Does CBD Oil Expire? (Storage, Shelf Life & Uses)

Cannabidiol (CBD) oil is on the radar as one of today’s top health remedies. The diluted extract offers its users a myriad of promising benefits, including pain and anxiety relief for acute and chronic conditions.

As with any new, up-and-coming item, it has drawn much curiosity from the target market. 

What exactly is cannabidiol? Where do I buy it? Does CBD oil expire? Does CBD oil go bad if I don’t use it for a long time?

These are only some of the queries new users have before completely diving into the regular or occasional consumption of cannabidiol. 

When used right, it can bring countless improvements to one’s quality of life, such as improved mobility, decreased stress, and much more. That said, maximizing the benefits of this product involves proper use and storage. 

Read on to find everything you need to know about its storage, shelf life, and uses.

What is CBD Oil? 

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This substance is derived from the Cannabis sativa plant, widely known for its psychoactive properties. Most have heard of the uses of cannabis for specific pharmaceutical and recreational purposes. 

These don’t necessarily apply to cannabidiol oil despite being found in the same source. 

The ‘high’ sensation associated with the use of cannabis is produced by another active compound found in the plant called tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Cannabidiol itself does not produce these psychoactive effects. 

It does not alter the mind, induce hallucinations, change the mood, or impair the senses. However, it does retain the analgesic and anxiolytic effects of cannabis, making it a safe remedy for inflammation, pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep

To add to the long list of uses, much ongoing medical research is looking into the role of cannabidiol in mental health issues (PTSD, bipolar mood disorder, and depression), chemotherapy symptom management, cardiovascular health, and neuroprotection. 

In these cases, more studies are needed to solidify findings before mainstream use.

Extraction is performed by using either carbon dioxide or ethanol. The former produces a purer and much more stable substance. Once extracted, it becomes a highly versatile ingredient. It can be used in manufacturing different ingestible or topical preparations.

For instance, it can be mixed with food, drinks, hygiene goods, and massage collections, making it easier to incorporate into your daily routine.

But before making your awaited purchase, it is best to read about where it was sourced and how it was processed. Knowing detailed information production will help you get your money’s worth. 

Factors That Affect CBD Oil Shelf Life

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Does CBD oil expire? Yes, but it is barely anything to worry about if we stay thorough and observant. Its lasting power can be under our control. 

The shelf life of CBD oil is not set in stone. Labels may be hard to read or may fade as time passes. The expiration date written on the packaging may also be pushed forward or backward according to many conditions.

The following are some of the factors that may affect the shelf life of CBD oil: 


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Olive and coconut oil are most commonly used as carriers for CBD. Carriers, used for the lipophilic properties of cannabidiol, improve the way the extracted substance is metabolized in the body. 

On top of that, such substances also have antifungal and antimicrobial properties, which aid in controlling the growth of contaminants and preventing spoilage. Keeping off contaminants can significantly lengthen shelf life.


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How long is CBD oil good for? Since not all products are made with the same ingredients, this question cannot have just a single answer. 

Aside from the active ingredient, it may be combined with flavorings, preservatives, and other ingredients whose shelf life may vary. 

Purer is always better when it comes to CBD oil. The general rule of thumb is that purer substances remain fresher for longer.


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Different manufacturers use different cannabis sources, extraction methods, and handling practices. Therefore, it is best to select manufacturers who disclose exactly where their cannabis is grown and their full process and ingredients.

Manufacturers must also present certifications of analysis (COA) by a trusted third-party laboratory. It is better to spend some time and effort carefully choosing your provider than buying low-quality CBD that may not meet your expectations. 


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Can CBD oil go bad because of its container, even if the substance itself is of good quality?

Definitely. We can even argue that the overall quality of CBD considers both the substance and the packaging.

Containers are solidly colored or opaque to prevent constant exposure to light, heat, and air. However, these exposures may cause faster oxidation, decreasing its potency. 

Aside from attractive packaging design, keep your eyes open for containers that provide enough protection. 


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As mentioned above, light, heat, and air exposure are three of the main factors that affect shelf life, mainly due to oxidation that degrades its components. 

Two bottles that have the same expiration date and were purchased from the same vendor may not last as long as each other. This is if they undergo entirely different storage conditions.

Storage practices by different consumers will have a major role in lasting power. So how long is CBD oil good for under ideal conditions? A bottle can usually last a year or two, all factors above considered. 

How Can You Tell If Your CBD Oil is Expired?

Does CBD Oil Expire


One of the necessary skills users must master is how to tell if CBD oil expires. 

It is relatively easy to spot the signs of expiry. These signs should tell you to get a fresh bottle for better ease of use and to maintain its optimal effects. 

With every use, see if you can spot the following and decide whether it is still good as new or if it’s time to throw out an old bottle.

Color changes 

The substance is normally a clear liquid. It may turn cloudy when exposed to lower temperatures or when stored inside a refrigerator. However, at room temperature, it must return to its original clear liquid state. 

Upon noticing that it stays cloudy despite being at room temperature or that it has turned a darker murky shade, retire the old bottle and get a new one.

Texture changes

CBD oil has a similar texture to those used for cooking. Like the natural color change when placed inside a refrigerator, it may become thicker under cold temperatures. However, it will eventually return to its normal texture once at room temperature. 

If it stays thick and shows some separation inside the bottle, it may be well past the expiration. 

