1.3G THCa Pre-Rolls (2-Pack) | Diamond Heights

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Indulge in luxury with our Diamond Heights THCa hemp flower pre-rolls. Crafted from our world-class indoor-grown THCa flower, these ready-to-smoke 1.3G pre-rolls offer unparalleled convenience without compromising on quality. Also, the THCa pre-rolls come 2 per pack so you get double the high potency THCa, twice the aroma, and twice the rich flavors.


Additional Product Information

  • Suggested Use: Take the pre-roll out of the package. Ignite with flame and inhale 1-3 times. Wait 30 minutes before smoking again to establish individual tolerance.
  • Ingredients: THCa, Hemp Flower, Terpenes
  • Amount: 1.3G per Pre-Roll | 2 Pre-Rolls per pack


Diamond Heights THCa Pre-Rolls Flavors

  • Blue Dream: Sweet blueberry
  • Gorilla Glue: Fresh Pine and pungent earth
  • Watermelon Kush: Fresh watermelon and bright grape