3 Best HHC Gummies of 2022

3 Best HHC Gummies of 2022

Posted by Christian on 26th Apr 2023

HHC Gummies

Decadent relaxation and euphoria in one tasty package – yes, I am talking about the best HHC gummies! These delicious hemp-based treats capture the best of marijuana’s effects without compromising on flavor or federal legality.

HHC-infused edibles last longer than tincture oils, vaping products, flower, and capsules, making them a more cost-effective way of indulging. But is HHC better than other cannabinoids, and how can you determine if a product is safe and legit?

We will explore all that and much more in this comprehensive guide, starting with the three best HHC-rich gummies on sale in 2022. 

Top 3 Begin Here

1. Best HHC Gummies

CBD Genesis – HHC Edible Squares

CBD Genesis – HHC Edible Squares

Let’s get the party started with some sugary HHC Edible Squares! A fresh addition to the CBD Genesis Collection, these soft chew gummies check in at 10mg HHC per serving, with 25 servings (250mg total HHC) in each pack.


The Edible Squares currently come in two flavors – strawberry and green apple – but CBD Genesis notes these could change, with new options introrduced regularly. I love the variety and am in awe of how they taste as good as regular candies.


Experienced HHC users may prefer two sugar-coated squares at a time, while cautious first-timers could split an edible in half for 5mg of effects. That’s another thing I like about these third-party tested Edible Squares – they work for everyone!

2. Most Popular

ELYXR LA – Delta-9 / HHC Gummies

ELYXR LA – Delta-9 / HHC Gummies

Enjoy HHC with a Farm Bill compliant dash of delta-9 in these multi-cannabinoid gummies from ELYXR LA. And with 25mg delta-9 and 37.5mg HHC in each gummy, they pack a weighty punch that perhaps only hardcore edible fans can handle!


Every eight-gummy pack contains 500mg of active cannabinoids, with ELYXR LA ensuring the THC concentration does not exceed 0.3%. They are much bigger than your average gummy, but that’s not a problem since they taste so good!


ELYXR LA’s Delta 9 and HHC Gummies are suitable for vegans, with a fruit pectin base rather than animal gelatin. These edibles consist of natural and artificial flavorings and have been tested for purity and potency by KCA Labs.


Flavors: Blue Razz, Grape, Mango, Watermelon, Party Pack, Sample Pack

3. Runner Up

JGO – HHC Gummy Watermelon Bomb (750mg)

JGO – HHC Gummy Watermelon Bomb (750mg)

Jolly Green Oil (JGO) knows a thing or two about high-quality hemp products, and they have pulled out all the stops with these HHC Gummy Watermelon Bombs. At 750mg HHC total and 25mg per serving, this 30-count JGO product is superb value.


The gummies have a pleasant but not overwhelming watermelon flavor and will effortlessly drop you into deep HHC relaxation for several hours. And like all good edibles, you can increase or decrease your serving as necessary.


JGO manufactures these third-party tested HHC candies in a cGMP-certified facility and an ISO 7-certified cleaning room. This ensures maximum purity, which matters even more with lab-processed hemp cannabinoids like HHC. 

What is HHC?

Hexahydrocannabinol (HHC) is a rare and euphoric cannabinoid surging in popularity because of U.S. hemp legalization. Scientists have identified naturally occurring HHC in cannabis, but the substance is mostly lab-synthesized.

Indeed, the first scientific report of HHC came in the 1940s, thanks to a clever idea from U.S. chemist Roger Adams. He created HHC by adding hydrogen molecules to delta-9-THC (i.e., THC) in a common chemical process called hydrogenation.

Hydrogenation happens naturally and explains why cannabis plants have trace amounts of HHC. But hemp companies cannot harness such minuscule concentrations to make HHC products, hence the need for lab synthesis.

Why does anybody care about this obscure offshoot cannabinoid? Because HHC closely replicates THC, with similar characteristics and roughly 80% of its potency. And unlike THC, the 2018 Farm Bill does not limit HHC levels in hemp products.

What are HHC Gummies?

HHC gummies are hemp-derived edible products with significant amounts of HHC extract. Gummies may contain pure HHC distillate or a combination of HHC and other cannabinoids, such as delta-9 (THC), delta-8, or CBD.

These candies can be made with animal gelatin or fruit pectin – brands are increasingly choosing the latter option to ensure their gummies are viable for vegans. HHC-infused gummies also consist of artificial or natural flavorings or both.

Gummies work perfectly as an HHC edible, providing delicious taste, discretion, convenience, and serving size accuracy. You won’t need to worry about getting caught with edibles that look no different from the average candy brand’s gummies!

Do Best HHC gummies get you high?

Do HHC gummies get you high?

Yes, HHC-rich gummies and other edibles can make you high – indeed, the THC-like substance provides an authentic marijuana experience. Anticipate euphoria, mind and body relaxation, and the classic cannabis munchies when taking HHC.

HHC and THC produce similar effects because both bind with CB1 receptors in the endocannabinoid system, which is present in the central nervous system. The famous “high” also involves altered time perception and, in some cases, visuals.

HHC gummies side effects

As a genuine THC substitute, HHC gummies have a few downsides, too. However, HHC’s lower strength helps ease the intensity of any side effects.

HHC is incredibly new as a cannabinoid for consumption, so no studies have specifically examined its side effects. But our deeper understanding of THC and knowledge of HHC’s nuances means we can expect side effects to include:

Do not use psychoactive substances if you, or any family members, have a history of psychosis or schizophrenia. 

