CBD Infused Tea: Benefits, Effects & How To Make One?

CBD Infused Tea: Benefits, Effects & How To Make One?

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

CBD Infused tea is increasingly becoming a popular way to consume Cannabidiol, particularly among millennials. After all, tea is a beverage that has a very mild and soothing taste and is easy on our tummy.

Many manufacturers in the Cannabidiol market also saw this opportunity and have come up with an assortment of CBD tea products. As such, most CBD infused teas are becoming easier to prepare and look similar to your traditional tea.

What does CBD tea do to your body? How strong is CBD tea? Is it good for your health? This post will answer these questions. We will also cover the benefits of hemp-based tea, how to prepare them, and the best time to consume this drink.

What Is CBD Infused Tea?

cbd infused tea

CBD infused tea is a beverage that contains varying concentrations of CBD to help with relaxation and other claimed Cannabidiol (CBD) health benefits. Unlike hemp teas, CBD teas have cannabidiol extract infused directly into the drink.

Manufacturers of CBD infused tea usually leave plant leaves in hot water to get an infusion. These teas are available in different flavors and formulations. Some contain extra ingredients that have health benefits, such as chamomile for sleep and mint for congestion.

Cannabidiol, unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), does not produce the "high" that many people sometimes equate with cannabis use. Herbal, caffeine-free, and caffeinated versions of this tea are available to fit your preferences and lifestyle.

Consequently, CBD tea can be purchased in tea bags, but it can also be made by mixing a few CBD oil drops into any tea. Because natural oils are not water-soluble, fat is frequently added to increase the oil's absorption when it is included in foods and beverages.

Infused tea is a fantastic, smoke-free, and healthy consumption approach to CBD. Moreover, It's also been used for centuries in India, where cannabis tea or" bhang" has been popular for centuries.

CBD's legality in the United States is contingent on where it comes from.

Cannabidiol generated from marijuana is classed as a controlled substance, making it illegal in many states. However, CBD extracted from the hemp plant is legal.

Hemp was removed from the Controlled Substances Act by the United States Congress in December 2018. In all 50 states, it is no longer unlawful to possess hemp-derived products.

CBD may be derived from hemp seeds and other small-scale and industrial hemp products. Aside from tea and coffee, CBD infused gummies are another similar product you can try.

What Are The Health Benefits Of CBD Infused Tea?

cbd infused tea

Tea, in general, is good at dealing with an upset stomach. Teas mixed with peppermint, ginger, lemongrass, and licorice have been used as a natural cure for stomach aches.

One of the most asked questions by those new to CBD products is what does CBD tea do to your body? The exceptional fact is that it almost has the same benefits as your regular tea plus something extra.

CBD's anti-anxiety and analgesic qualities are well-known. The herbal extracts can also assist the body in coping with the day's demands and exertions without disrupting the delicate balance of vital physical functions.

Drinking CBD tea, especially early in the morning or at night before you go to bed, can help you manage your stress levels. If you want to address your sleeplessness, you can also try taking CBD oil for sleep to calm your body.

CBD tea may also be able to treat occasional creeping pains and aches that are caused by inflammation. Its chemicals interact with CB receptors as an anti-inflammatory agent, reducing the intensity of stimuli and promoting improved recovery.

Below are just a few health benefits that you may experience when taking in this type of CBD tea:

  • Alleviates chronic pain

  • Reduces asthma symptoms

  • Remedies upset stomach

  • Lessens acne symptoms

  • Pain relief from arthritis

  • Improves neuroprotective effects

  • It helps people to get through their depression and anxiety

The beverage combines the powerful effects of Cannabidiol in an easy-to-dose and pleasant form. The benefits of brewing as a tea also increased its bioavailability.

Overall, CBD tea is one of the most understated and exquisite ways to enjoy the medicinal properties of cannabis.

When Should I Drink CBD Infused Tea?

The advantage of drinking CBD tea is that you may customize it with your favorite flavors, making it a more delightful experience.

CBD tea is a beverage that can be consumed at any time. Whether or whether you've eaten recently may influence how quickly CBD is absorbed into the bloodstream, but it won't reduce the drink's effectiveness.

Drinking CBD oil along with their tea is effective for people who want to improve sleep or relieve minor pain. However, It's also important to consider whether or not the CBD tea contains caffeine because the effects may persist longer once they kick in.

