HHC Worms by CBD Genesis

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25 mg per gummy worm! Available in 500/1000mg (20ct/40ct).


25 mg per gummy worm! Available in 500/1000mg (20ct/40ct).

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These are hard for me to relate to, but, strangely, I like them. The issue is that it's not easy for me to pinpoint why. Let's start at the top. I generally take two of these. I can't say that I really "feel" anything. No psychological effects at all. Yet my mouth gets moderately dry as it does with other cannabinoids, and they seem to help me settle in and sleep. And yet... is it psychological? It's REALLY hard to say because there is no "high" like I get from Delta 8 and (obviously) Delta 9. But my muscles settle down. My brain seems less anxious; my body feels good. So I sleep. And I can't tell you how much I have struggled with that in the past, making this a WONDERFUL thing for me, even if it's a Jedi mind trick and not the real impact of the gummies. At the sale price, I bought several packs. They work for me. I may up the dose to a third gummy (I am a big guy, and while I am not a daily -- or always even a weekly -- user I tend to tolerate THC products pretty well). But I would advise you that these are not like Delta 8 products, at least for me, (Delta 8 will get you "high") because these have so far lacked that head buzz in 25-50 mg doses. Yet I "feel" like they help me relax and get some sleep, which is what I am going for in the first place. YMMV, but I am buying more. Goes without saying, the flavor is good. Sugary and sour. So if taste is your thing, these are pretty good. by Brian on September 28, 2022

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