Delta 8 Factory - Delta-8 THC + CBG Cigarettes

Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).

Are you struggling to quit tobacco smoking? Delta 8 Factory – Delta-8 THC + CBG Cigarettes are a perfect remedy for you. These cigarettes offer uniquely desirable effects coupled with lots of flavors for an enjoyable smoking experience. 

If you really want to stop tobacco smoking, read on to find out how these cigarettes can transform your life. Know how you can take your smoking experience a notch higher! 

Key Features 

  • 1000mg of CBD D8 cigarettes
  • 10 cigarettes per box
  • 6 delicious flavors
  • Contains 100% natural, pure hemp
  • Smooth, slow-burning but fast-acting
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Zero tobacco, nicotine and other cutting agents 

How to Consume Delta 8 Factory – Delta-8 THC + CBG Cigarettes 

Delta 8 Factory cigarettes look just like tobacco cigarettes, but it is what is inside that matters. They do not contain tobacco or nicotine, and they offer a pretty smooth smoking sensation. 

Using these cigarettes is very simple. All you need is to put one into your mouth, light it and take as many hits as you see fit, depending on your tolerance and the effects you desire. 

Smoking Delta-8 THC + CBG Cigarettes from Delta 8 Factory allows you to experience the effects more quickly and intensely. In fact, the effects are felt anywhere from seconds to a few minutes, making it one of the fastest methods of using cannabis. 

Keep in mind that these cigarettes produce a slight weed aroma because industrial hemp sometimes has trace amounts of Delta 9 THC at the end of the day. If you want alternative smoking that is beneficial to your health, these cigars are your best choice. 

Is CBD Legal in the USA? 

Much attention is paid to what is happening at the federal level when it comes to CBD legality. The 2018 Farm Bill legalized hemp-based CBD that contains less than 0.3% THC. Also, hemp should only be sourced from state-licensed farmers. 

Every state regulates hemp differently. Laws in some states are in line with the federal ones, while others differ entirely. In other words, some states allow CBD consumption, others allow specific people with severe medical conditions to access CBD, and a few others prohibit CBD sales.  

Unless there is CBD legislation or Food & Drug Administration approval on the use of CBD, especially in food, dietary supplements or cosmetic products, CBD legality will continue to vary by state. 

FDA’s job is to protect people from harmful and unproven products. Unfortunately, they do not regulate the CBD industry. Thus consumers should choose their products wisely. 

The potential for poor quality or mislabeled products is very high. Brands making medical claims or misleading claims and their products do not have a certificate of analysis should be a red flag. 

Most legit CBD companies feature essential information on their products. They include the amount of active CBD per serving, net weight, manufacturer or distributor name, suggested use, batch or date code, ingredients present, type of CBD (full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolate), etc. 

Moving forward, we hope the rules and regulations surrounding CBD continue to change across federal and state legislature because more people are turning to this safe and beneficial product. Always refer to the current cannabis laws in your state before using CBD products to avoid huge fines and jail time. 

Why Choose CBD Genesis? 

CBD Genesis is taking the world of cannabis by storm. Customers have flooded our website describing how their satisfaction with a wide selection of cannabis products. Our products are affordable, and we can deliver them to your doorstep as long as cannabis is legal in your state. Place your order right now!

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my hopes are usually low when it comes to d8 sprayed flower because every time i’ve tried it in the past it just felt like regular cbd flower, but i decided to give these a try even though i was skeptical because there were no reviews, butttt to my surprise a couple of hits off a cigarette got me really high. feels just like d9. be careful because when the high goes away it leaves you extremely sleepy. probably because of the cbg lol by ami on February 23, 2021
My girlfriend and I have tried Wedding Cookies and Apple Jacks. These are AMAZING! Wedding Cookies make you want to dance...but not for very long because you’re gonna want to find a pillow. Your body will heal while you fall into a deep peaceful rest. You will wake up feeling your best self. Apple Jacks make you feel creative and gives you a little more productive time. But once it is finished with you, you’ll want to take a refreshing nap and again wake up your best self. These will make you happy and giggly and all around feeling great! The CBG will help with pain. Just all around a WONDERFUL PRODUCT! I’m so glad we tried these! We can’t wait to try all the strains!! Thank you CBD Vape Juice, you bring excellent products to those who otherwise can’t get out, or don’t have a local place to purchase. All my purchases have been top notch with the best service. by Audrey Mosebach on March 6, 2021
Gets you high but they canoe really bad by Quinton on July 2, 2021
It didn’t taste like Apple Jacks to me the Apple Jacks one it tasted like dirt I honestly would go back to smoking delta 8 flower out of a bong wich is better than these cigarettes by Malcolm conley on July 18, 2021

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