Delta 8 Tincture (1000mg)

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The Delta 8 Tincture 1000 mg by CBD Genesis comprises strong concentrations of a psychotropic chemical that produces soothing and stimulating effects. For optimal efficacy and maximum effectiveness, the tincture includes a wide range of broad-spectrum hemp extract containing THC, additional cannabinoids, and terpenes, giving this product a plant taste, so be aware of that. This tincture also uses MCT as the carrier oil.

Considering that it has less psychoactive potency than Delta 9, the general effects are frequently more tranquil and comforting. Consequently, users claim to be comfortable living their daily lives regularly upon taking. (Awake) Lemon Verbena, (Focus) Spearmint, (Passion) Tropical Passionfruit, (Relax) Blueberry Lavander Lemonade, (Relief) Cherry Peppermint, (Sleep) Mellow Grape, and Orange are among the flavors available.

Key Features

  • This tincture uses MCT as a Carrier Oil

  • Broad Spectrum, Non-GMO industrial hemp extract

  • 100% Natural

  • Available in six mouth-watering flavors: (Awake) Lemon Verbena, (Focus) Spearmint, (Passion) Tropical Passionfruit, (Relax) Blueberry Lavander Lemonade, (Relief) Cherry Peppermint, (Sleep) Mellow Grape, and Orange

  • Good Substitute for Delta 9

  • Absolutely AAA Extracts

  • Thoroughly Tested

  • No Additives, Preservatives, or Fillers

How to Consume Delta 8 Tincture?

Delta 8 tinctures are very convenient, have a long shelf life, and are easily absorbed when taken under the tongue. There are three different ways you can do to consume the Delta 8 Tincture 1000 mg by CBD Genesis. Here are they:


Sublingual administration of delta 8 is the most usual mode of consumption. It is also frequently the favored approach. To take a tincture, place drops of the liquid beneath your tongue for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This approach bypasses the stomach and liver, enabling Delta 8 and other ingredients to enter the bloodstream straight through the mouth lining.


You may like to consume it by adding it to your food or drink. It may be mixed with a variety of food, including appetizers, snacks, and desserts. Through ingestion, it does not only improve your enjoyment, but it also slows the onset by up to two hours and provides even substantial effects.


The use of tinctures as a topical is gaining popularity, despite the fact that it isn't the most usual way of administration. It's hard to imagine that the Delta 8 distillate may be applied straight to the skin. When taken topically, however, the psychoactive benefits you experience will not be apparent.

Is CBD legal in the US?

The short answer is yes. In fact, CBD is legal in all 50 states in the United States, although the laws vary by state. State regulations govern the legality of which CBD products individuals can consume and which are forbidden.

According to the 2018 Farm Bill, it permitted industrial hemp growth in the United States. In the plant, a maximum of 0.3 percent THC is tolerated. The Farm Bill is a five-year bill of legislation that defines the federal government's food and agricultural policies. The 2018 Farm Bill made "hemp" legal, which is a significant step toward CBD product legalization. The FDA is notified that certain businesses are distributing CBD in ways that are prohibited under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. There is indeed a lot of emphasis on the production of cannabis-derived medicines and other market items, such as cannabidiol (CBD). The FDA acknowledges the possible benefits that cannabis or cannabis-derived chemicals may provide, as well as the enormous awareness of these potentials.

Why Choose CBD Genesis?

CBD Genesis is your one-stop shop for all your CBD products. CBD products such as Dabwax, gummies, oils & tinctures, and vape juice are just a few of the CBD goods we manufacture. We also sell CBD from popular companies such as Koi, CBD Drip, Green Roads, Elyxr, and many more.

At CBD Genesis, it is guaranteed that we only sell items from well-known brands. This implies that all you need is some basic information about the products you prefer to get. So, you do not have to worry about ordering something that is possibly fake.

We have all of your CBD essentials covered at CBD Genesis. Only buy from trusted stores like us. Contact us today for your next Delta 8 purchase.

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    by Derek K. on 15th Sep 2021


  • 3
    Customer review

    by Rachel M. on 7th Sep 2021

    strong stuff!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Susan S. on 2nd Sep 2021

    My absolute favorite! I’m sleeping like a baby

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Jennifer S. on 19th Aug 2021

    It takes effect usually within 30 min and it helps my pain medicine work better so I take less pain meds

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Miranda B. on 14th Aug 2021

    The anxiety I experience is severe. Coupled with childhood trauma and adhd. IYKYK. I have tried pharmaceuticals to no avail and with all the side effects. I came across delta 8 and tried several different brands for some kind of relief also to no avail. When I came across Elyxr I was a sceptic no doubt, but that suddenly changed when I left the house the first time after taking their Relief delta 8 blend. I was blown away how clear headed I was and I also DID NOT have the physical shaking I would normally experience with outings. This is a game changer for me. Thank you Elyxr!! No my review was not bought. I just hope to help someone else who may be experiencing anxiety like I do. :)

  • 3
    Customer review

    by Cleasha M. on 26th Jul 2021

    I will try a different tincture. I purchased for anxiety, but I could not tell a difference after taking. So my rating is based on the products packaging, flavor, and fast delivery.