Elyxr - Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies (5000mg)

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The Amanita Muscaria mushroom species is stuff of legends, but that hasn’t stopped us from putting 5000mg of this mushroom in extract form into our tasty gummies. Explore the mushroom’s renowned effects for yourself in this easy-to-use, tasty formula. Our Party Pack comes with 10 gummies packing a total of 500 mgs each!

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Legal status of psychoactive Amanita mushrooms


We’ve developed a legal way to enjoy one of the most iconic mushrooms of all time, with a generous 5000mg total in each airtight can (10 gummies total at 500mgs per gummy). At the same time, you’ll be treated to a delicious variety of fruity flavors, and know that you’re consuming a gummy that’s free of additives and filler ingredients.

Our gummies have undergone extensive lab-testing by a third-party, licensed facility, which ensures nothing but maximum quality, safety, purity, and legal compliance.