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How To Use CBD Tincture Oils

Using tinctures could not be easier. A very healthy way of taking CBD, just apply a few drops under the tongue.  We recommend no more than a forth a dropper for first timers.  Hold for at least a minute or two so to allow for maximum absorption of compounds into the bloodstream, and then swallow.


The CBD will quickly get to work on regulating the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), and other systems.


CBD Tincture can also double-up as a food supplement.  The natural, hemp taste is a good addition to a salad dressing.  Not to mention the health benefits you’ll get, too!


Just remember to use other strong flavors if you do use CBD Tincture as an ingredient.  This is so the hemp doesn’t dominate, which it can easily do with all the terpenes!




Why Use Tinctures?


Tinctures are taken via sublingual absorption, which is the method we have just explained.  It’s the perfect way of consuming CBD, as it allows the CBD to bypass the digestive tract.  Oral consumption of CBD delays the onset of effects, but when taken under the tongue, CBD is transported directly into the bloodstream via blood vessels.


The faster effects are good for those in need of immediate relief.  Tinctures are preferable to vaping e-liquids and smoking hemp flower for those wary about their health.




CBD Tincture For Anxiety


Tinctures may be really effective for anxiety.  Anxiety is a complex mental disorder with uncertain causes, but boosting active amounts of GABA is vital, something which CBD manages to do.  This helps to calm the brain down when it becomes overexcited.  In turn, this stops the overthinking that comes with anxiety.  Additional anti-anxiety benefits may be exerted on the 5-HT1A receptor in the serotonin system.


Using a CBD tincture helps deliver efficient relief from anxiety.  The anti-anxiety effects can be spotted by most users just minutes after taking their dose. Anxiety can be very destructive for quality of life, hence why it is so important that treatments work fast.




CBD Tincture For Sleep


Having sleeping issues but don’t want to go onto dangerous sleeping pills?  You aren’t the only one.  Natural sleeping aids are on the rise, as people look for non-addictive options like CBD.


Some studies point to CBD having a positive effect on the body’s circadian rhythm. This regulates the secretion and suppression of various hormones so that we wake up and fall asleep at the right time.


CBD also has a pleasant and soothing effect on the muscles, which promotes sleep. The anti-anxiety and pain relief can be of help for those who either cannot sleep, or suffer from disrupted sleep.




CBD Tincture For Migraines


There are indications that CBD tincture effects can be remarkably helpful for people with migraines.  ECS research has connected this condition to regulatory issues in the system.  One job of CBD is to improve functioning in the ECS. This includes at the CB1 receptor.  This helps prevent the migraines from ever happening to begin with.



Studies in the peer-reviewed Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research have looked at CBD and migraines. They have suggested the ‘aura’ symptoms’ of migraines may be due to CB1 receptor dysregulation.



CBD also has an analgesic effect, which may be beneficial to migraine patients.





CBD Tincture For Fibromyalgia


Researchers studying the effects of CBD and other Cannabinoids for migraines have also looked at Fibromyalgia. This is a strange condition with physical and mental symptoms. The most notorious of these are perhaps the painful tender points and cognitive issues. An explanation for these symptoms has eluded scientists until now, but the ECS may be shedding new light.


With CBD helping to regulate the ECS, this could be key to relieving Fibromyalgia. The rapid benefits of a Tincture are great for suppressing intense pain when it arises. A 2018 survey listed fibromyalgia as one reason why people are using CBD products.






Please note that this article was written for informational and educational purposes. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). If you require medical assistance, consult a medical professional.