Does CBD Help Migraine? Here's What You Need to Know

About 1 billion people suffer from migraines globally. That means 1 in 8 people you know have headaches that could last a few hours to a few days. And these headaches of varying severity do not just occur alone. 

They may even be accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea, visual and auditory sensitivity, and overwhelming debilitation. When ineffectively managed, they can negatively impact your activities of daily living (ADLs). Things as simple as eating, showering, and walking around the house can be hard to perform and can even further intensify these pains.

Among the many pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic treatments for migraine, cannabidiol (CBD) oil is quickly emerging as one of the new and praise-worthy candidates. In addition, many have spoken about it as an effective alternative remedy. But due to the early stages of research, the question remains for acute and chronic sufferers alike: Does CBD help migraine?

Let us lay out the facts on CBD oil and migraines in this guide.

What is CBD?

Does CBD Help Migraine

Cannabidiol (CBD) is only one of more than a hundred cannabinoids that can be found in the Cannabis sativa plant. Most known for its psychoactive properties, the plant also contains tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the substance that produces a high. 

Many misconceptions related to the psychoactive effects of cannabis have been said about CBD. However, it is important to note that it does not alter a user’s mood or sensations, nor does it induce hallucinations as THC does.

Some products come with trace THC, but the amount is usually not enough to induce mind alterations. 

CBD is known for its role in decreasing pain, anxiety, and lack of sleep. It can do this because it acts on cannabinoid receptors in the body. Cannabinoid receptors have been found to control immune and inflammatory responses.

Much research is still ongoing to confirm CBD’s role in mental health issues, cancer management, as well as cardiovascular and nervous system health.

It is extracted from cannabis through one of two processes: carbon dioxide extraction and ethanol extraction. After such, the substance can be used for orally-consumed items such as food, drinks, or gummies and topical preparations such as hygiene and massage goods. 

With many anecdotal reports on the effect of this versatile ingredient on severe headaches, it has attracted even more attention. So, do CBD oil and migraines go together?

Can CBD Oil Be Used For Migraine? Free Close Up Photo of Woman in Pain  Stock Photo

Migraines cannot be traced to a single cause. Instead, it most likely occurs due to different neurological conditions. Nonetheless, it still brings much burden to a significant part of the population in terms of daily functioning. 

For this reason, narratives on how some users experienced relief within more or less 15 minutes after consumption sounds enticing to so many of us. Not a single one of us could turn away from that kind of efficiency in a pain management product.

A study by Axon Relief recruited users to take CBD every day within 30 days. They made use of a survey that was filled up before and after the said period. Results reported 20-30% fewer headache days in the subjects. 

Other studies that were done between 2016 and 2018 showed promising results. But these are not yet sufficient to establish food and drug authority (FDA) approval or standardized doses for pain relief. 

Some of the trials made within this period also included a combination of CBD and THC, instead of purely cannabidiol. To top it off, FDA approval is still limited to CBD for seizure conditions and not for over-the-counter items.

Despite being insufficient to standardize its use, these endeavors did prove that CBD deserves more attention to discover its full potential. As a result, vendors have also continued to spring up in many areas throughout the country.

So, does CBD help with headaches? Yes, currently available evidence proves it so. But it is always best to consult your healthcare provider before incorporating any CBD product into your health management routine.  

How Can You Use CBD Oil For Headache Treatment Properly? 

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Legal concerns 

Along with the actual consumption of CBD oil for migraines, acquiring it legally is one of the main topics up for discussion and debate. 

Due to the restrictions in some states, the use of CBD oil for headache is still limited to some extent. A bill passed in 2018 banned the distribution and consumption of hemp and substances derived from hemp with a THC content of more than 0.3%. 

CBD Genesis is one of the vendors that adhere to this legal restriction of having less than 0.3% THC in all of their items, including CBD oil. 

Other offers include joints, tinctures, roll-ons, buds, gummies, and more. They are also committed to providing detailed customer information and discrete delivery so that people may try their products with the best possible comfort.

Policies and restrictions still vary state by state, so make sure to stay informed and stay in touch with your doctor to discuss your use.

Actual use 

If CBD is legal in your area, always talk to your healthcare provider about dosage. Generally, it is advised that users start with a low dose and work their way up according to the body’s reaction.

Users can opt to mix the oil with their food and drinks, take capsules, or consume sprays and drops orally. Others who need more immediate effects can choose vaping or inhalation. 

Using these must still come with other migraine management practices. Follow your doctor’s other pharmacologic prescriptions. It would also help to keep track of your attacks outside your consultation da. Keep reading to find a guide on how to perform this assessment.

Continue limiting diet triggers like caffeine and alcohol, get restful sleep, and avoid visual or auditory triggers like loud sounds and bright, flashing lights. 

Keeping track of migraines and CBD oil benefits 

Does CBD Help Migraine

Use an indicator to keep track of how your symptoms improve or worsen after taking a new supplement.

You may opt to follow the PQRST Pain Assessment, which describes different pains and aches through the following:

  • Provocation (What triggers the pain?)
  • Quality (Is it a dull, stabbing, numbing, or gripping pain?)
  • Radiating/Referring (Does the pain spread? Is it felt in another location)
  • Severity (How painful is it on a scale of zero to ten, where 10 is the worst pain imaginable?)
  • Time (When did it start? How long does it last?)

These characteristics will help you observe how the use of CBD oil for migraines is working for you. 

Are There Potential Side Effects of Using CBD for Migraine?

