The 7 Most Potent THCV Strains On The Market

The 7 Most Potent THCV Strains On The Market

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

Potent cannabis strains have always piqued the interest of many people, but especially lately. We can attribute the appeal of THCV-rich cannabis to several factors, including the fact that its varied magical effects are simple to fall in love with. 

You're surely aware that once you've had your first truly potent hit, you'll be on a never-ending quest for the highest strains available. So, we’d like to make your life a bit easier by compiling a list of the best THCV flower on the market. 


THCV: The Latest Cannabinoid on the Market 

Unless you're an expert on this topic, you might wonder what a THCV strain is and how you can use it. Simply put, one of the hundreds of cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant is known as tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) - not to be confused with THC. 

THCV is a molecule with the chemical formula C19H26O2: 19 carbon atoms, 26 hydrogen atoms, and two oxygen atoms. The compound behaves like most phytocannabinoids in that it is water-insoluble but highly soluble in lipid-based solvents.  

THCV is only intoxicating in high quantities. Cannabigerol (CBG), a molecule found in cannabis, is typically used to make most known cannabinoids.  

However, THCV is formed when Divarinolic acid and Geranyl Phosphate combine. THCV serves as a CB1 receptor antagonist in modest doses, which means you won't get a 'high' when using it. 

One of the most prevalent cannabinoid types on the market right now is Delta-8. But is THCV a Delta-8 type? Although these compounds sound similar and are naturally found in cannabis, their influences and benefits are incredibly different. 

You can try vape juices like the Wave, Delta 8 Factory - Infinite X, or Green Star that contain THCV. There's also the option to buy THCV for weight loss in the form of edibles and tinctures, but ensure you use these products at home because a drug test may detect the compound in them. 

7 Most Potent THCV Strains to Try Right Now 

"So, what is THCV good for?" you may ask. Some strains inherently contain more THCV than others, but the compound is commonly found in trace levels in cannabis. 

As a result, a few strains with the highest quantities of this cannabinoid have been purposely developed to have high THCV levels. Here are seven of the best THCV strains to try


Durban Poison 

The Durban Poison strain is a popular landrace Sativa from South Africa. After taking this strain, users describe a stimulating high, followed by slight bodily heaviness. Due to its reported profound cerebral effects, many people take it to shift their attention away from anxiety and sadness or to focus their energies on being productive. 

Durban Poison is perfect for daytime use despite its pure Sativa content because it doesn't give you an overwhelming couch-lock. It's also an excellent strain for people suffering from sadness, anxiety, nausea, and most chronic pain types. 


HulkBerry is a modified variation that aims to be the most potent marijuana strain possible. This Sativa’s light green and purple buds have a superbly balanced taste and scent profile. 

This THCV strain will make you feel boosted and happy for hours, whether it's day or night. Just remember that you will begin to feel deeply relaxed after the initial burst of energy and inventiveness. 

Doug's Varin 

Doug's Varin is one of those strains grown expressly for THCV content, and it has one of the highest percentages of the compound available today. However, this Sativa is hard to find; it's a patented strain that isn't readily available on most markets. 

THC levels are intense, well over 20%, but it creates a short, focused high typical of an excellent THCV strain. 

Jack the Ripper 

This Sativa-dominant strain defies the rules a little, as its moderate-to-high THC level generates an energetic, focused high that lasts a long time and can even veer toward psychedelic territory if smoked hard enough.  

However, most users are simply pleased and motivated - and free of body lock - when using this strain whose THCV concentration can reach 5%, even though it wasn't grown for maximal THCV levels. 

This strain also has a solid anti-munchies effect, and the high is pleasant and nice. It's also one of the more widely available high-THCV strains. 

Pineapple Purps 

Pineapple Purps, like Doug's Varin, has high THCV quantities, with ratios even up to 3:1. The strain has been described as incredibly psychoactive, which can be overpowering for people hoping for a more focused and grounded high. 

However, it is also ideal for those searching for a creative, mind-opening experience. The strain's supporters praise its mood-lifting and pain-relieving effects. 