Scent changes

Take a whiff of your own bottle and see if the mild earthy smell is discernible. If it was bought with a certain scent, see if you can get a whiff of any of that too. 

If you detect any strong, acidic, rotting smell, it may be a sign that it has gone bad. 

Taste changes

In an unflavored state, it must only have a mild nutty taste. Any rancid taste that may indicate spoilage must be taken as a sign to throw it out.

How to tell if CBD oil expires based on these parameters is your key to reaping the maximum benefits it has to offer.

Are There Potential Side Effects of Consuming Expired CBD Oil?

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It does not normally produce any adverse side effects when consumed beyond the expiration date. However, it might not be as effective as it once was if it is used beyond its glory days.

Users must make sure they observe if the product is still giving them their desired benefits. If you spot any of the signs of expiry and see fewer and fewer benefits, it’s probably time to get a new bottle. The potency may have decreased, diluting its effect.

Even substances that have not yet expired may bring some side mild side effects. This particular preparation may cause gastrointestinal alterations such as diarrhea, sleepiness, tiredness, and weight fluctuations due to changes in appetite. 

It also helps to be vigilant with the information sources you use for herbal supplements. Make sure to consult a healthcare provider before adding this or any product to your health management routine.

What Are Some CBD Oil Storage Tips?

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Correct storage practices can make the use of this product a much better experience. Simply follow these tips to preserve its purity and freshness: 

1. Keep it at room temperature

Does CBD oil go bad when it is not refrigerated? No, it is not necessary to keep it in the refrigerator unless you have bulks of it you want to store before use. 

If you have small quantities of them on hand, storing them at room temperature will suffice. 

2. Store it away from light sources

Most bottles are darkly tinted to prevent light from penetrating the packaging. However, it would still be of great help to find an area in your home where it is exposed to the least light possible. 

Place them inside dry drawers or cabinets when not in use. However, if you’re traveling, it is best to safely keep them in your bag after each use. 

3. Wash your hands before opening and handling the bottle

Avoid contaminating the contents of the bottle with microbes which may degrade it faster. 

Make it a habit to always wash your hands thoroughly before each use to prevent any said contamination. Also, keep the open bottle away from other items that may contain dirt and germs.

4. Make sure the container is tightly closed when not in use

Can CBD oil go bad even if it is away from light and heat? 

Oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen may quickly interact with other components and degrade them as a whole. As a result, even exposure to air can compromise its quality.

To preserve the highest potency possible, close the container tightly after every use. Also, make sure that it is out of reach of children or anyone who is not completely knowledgeable about its consumption.

The Best Place To Buy CBD Oil Near Me 

Does CBD Oil Expire


Now that you know that caring for your own stash is that simple, it’s time to know where to buy CBD oil wherever you may be. 

In the era of online shopping, it can be easily purchased through legit CBD sites like CBD Genesis. It retails for a reasonable price with great quality assurance and free shipping options. So whether you need CBD tinctures, powders, or CBD capsules, we got you covered.

CBD tinctures are just one type of CBD product available in the market. If you’re looking to try one, the Active CBD Tropical Tincture Collection 500mg – 3000mg is worth a try.

This THC-free tropical tincture is pure and pleasing to the palate. You can choose from 500 mg to 3000 mg of CBD, depending on your needs.

Want to try CBD in pure hemp powder form instead, but without THC? Check out Active CBD Oil 99% CBD Isolate Hemp Powder at CBD Genesis!

Does CBD Oil Expire

This CBD powder is odorless and tasteless. Whether you want to dissolve it in oil, eat it, vape it, or turn it into a smoothie, you’ll get the results you expect!

CBD roll-ons can also serve as topical remedies for mild aches and pains. The Active CBD Oil Roll On – 500mg contains cannabinoid and extra-strength formula hemp extract that’ll surely satisfy your needs. 

This CBD roll-on comes in a 10 ml container. It’s also made of 500 mg of pure active CBD. 

If none of these options suit you, why don’t you try taking it in capsules instead? CBD capsules can be taken for easy oral consumption. 

These Active CBD Oil Capsules work well, especially for beginners. It has no THC and contains 25 mg of CBD.

CBD Genesis also provides valuable consumer information that buyers would want to read to find the best cannabidiol product fit for them.

You may also access the products through local stores that carry health and herbal supplements. Again, it would help to ask staff about reputable and customer-friendly companies that provide complete transparency for maximum safety. 

If you’re still at a loss on where to buy CBD oil, research the location of your local dispensary. It is another known establishment that carries cannabidiol products. In addition, dispensaries openly disclose the components of their products with exact percentages, which is always a plus.

Final Thoughts 

Cannabis and its active ingredients continue to be explored for its potential as a remedy for many health conditions. It is also becoming increasingly accessible through trusted, reputable online stores like CBD Genesis. However, its uses and benefits can only be fully harnessed if consumers are thorough with purchase and storage. 

Always keep your eye out for labels and observe the product itself as it changes over time. Watch out for color, texture, smell, and taste to see if it is still in its prime. Accidentally consuming it once expired does not cause adverse effects. Instead, it will simply lose its potency and deliver less of the desired benefits. 

Before purchase, make sure to consult a doctor to know any chances of interaction with current medications. And like anything else, use it in moderation. 

To know more about proper storage and how you can bring it to your own doorstep, visit CBD Genesis. Be taken by the countless wonders of cannabidiol oil. 

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