Does CBD Help Migraine

Side effects that come with the use of CBD are not adverse nor severe. However, common side effects may include an upset stomach (diarrhea) and appetite changes causing weight fluctuations. 

On the other hand, chronic high dosing can cause hepatotoxicity or liver toxicity. This is because the liver can acquire damage as it processes excess cannabidiol in the blood.

For those who choose to vape as their route of consumption, risks of respiratory-related effects such as severe coughing and difficulty of breathing may occur. Vaping also causes more side effects compared to oral consumption.

Cannabidiol may interact with medications like anticoagulants, antimicrobials, and antidepressants. If you have been told that your medication interacts with grapefruit, a similar process happens to cannabidiol and may need to be avoided. 

Upon experiencing any of these side effects, contact your healthcare provider immediately.

What Are The Particular CBD Strains or Products Recommended For Migraine? Free Woman in Blue Denim Jacket Holding Dropper Stock Photo

CBD Strains 

Different strains boast different functions, from pain and anxiety relief to simple relaxation. 

In general, strains are divided into two: the CBD-dominant and CBD-rich strains. The former contains mostly CBD with only trace amounts of THC. The latter contains both THC and CBD. 

Other strain classifications may help in choosing what product to buy for migraine relief. Check out the following: Sativa, Indica, and hybrids.

Sativa strains are more geared towards attention and cerebral enhancement. Indica, on the other hand, relaxes you and improves sleep quality. Lastly, hybrids provide the perfect balance. It boosts your energy and focus throughout the day without the drowsy effect. 

If you want to relieve your migraine to make way for daily tasks and productivity, Sativa and Hybrids may be good choices for you. However, if you are looking for some good rest and sleep amid your attack, give Indica a try. 

These strains may help with fatigue and anxiety experienced during episodes, too.

CBD Products

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Oil is one of the most common ways you can consume CBD. It is an approachable form and is easy to incorporate into your diet. But CBD Genesis also offers the following for your unique preferences. 

Choose among three of the common routes:


Orally consumed CBD for headaches may include tinctures, simple capsules, or fun and bright gummies. 

Tinctures can be used for cooking or for mixing into your favorite tea and coffee. Capsules can be easily taken as part of your daily health regimen. And bright gummies can spice up your experience with their cute shape and color.

Genesis CBD Capsules by CBD Genesis is great for starters. These soft gel CBD capsules have less than 0.3% THC, which is great especially for beginners.

Does CBD Help Migraine

If you prefer delicious, impactful CBD edibles you can eat anytime, anywhere, the FTP – Gummy NOIDS Dark Full Spectrum Gummies is for you. These gummies come with different flavors you’ll surely love, such as Strawberry, Mango, and Watermelon.


CBD can also be smoked through pre-rolled joints or loose buds. Although the act is similar to smoking cannabis, it does not cause addiction because of the absence of THC or nicotine. This poses less risk and gives enough space for you to have fun and experiment with your preferred route.

The FTP CBD Flower Pre-rolled Joints (7 pack) + Matches has 27% cannabidiol, and comes in 7 seven 0.6 gram joints each – that’s a total of 4.2 grams of cannabis flower.  These joints are pre-rolled, so you can easily use them anytime, anywhere.

The CBD Flower (Genesis Hemp Buds) is also worth a try. It contains 7 grams of hemp flower and under 0.3% delta 9 THC. You can enjoy these hemp buds in a bong, blunt, pipe, or vaporizers.

Does CBD Help Migraine


Vaping may be more likely to produce side effects compared to other routes. However, it is also swift in delivering the desired pain relief benefit. This is because it gets absorbed into the bloodstream the fastest. 

If you need such speed in your remedies and if you have no contraindication to inhalation and vaping, you may want to try these options.

The Best Place to Buy CBD Oil Near Me

Does CBD Help Migraine


If you have decided that you want to try CBD for your acute headaches or chronic migraines, the next step is knowing exactly how to get your hands on the oil and other CBD products. 

We can’t deny that suppliers have quickly become accessible to many. But it is still important to dedicate yourself to only buying from vendors who provide the best service.

CBD Genesis offers excellent customer information and delivery, along with a wide array of products you can experiment with. Check out CBD Genesis for more kinds of cannabidiol products than you can imagine – and opportunities for free shipping!

You may also find physical stores that offer similar items in your area. Always keep your eye out for herbal and health shops with accommodating staff. Let them guide you in finding reputable brands you can trust.

Local dispensaries are another good choice for those who want to ensure full disclosure of cannabidiol product components along with exact percentages. 

Since these are not yet FDA-regulated, be thorough with your search, whether it be online, in physical stores, or in your local dispensaries. You cannot be too cautious with your CBD headache finds.

Final Thoughts 

Migraines are severe headaches that may cause debilitation in our daily lives. CBD headache remedies are being discussed along with such burdens due to their anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic properties. 

Although past studies have discovered interesting findings about the substance, it is not yet a mainstream treatment for general pains, aches, or anxiety.

So, for the final verdict. Does CDB help with headaches? Yes, but it is still undergoing much research. No standardized dosages have been established yet. Not all states have legalized its use, nor has it received official FDA approval. That’s why it is best to collaborate with your healthcare providers on making decisions for your management.

If you have decided to finally try the oil or other CBD products as an adjunct to your usual remedies, choose the strain, route, and product that could prove most sustainable for you. There are vendors such as CBD Genesis offering choices that are fun, effective, and legal.
Be patient with your search. After all, knowledge is power. The same goes for choosing the right CBD oil product for your migraine. It just might be the holy grail of pain relief and relaxation that you need.

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