CBD Oil Under Tongue: Is It Safe? Pros & Cons Explained

CBD Oil Under Tongue: Is It Safe? Pros & Cons Explained

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

How to Take CBD Tinctures Under Your Tongue

No product is more synonymous with CBD and the legal hemp industry than the humble tincture oil. And it's even attracted a customer base who would never use marijuana! Today, I want to explore how to take CBD oil under tongue. 

Welcome to this comprehensive CBD tincture guide, where we will discuss the sublingual administration of CBD oil, other consumption methods, and much more. If it's relevant to CBD-infused tinctures, we have it covered!

Let's start with a CBD primer and an introduction to the different tincture oil products on the market today.

What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a naturally-occurring chemical unique to cannabis, noted for its non-intoxicating traits. CBD was discovered in 1940 and is one of 113 known cannabinoids – it’s also the second-most abundant substance in cannabis after THC.

Since the mid-2010s, CBD-based products have emerged, promoting general wellbeing and endocannabinoid system (ECS) modulation. Companies make these products from hemp, a legal and low-THC type of cannabis.

The federal government finally devised a legal framework for hemp-derived CBD products with the 2018 Agriculture Improvement Act (Farm Bill). The law confirmed that CBD products, like tincture oils, are legal if they have less than 0.3% THC.

What are CBD Tincture Oils?

CBD oil consists of CBD-rich hemp extract, a carrier oil, and potentially other therapeutic ingredients or flavorings. Previously, tinctures contained alcohol-extracted hemp, but brands have since moved to cleaner CO2-extracted hemp.

Commonly-used carrier oils include hemp seed, coconut, and olive. Hemp seed oil is an excellent source of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Coconut oil is rich in medium-chained triglycerides (MCTs), which enhance the bioavailability of CBD.

Tincture oils are a superb alternative to smoking or vaping, as you can enjoy CBD’s benefits with discretion, and without the risk of long-term smoking and vaping harms. The professional and safer nature of tinctures explains much of their appeal. 

Types of CBD tincture oils

CBD oil comes in various shapes and forms, with three unique hemp extracts covering the market. I have broken down the key differences between CBD-isolate, broad-spectrum, and full-spectrum hemp in the table below. 

Federally legal?YesYesYes
Safe for drug tests?YesYesNo
Entourage effect?NoKind ofYes

What is the entourage effect? Some scientists reckon that whole-plant hemp extracts make cannabinoids more effective than if consumed individually. In the hemp world, we call this proposed cannabinoid synergy the ‘entourage effect’.

Scientists disagree on the entourage effect’s value, with some even arguing that it doesn’t exist. Regardless, full and broad-spectrum hemp is loaded with beneficial minor cannabinoids, including cannabigerol (CBG) and cannabidivarin (CBDv).

Why Do You Put CBD Oil Under Your Tongue?

CBD oil is unusual in that you take it under your tongue – this is known as the sublingual absorption method. So, what are the CBD oil under tongue benefits, and what on earth is sublingual absorption anyway?

Sublingual, derived from the Latin for ‘under the tongue’, describes taking a substance into the bloodstream via the tissues under your tongue. Sublingual administration provides a faster onset of effects than oral consumption.

The intake method is perfect for when you need quick CBD relief, or if you have difficulty swallowing capsules. Furthermore, CBD absorbs into the bloodstream more efficiently with sublingual administration than oral consumption.

Therefore, for some users, the rapid-acting and easily enjoyed effects of sublingually absorbed CBD oil make it a go-to approach. For example, if you suffer from sudden spikes in anxiety without warning, CBD tinctures work better than edibles.

How to Take CBD Tincture Under Tongue

How to Take CBD Tincture Under Tongue

Taking CBD oil under tongue sublingually is a relatively effortless process. Administer the oil under your tongue and hold it there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing. The longer you keep the oil there, the higher the rate of cannabinoid absorption.

The act itself is simple, but you still need to control your servings, know when to top up, and perhaps learn to manage the potent hemp flavor. Let’s get into the details.

Dosing with tinctures

Don't just dive into your CBD oil and hope for the best. Tinctures vary in size and strength, from anywhere between a few hundred to a few thousand milligrams. The type of hemp extract also affects the intensity of your experience.

Check how much CBD extract is in the bottle and the amount administered per full dropper (1ml). If the manufacturer doesn't provide the latter figure, calculate it by dividing the number of milligrams by the number of millimeters.

Example: 30ml tincture with 1000mg CBD. 1000 / 30 = 33.3. Therefore, each full dropper delivers 33.3mg of CBD.

Maybe you don’t want a full dropper – no worries, you can break your serving down into individual drops! A typical full dropper holds between 15 to 20 drops, equating to roughly 0.05ml per serving. Squeeze the tincture bulb to apply a drop.

When trialing a new CBD tincture, start with a few drops and gauge the effects before increasing to a full dropper or more. The strength of some CBD oils may take you by surprise – you won’t get high, but you could feel drowsy! 

Topping up

CBD oil effects take roughly 30 minutes to kick in, two hours to peak, and last around four hours in total. However, this can vary depending on how much you take and how quickly your body metabolizes the CBD  – this can make topping up tricky.

I recommend waiting three hours between servings if you need consistent relief. That will give the second helping of CBD time to kick in before the first wears off. Keeping CBD active in your system is vital for getting optimum extended tincture effects.

Managing the flavor

Why put CBD droplets under tongue when it tastes so bad? That is a question I hear often and, while we now know the benefits of sublingual absorption, that does not change the fact that some tinctures taste awful. So, it’s about managing the flavor.