How to Maximize HHC Gummies

Even experienced hemp and cannabis product users screw up with edibles. The gradual onset of effects makes dosing callenging, as it's easy to take too much and end up suffering side effects. HHC gummies are no exception.

As HHC is similar in potency to THC, side effects are more likely than with hemp-derived delta-8 and delta-10 gummies. But I have tips to help you avoid the notorious bad trip and maximize HHC's benefits!

Start small

Don’t rush in with HHC candies, even if you have experience with other cannabinoid-based edibles or other HHC products. Begin with a small HHC gummies dosage and get a feel for the effects before chasing mind-blowing highs.

Stick to the manufacturer’s serving recommendations and increase accordingly over time. Starting with a low amount will give you a taste of the HHC edible experience while minimizing the risk of pesky side effects.


So, you ate a gummy one hour ago but still aren’t feeling anything? Don’t worry! All cannabinoid-based edibles can take a while to kick in, and the effects might not peak until two or three hours after your dose.

Wait for at least this long before eating another gummy, as topping up too soon could make you much higher – and for considerably longer – than planned. Hasty double-dosing is a common cause of side effects with many mind-altering gummies.

Enjoy them in a relaxing place

You will get maximum satisfaction from the best HHC gummies by taking them in a comfortable space. For instance, I don’t recommend using HHC in a loud and bustling public area if you have an introverted personality.

Likewise, if you are extroverted, consuming gummies while home alone and stuck in your head could be a bad idea. HHC influences the mind in wonderful ways, but you should be in a headspace where you can most enjoy these effects.

HHC Gummies vs. Other Hemp-Derived Gummies

HHC Gummies vs. Other Hemp-Derived Gummies

HHC is the emerging cannabinoid of 2022, but how do these gummies compare to the hemp industry’s other sought-after cannabinoids?

HHC vs. Delta-8

Delta-8 is similar to HHC, except less potent and more uplifting. The THC isomer works in the body like HHC and is an excellent introduction to edibles.

However, the delta-8 boom happened a while ago, and lawmakers in several U.S. states have since moved to squash the scene. Consequently, delta-8 gummies are less accessible in 2022 than their HHC counterparts, which is why I prefer HHC. 

HHC vs. Delta-9 (THC)

Incredibly, genuine THC gummies are now federally legal in the U.S., in the form of hemp-derived delta-9. These edibles contain hefty levels of delta-9 (aka THC), but as the THC makes up less than 0.3% of the product, they are Farm Bill compliant.

For a traditional edible experience, purchase delta-9 gummies. If you find THC too intense and prefer a milder and relaxing trip, the soothing yet euphoric qualities of HHC could take you to a happier place!


The hemp industry isn’t all about CBD anymore, but the non-intoxicating cannabinoid is still a massive deal. If mind-bending euphoria doesn’t tickle your fancy, CBD gummies could be more appropriate than HHC.

Both substances have relaxing properties, although we associate CBD with therapeutic and wellness and HHC with chilling and having fun. Moreover, we don’t know if HHC will be immune from legal crackdowns in the years to come.

Best HHC Gummies Near Me: Online Buyer’s Guide

Buying any hemp-derived product is a challenge, with no industry oversight to ensure quality, safety, and even legality. And with so many types of gummies available to suit different preferences, any shopper can get overwhelmed!

I typically take these three things into account when buying HHC gummies.

Lab reports

Lab reports

Rule out any HHC edible that has not been third-party tested and approved. Independent laboratory testing helps confirm the potency, purity, and Farm Bill compliance of an HHC product – and it’s the only system of its kind in the market.

When perusing a third-party report, check the date and verify that it was produced for these specific gummies. Devious fraudsters and scammers will try claiming their products are third-party tested when they aren’t.

Serving size

HHC gummy serving size varies significantly, and could fall anywhere between 5 and 50mg. Consider the serving size when shopping in addition to the total amount of HHC extract in the bag or jar.

And check if the gummies contain other cannabinoids to complement the HHC – for example, ELYXR LA makes edibles with a mixture of HHC and delta-9. 

Customer reviews

If you cannot choose between different HHC brands, verified product reviews might help you decide. First-hand reports on what the gummies are actually like are invaluable, and something you cannot obtain from the vendor or the third-party lab.

Just ensure the reviews are real! If a product has a ton of negative unverified reviews, they could be from a rival brand trying to ruin a competitor’s reputation. 

How to Store HHC Gummies

Hydrogenation makes HHC more durable than other cannabinoids, and therefore storage is less of a concern. Keeping HHC gummies in a dry and dark place is not as essential as with CBD, although I still recommend it to extend lifespan.

Storing gummies in a cold location and preferably in a refrigerator, matters much more. Melted edibles are no fun – they still work, but you lose the benefit of a precise serving. 

Buy Best HHC Gummies at CBD Genesis!

Buy HHC Gummies at CBD Genesis!

I suggest purchasing hemp products from established online retailers and giving non-specialist brick-and-mortar shops a wide berth. Avoid the sketchy gas stations and headshops and buy your HHC gummies at CBD Genesis!

Try our potent and mouth-watering HHC Edibles Squares or our classic HHC Worms. Don’t forget the unique HHC and Delta-9 Gummies we stock from ELYXR LA. And we will throw in free shipping if you spend over $50!