As a precaution, don't drink black and green teas that contain caffeine when it's close to bedtime. Meanwhile, sparkling CBD tea is an excellent alternative to your coffee.

How Fast Does CBD Infused Tea Work?

cbd infused tea

Drinking CBD tea is significantly less efficient than sublingual consumption and will take longer to have favorable benefits. Depending on when you last ate and the food in your meals, the effects could take as fast as 30 minutes to a few hours to appear.

When CBD tincture is ingested sublingually, it means that it's placed right under the tongue. This consumption method has the advantages of being simple to dose and having a faster absorption time of 10 to 20 minutes on average.

Aside from how fast it kicks in, people are also curious how strong is CBD tea?

The CBD-infused tea may be strong enough to take the edge off a hectic day and encourage relaxation in the 3mg-5mg range. Some people prefer to include more robust teas in their nightly regimen to achieve a deeper level of peace and relaxation.

Anything above the said range is perfect for those suffering from pain such as post-exercise aches and migraines. One study suggests that the average human can tolerate up to 1,500 mg per day.   

If the CBD tea has other added ingredients such as almond milk, honey, or sugar, they may also make it longer for the effects to kick in. Furthermore, due to molecular cohesion, some CBD oil may cling to the cup's surface.

Another thing you should consider is the fact that every person has a different genetic make-up. Their endocannabinoid system responds to CBD in various ways.

If you've ever supplemented with more traditional items like fish oils or whey protein, you know that finding the right product takes time and work. CBD is no exception, and it, too, is dependent on dosage strength.

How to Make CBD Tea?

There are numerous preparations that you can use to make your CBD tea. It usually depends on what CBD product you have in your hands, such as a CBD tea bag, flower, or oil.

How to Make CBD Tea?

Among the most popular products in this category are CBD tea bags for sleep, which can be easily prepared along with your favorite flavors.

Below are some of the main ingredients that you will need:

  • CBD tea bag

  • Hot water

  • Cinnamon stick

  • Lemon peel

  • Cream

  • Honey

Steps to Make CBD Tea

  1. In a mug, add the cinnamon stick, honey, and lemon twist.

  2. Add the teabag before filling it with hot water. Let it sit for three to five minutes or based on the recommendation printed on the CBD tea bag's packaging. If you are using other ingredients, you can use the recommended brewing time for that type of tea.

  3. Next, remove the teabag from the mug and put in a splash of cream. Stir a few times.

If you don't want to use cream, you can substitute butter. Cannabidiol molecules bind to fats, making it easier for your body to metabolize them. Adding milk, cream, or other dairy products will help you get the most benefit.

Another method of making CBD Tea is by adding a few CBD oil drops into your regular tea. However, since CBD does not mix well with water, you will also need to add some fat, like coconut milk, to your drink.

On the other hand, if you have CBD flowers instead of CBD tea bags or oils, you're going to need the following items:

  • Small pot

  • Bowl

  • Tablespoon

  • Tea ball strainer

  • Coffee filter or cheesecloth

  • Food thermometer

The process is almost similar to the one above, and it goes like this:

  1. Put about 25 grams of CBD flower on the grinder and finely crush it.

  2. Next, put the now CBD powder into a bowl before adding butter or any fat. Mix the two using a spoon.

  3. Then, put the solid mixture into the tea ball strainer or cheesecloth. Set it aside for a while.

  4. Afterwhich, boil water in a deep pan. Once boiling, use the food thermometer to ensure that it stays at around 180 degrees Celsius, which is the optimal water temperature for CBD.

  5. Put the tea ball strainer with the CBD mixture and let it boil for about half an hour. Once it's done, filter the contents using a sieve or cheesecloth on top of your favorite mug.

  6. Finally, add a slice of lemon, some honey, and other ingredients that suit your taste.


While this CBD infused drink is not everyone's cup of tea, it offers a lot of promise, especially for people who want to cope with their anxiety and sleeping disorders. Because it has lower caffeine than CBD coffee, it also may be an excellent alternative for those who have acid reflux.

However, CBD also has a few side effects that might be more threatening to some individuals. As such, it's essential to start at small doses before gradually increasing your consumption until you reach the proper amount for you.

For more information about CBD infused tea, visit CBDGenesis.com. This website is a treasure trove for cannabis-related products. They also sell some of the best CBD teas in the market that are lab-tested to ensure that it's safe for the public to consume.