Firstly, some CBD oil tastes worse than others. A tincture containing full-spectrum hemp extract inevitably has an earthier flavor than a CBD-isolate oil. If you really cannot cope with the taste, consider the hemp extract in the tincture when buying.

You must keep the CBD tincture under tongue for as long as possible, so look to mask the flavor rather than avoid it. Some brands sell flavored CBD oil for this purpose, but not everybody likes the idea of consuming artificial flavorings.

Brush your teeth beforehand to give your mouth a minty freshness – this will reduce the intense hemp flavor somewhat. Or you could eat something sweet while taking the oil, such as a spoonful of honey.

If nothing works and you decide to forego sublingual CBD oil’s benefits, try CBD edibles, capsules, or a flavored vaping product. We stock them all at CBD Genesis!

Other CBD Tincture Oil Uses

How to take CBD oil orally

How to take CBD oil orally

Do you swallow CBD oil after holding under tongue? Yes! If you cannot tolerate the tincture flavor or want longer-lasting CBD effects, you could swallow the oil or mix it with a food or beverage.

Oral ingestion effectively transforms your tincture into an edible, drinkable, or capsule. Expect a slower onset of effects as the cannabinoids work through your first-pass metabolism, but longer-lasting CBD relief.

If combining CBD oil with food or drink to escape hemp's natural biterness, make sure you blend it with something strongly flavored!

How to apply CBD oil to the skin

Topical application is an underrated use for CBD oil. You may have heard of CBD-infused creams, salves, gels, and balms, but tinctures often go unmentioned as a skincare product.

I don't advocate rubbing CBD oil directly into the skin. It's safe and will work, but it's an inefficient way of using a highly-concentrated tincture. Instead, stir your CBD oil into another topical product to give it a cannabinoid kick.

Diluting your tincture into a regular cream or salve makes for a more economical CBD application. A little goes a long way with CBD, especially when using it on the skin. 

Can You Put CBD Vape Oil Under Your Tongue?

Scientifically speaking, applying CBD vape oil under the tongue should have the same effect as administering a tincture. 

However, you probably shouldn't do this. One, it will likely taste disgusting; and two, the e-liquid may contain ingredients safe for vaping but not oral ingestion.

Pro tip: occasionally taking CBD e-liquid under the tongue is a stealthy back-up consumption method for situations where vaping isn't possible.

I strongly advise against taking concentrated CBD vape juice from cartridges and disposable pens under the tongue. Given the extreme strength, these e-liquids could cause side effects.

As a rule, avoid using CBD vaping products under the tongue. And while we are on the topic, don't put CBD tincture oils in your vaporizer!

Buy Premium-Grade CBD Tincture Oils at CBD Genesis!

Buy Premium-Grade CBD Tincture Oils at CBD Genesis!

If all this talk has made you curious about putting CBD oil under the tongue, why not experience the benefits for yourself with a tincture from CBD Genesis! Here are my three favorite oils in our collection.

CBD Genesis – CBD Tincture Oil

Our flagship full-spectrum CBD Tincture Oil remains much-loved with Genesis customers several years after it was introduced! Loaded with cannabinoid-rich extract, terpenes, and MCT oil, this tincture ekes out every last bit of potency.

It’s ideal for sublingual absorption, adding to food, or even mixing with topicals. And the absence of any earthy flavors ensures it’s well-tolerated. Shake the bottle before use and take up to 10 droplets at a time.

All three CBD Genesis Tincture Oils come in 30ml bottles with 1ml droppers. This product is third-party tested by Hammer Enterprises, with the analysis confirming CBD potency and Farm Bill compliance. Don’t miss this CBD Genesis classic!

Strength: 550mg (18.3mg/ml), 1000mg (33.3mg/ml), 2000mg (66.6mg/ml) 

Active CBD Oil – CBD / MCT Tincture

Next up, we have a stellar CBD and MCT Tincture from the Active CBD Oil brand. Renowned for its high-quality CBD products, these tinctures deliver purified CBD effects, unflavored, aroma-free, and without a drop of THC!

The coconut-sourced MCT oil produces an upgraded CBD effect, making up for the exclusion of THC. Active CBD Oil’s tinctures are made with non-GMO hemp and are free from nasty solvents, additives, preservatives, and fillers.

With strengths for all users, Active CBD Oil is a brand for everybody. And like all products sold at CBD Genesis, this tincture is third-party tested and approved. Recommended if you struggle with the taste of standard CBD oil.

Strength: 300mg (10mg/ml), 1250mg (20.8mg/ml), 2500mg (41.7mg/ml)

Active CBD Oil – Tropical Tincture Collection

Put an exotic and fruity twist on CBD oil with this Tropical Tincture Collection, also from Active CBD Oil. THC-free and made with an MCT-rich carrier oil, these tinctures will spare you any drug test drama without compromising on hemp’s benefits.

Expelling earthy, natural hemp in favor of peach, pineapple, and more, putting CBD oil under the tongue has never been easier! But Active CBD Oil makes a natural, unflavored tincture if you don’t want to set your tastebuds alight.

The 500mg and 1000mg tinctures come in 30ml bottles, while the 2000mg and 3000mg tinctures are sold in 60ml bottles. Active CBD Oil's tinctures are third-party tested and free from additives, preservatives, and residual solvents.

Strain: Natural, Pineapple Smoothie, Peach Mango, Sweet Grape
Strength: 500mg (16.7mg/ml), 1000mg (33.3mg/ml), 2000mg (33.3 mg/ml), 3000mg (50mg/ml)