Girl Scout Cookies 

You should be able to get this one quickly because it's a popular choice among medical professionals. Since this Indica-dominant strain has Durban's Poison as one of its parents, its THC levels usually range at 20 to 25%, the CBD and CBN levels are high, and so is THCV content. 

Girl Scout Cookies provide a quick and impressive combination of relaxation and exhilaration, so expect to be glued to the couch for an extended period. 

The best part about it? As per research, it might relieve chronic pain, stress, muscle cramps, and migraines, besides providing the appetite suppressant properties a high-THCV strain should have. 


Red Congolese 

Red Congolese fans prefer to smoke it in the morning or afternoon. After using it, some people report feeling happier, followed by a desire to create or be productive.  

According to users, a gentle body high increases this focus, ultimately alleviating aches and pains while sharpening the senses. As the effects of the strain subside and the energizing period passes, you feel tranquil and calm. 

THCV vs. THC: Are They The Same? 

Most studies and discussions around these compounds focus on THC and CBD; however, THCV, the other unique molecule in the family, has numerous benefits. So, let's look at the differences between THCV and THC.  

THC and THCV have distinct chemical distinctions, but the most notable is the number of side-chain carbon atoms each molecule possesses — THC has five, while THCV has three. 

The effects of THC and THCV differ significantly in that whereas THC increases appetite, THCV may reduce appetite. People who practice intermittent fasting may benefit from THCV as a result of this. 

Another distinction is that, in contrast to THC, THCV is believed to be non-psychoactive. It's possible to receive its advantages without the euphoric effects. THCV provides greater alertness and consciousness than THC. 

While research on THCV is still in its early stages, it might have the potential to benefit people with: 

  • Appetite suppression, which may aid diabetes management 
  • Anxiety and obsessive-compulsive behavior management 
  • Managing Alzheimer's disease symptoms 
  • Managing Parkinson's disease symptoms 

  • Control seizures, tremors, and epilepsy 
  • Inflammation 
  • Craving control. However, it is not recommended for people trying to lose weight or have a history of eating problems. 

THC is not a new substance for humans to use. Many assertions people have made about the effects of THC are now backed up by science. 

THC may be advantageous to humans in the following ways: 

  • Aiding in the treatment of pain, particularly chronic pain, and muscle stiffness 
  • Helping manage symptoms of psychiatric disorders like anxiety, PTSD, mood disorders, and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) 
  • Supporting people who have insomnia 
  • Increasing appetite, which may be beneficial to those undergoing chemotherapy 


How Potent THCV Strains Affect the Body? 

Although THCV strains are different, they interact with many of the same endocannabinoid receptors in the body. As a result, they may strike similar effects on users.  

THCV reportedly provides users with a feeling of clear, boosted energy and a decrease in hunger. THCV can also provide medical benefits without the 'high,' a 2020 study determined. 

Cannabinoids can be obtained from sources other than the cannabis plant, contrary to popular perception. Citravarin, for example, is derived from citrus peel extracts. Hence, you may have the benefits of THCV without the drawbacks of the cannabis plant. 

While many people avoid THC-infused products to evade experiencing paranoia, there is no indication of paranoia in people who consume THCV-based products. 

In fact, as per research, THCV appears to reduce anxiety attacks without suppressing emotion in people with PTSD. It might even help with appetite suppression. 

Smoking THCV-rich strain is the best way to get the maximum out of your sessions. They contain all the flavonoids, terpenes, and cannabinoids found in the plant (including THCV). 

And, because of a phenomenon known as the entourage effect, when these chemicals are consumed together rather than separately, they provide greater advantages - meaning that THCV oil or THCV-rich strains provide you with all of the plant's therapeutic benefits. 


This is, by no means, an exhaustive list, but it does include renowned strains with higher-than-average THCV levels. For a higher concentration of cannabinoids, these strains can be ingested as flowers or processed into extracts, oils, and edibles.  

For example, Doug's Varin and Pineapple Purps were explicitly cultivated to contain higher quantities of THCV. Nevertheless, always choose African Sativa above other varieties because they have the greatest THCV. Try CBD Genesis THCV products today and experience therapeutic benefits.