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Do not use Delta 8 if you are subject to a drug test of any kind. Delta 8 will cause you to fail a drug test because they do not differentiate between d8-THC and d9-THC (illegal).

Is there another way to smoke Delta-8 THC? Yes, The Delta 8 Factory: Delta-8 THC moon rocks by CBD Genesis is a delightful way to enjoy the unearthed Delta-8-THC. 


Unlike CBD, the Delta-8 THC contains the active psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant.  


Two varieties that produce psychoactive substances are marijuana and hemp plants. Each moonrock has the Delta-8 THC variant and is filled with natural terpenes to create a sleek and gratifying smoke.


Key Features:

  • Available in 3.5 grams or 1 gram
  • Fast-acting experience
  • High standards of quality and purity


How to Consume Delta-8 THC Moon Rock?


To use the Delta-8 Factory: Delta-8 THC moon rock by CBD Genesis, you need to use a nug or your choice of bud/flower. Using denser nugs is preferable since they hold the cannabis cocktail together thoroughly. 


Using your desired concentration level, maneuver the mixture. Make sure that the combination is not too thick and tough or too liquid. Using a dropper, slowly drip it to cover the bud. 


Dipping the bud into the concentrate mixture will be challenging to light and result in an extended drying period. 


After dipping the bud, it is advised to use tongs to hold and roll the bud into a kief until the entire nug is covered with The Delta 8 Factory: Delta-8 THC moon rocks. 


Is CBD Legal in the US?

The usage of CBD is legal in the United States of America. Often, users question if it is permitted since there are instances that people who are using CBD are getting disputes with the government or the law for owning or utilizing CBD products.


In 2018 the government legalized the 2018 Farm bill, which states the growth of cannabis or hemp with 0.3% THC. The bill plights that hemp is not classified as marijuana due to its low concentration of THC. 


Nowadays, it is federally legal to foster, carry, sell it for retail, and possess hemp on a larger scale.


Anyone who is over the age of 18 years old is allowed to purchase CBD or Cannabidiol products. Nevertheless, underage customers(below 21 years old) cannot purchase CBD products. 


States like Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California licensed the full use of CBD. However, fifty states are still debating whether to legalize the use of CBD. The 2018 Farm bill is being consolidated and considered by some states while others do not. 


In Colorado, Oregon, Washington, and California, it is allowed to purchase CBD from supermarkets, local stores, gas stations, or online markets without restrictions.


Even if there are no restrictions on the use and selling of cannabis products in those states, states still restrict buyers and users. States like Iowa legalize CBD for medical services; they have permitted patients under their medical program to use CBD products. 


The products that contain above 0.3% THC are banned from the restricted states; only products that contain below 0.3% are allowed to be utilized by patients.  


There are states which partnered with the Food and Drug Authority to legalize CBD products, though the Food and Drug Authority disapproves of the infusion between the CBD in edibles. 


The purchase of CBD to make baked goods like muffins, cookies, and brownies is allowed. There are tons of discrepancies that are still being debated by the states. 


Before acquiring CBD merchandise, physically or online, it is fitting to stay updated with your state’s regulations on CBD continuously. 


State laws are constantly changing, and buyers should always know the jurisdiction, so there are no problems. 


Why Choose CBD Genesis?

CBD Genesis is a trusted and reliable CBD brand and that’s what makes us your go-to CBD shop. We are a CBD wholesaler with a wide range of CBD products for you to choose from.


At CBD Genesis, we make and sell our own line of various CBD products, from tinctures, edibles, vapes, and e-liquids, concentrates, flowers, cartridges and pods, capsules, and many more. We even provide CBD products for your lovely pets!


We also sell CBD products from well-known brands like Koi, CBD Drip, Green Roads, Elyxr, and more. This makes it easier and more convenient for you to compare and choose the best option for you.


All our products go through unbiased, and ISO/IEC accredited third-party laboratory testing. We can provide you certificates of analysis (COAs) to ensure that all CBD products are high-quality, safe, and effective. 


Get your Delta-8 THC Moon Rocks from us today!

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The Proof is in the pudding they say, and all i can say is, this IS the real deal!! For years i have been dealing with Arthritis inflammation along with disk degeneration in my lower back. Especially this time of year when i find myself preparing the outside of my home for winter. 3 puffs of this Wonderful Delta -8 THC and i was able to work in near freezing rain 5 hours, and NO PAIN! And the "High" i noticed was one of clarity and focus unlike Delta -9 THC. Give it a try! And if it works as well for you as it does for me, Don't Bogart that stuff!! Share it with your friends and loved ones who have chronic pain! Nothing to lose, and everything to Gain!! by Thomas Vlahoff on October 22, 2020
Definitely legit! Pain diminishing, anxiety almost instantly relieved, and the calmness / relaxation that sets in. I had no idea it would pack the ‘punch’ it did! Very Potent! Highly impressed other than paying $10 for shipping and receiving it approximately a week later. I guarantee you I’m not complaining, it was worth the wait, and I trust CBD Genesis to sell top quality for great prices. Highly recommended if you would like to improve your overall well-being! by Mark on November 13, 2020
Super sticky, great quality! I use cbd for my chronic back pain and this strain or brand did the trick for me! Will be buying over and over! by Sha p. on December 23, 2020
Definitely gets the job done. I like to mix it with some flower. by mhucker526 on March 1, 2021

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