes are made from hemp and contain 0.03% THC. This smokable hemp is legal in most states; however, some states don’t allow it.

The federal law governs the entire country; however, states still have the authority to make their own rules and regulations. Because of these, some states have different laws concerning cannabis products. Those who have banned cannabis also prohibit the sale and production of smokable hemp.

As a user, it’s advisable to check and confirm the state laws before purchasing and using any CBD cigarettes. If you are in a state that bans the use of these products, you could easily get into trouble.

In addition, most cannabis products will result in a failed drug test. If the minimal THC is still in your system or you buy illegitimate CBD with high THC traces, you could get into trouble.

This is because THC is illegal. Therefore, it’s much safer to avoid using CBD cigarettes if you are up for a drug test.

The Popularity of CBD Cigarettes

Since the legalization of CBD by the Farm Bill, these cigarettes have become very popular among users. They don’t have psychoactive effects; therefore, suitable for users looking to experience a relaxed feeling.

They are also popular because you can get them anywhere. Because they are legal, you can make an order either online or buy some at the drug store or gas station. This availability is a good thing for most users who need to switch from tobacco cigarettes.

Hemp is also slowly losing the stigma associated with marijuana products. It doesn’t come with a high, which has allowed the products to gain a place in the market without being classified as a drug.

Overall Rating of CBD Cigarettes

Before you buy any CBD cigarettes, you need to pick brands with high-quality products. The company should also be transparent enough to have a certificate of analysis and lab reports about their cigarettes.

As you order your packet of natural CBD cigarettes, you should review the product according to a set of standards. Here’s an overall rating you can use the next time you want to buy some CBD cigarettes.

The Overall Quality

A good pack of CBD cigarettes should be of high quality. For you to have an enjoyable smoking experience, the cigarettes should be made from quality organic hemp flowers and have a good paper quality that burns slowly. The brand should have a good balance of hemp, terpenes, and flavors.


The flavor in the pre-rolls makes a huge difference. The best CBD cigarettes have different flavors. The terpenes also differ depending on the hemp strain that was used. Therefore, you should pay attention to such details.


Tobacco cigarettes still linger on your clothes and skin long after you finish smoking. Therefore, if you are trying to switch to CBD cigarettes, you need to go for products that don’t stick on you.

The advantage of CBD cigarettes is that most of them have flavored aromas from the terpenes. You can use this element as a determinant when choosing a brand.

Online Rating

If you order your CBD products from online stores or directly from the hemp producer on the farm, online reviews are crucial. Compare brands online based on customer reviews and ratings.

CBD cigarettes from the best brands will have a better rating and more positive feedback. This step is also essential if you want to get legitimate products for use.


CBD cigarettes don’t need to be expensive. When buying a pack, you can compare prices between different brands before settling on one. The cost of a pack of CBD cigarettes will differ depending on the company and brand; therefore, research is crucial.

If you order online, keep in mind that some CBD brands will offer free shipping if you spend a certain amount of money.

The demand and availability of CBD products also affect the price. Therefore, when there are shortages in the market or your state, expect the prices to change.


Hemp cigarettes are one of the fastest delivery methods when using CBD. Inhaling works faster because of the higher bioavailability. Overall, CBD cigarettes work quicker and bring the calm and relaxed feeling that the body needs, without the negative effects of tobacco.



Are you looking to switch from tobacco cigarettes? This CBD cigarettes review is a testament that they are a good alternative.

These products come with tons of benefits that will help users dealing with addiction. These cigarettes contain ground hemp, terpenes, and flavonoids, that don’t have any psychoactive effects.

CBD cigarettes have become very popular among cannabis enthusiasts because they are legal according to federal law. This legal element has made them readily available in stores and made the product famous.

From this review, you can rate a pack of CBD cigarettes from a particular brand before purchasing. The market has an influx of illegitimate products; therefore, it’s advisable to carefully check whether it meets your standards and is safe.

Identifying the best brand and consuming the right amount of cigarettes is vital if you want to enjoy the amazing benefits of CBD cigarettes.

Are you looking for the best CBD cigarette brand? We have some of the best products at CBD Genesis. Contact us today for your order.

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