Best Flavored CBD Oil to Try in 2023

Have you ever given much thought to CBD oil flavor? Wait, should CBD oil have a taste? And if yes, what does CBD oil taste like? Well, if you have only consumed flavored CBD oil, it’s time you learned about the raw CBD oil taste. 

By the end of this article, you will have insight into the best flavored CBD oil, how CBD oil tastes, whether CBD oil is legal, and the best place to buy the best-tasting CBD oil. So keep reading.  

What Is CBD Oil?

Cannabidiol oil comes from the cannabis plant. Whenever cannabis is mentioned, some people think of marijuana. But there’s more to cannabis than marijuana. The cannabis plant has two subspecies: Cannabis Sativa (marijuana) and Cannabis Indica (hemp).

Marijuana has high amounts of THC, a mind-altering chemical compound, whereas hemp is rich in CBD, a non-psychoactive compound famous for its restorative properties. Since THC is the most active compound in marijuana, most CBD oil products are made from hemp plants’ leaves, flowers, and stems. 

Raw CBD oil is a dark green or brown syrup. It contains terpenes, waxes, chlorophyll, and other cannabinoids in this state. However, manufacturers filter most of these compounds and then mix the CBD extract with a carrier oil for consumption. 

CBD carrier oils are precisely that: they carry active CBD compounds and dissolve them for better bioavailability. The oils can be plant-based or nut-based, and with CBD being fat-soluble, it is absorbed better when digested along fatty compounds. Coconut oil, palm oil, olive oil, grape seed oil, avocado oil, and hemp seed oil are the most common CBD carrier oils. 

CBD oil products come as either full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, or isolates. 

  • Full-Spectrum CBD Oil: This is the best option for users looking for potent CBD. It is packed with all hemp compounds, and with multiple compounds present, you enjoy the entourage effect. Do note that full-spectrum CBD oil has 0.3% THC.
  • Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil: Unlike full-spectrum, broad-spectrum CBD oil has multiple, not all, hemp compounds. One of the missing compounds is THC.
  • CBD Isolate: This is the purest form of CBD. It is free of all other plant compounds and THC.

One way to enjoy CBD is to add it to drinks, soups, gelatin, or recipes. It might take 30 to 120 minutes for CBD to get absorbed, depending on your dosage, body chemistry, and potency of the CBD oil product.

CBD oil interacts with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS) when ingested, although scientists are yet to explain what it does to CB1 and CB2 receptors. Nevertheless, CBD has been attributed to have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and antioxidant properties. People consume CBD to alleviate chronic pain, inflammation, and anxiety, thanks to these properties.  

If you are not looking to consume CBD oil, try a massage. The topical application improves skin health, boosts relaxation, promotes sleep, and relieves pain. 

What Does CBD Oil Taste Like?

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If you’ve taken flavored CBD, you may wonder what pure CBD oil tastes like. Crude CBD has a strong, grass-like, earthy taste, and yes, it is not flavorful. On the bright side, the earthy taste only means you are getting a natural, non-toxic product. 

Crude CBD oil contains other cannabinoids, terpenes, waxes, and chlorophyll. Terpenes are naturally-occurring aromatic compounds and are responsible for the grassy taste. Chlorophyll tastes bitter, so most manufacturers filter it from the end product. 

Broad-spectrum CBD oil taste differs among brands. The manufacturers may choose to remove little or high levels of terpenes, resulting in a taste difference. This is why some users report tasting citrusy favors, while others mention a piney taste.  

With CBD oil isolates, there are no flavors or smells. They come as powder or crystals so that you can add them to foods or drinks. 

It is important to note that most CBD oils in the market are infused with carrier oils. So, CBD oil’s taste will depend on the carrier oil used. For instance, olive oil gives CBD oil a smooth, grassy, or nutty taste, while hemp seed oil boasts a nutty taste that resembles walnuts or sunflower seeds. 

Additionally, some CBD oils have added flavorings to make them palatable. This is why you will find strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, peppermint, lemon, and more flavored CBD oil products. These added flavors may be natural or artificial, depending on the manufacturers. Aim for naturally flavored hemp oil as it poses fewer health issues. 

List of the Best Flavored CBD Oil to Try

To find the best-flavored oils, look for those that meet high-quality, safety, and transparency standards. Go for CBD oil companies that provide third-party lab-testing results and only use US-grown hemp. Additionally, their CBD oil should have less than 0.3% THC and is free of fillers and contaminants. 

Other considerations to look into are the company’s manufacturing processes and certification. Prioritize reputable companies with positive customer reviews and zero warning letters from the FDA. 

Here is the list of our best flavored CBD oils to get you started.   

1. Active CBD Tropical Tincture 

Enjoy tropical-flavored CBD oil with the Active CBD tropical tincture. It is available in Peach Mango, Pineapple Smoothie, and Sweet Grape flavors. And if the grassy taste does not deter you, you can still choose the Natural flavor. 

This tincture consists of premium hemp oil and MCT as its carrier oil.

2. Active CBD Oil Tincture 

Here is another high-quality CBD oil tincture from Active CBD. It comes in Berry, Cinnamon, and Vanilla flavors to excite your taste buds. An unflavored option is available for users not interested in flavoring. 

The tincture is free of THC but rich in CBD oil. 

3. For The People – Dark CBD Tincture

This tincture undergoes minimal refinement to retain hemp’s compounds and nutrients. In other words, the tincture is close to what you would get directly from hemp, including the bitter, grassy, and nutty taste.

Fortunately, this Dark CBD tincture has Blue Cheddar, Orange Cookies, OG Kush, Green Cush, Raw Lemon, Super Lemon Haze, Raw Orange, Raw Peppermint, Granddaddy Purple, Durban Sour, and White Fire OG flavors. All flavors come from organic plant extracts.

4. Active CBD Pet Tincture

Pets, too, can now enjoy flavored CBD oil. This CBD Active Pet Tincture comes in an irresistible chicken flavor. With it, you no longer have to run after your pet to administer CBD oil. 

Are There Potential Side Effects of Consuming CBD Oil?

Numerous studies have suggested how CBD oil can be beneficial to health. The notable breakthrough has been the FDA approval of a CBD prescription drug for rare forms of epilepsy. CBD reduces the frequency of seizures and is effective for patients above one year. 

Some clinical trials have found that CBD can reduce PTSD symptoms. They found that CBD calms anxiety to manage PTSD symptoms. Nevertheless, CBD oil treatment has to work in tandem with therapy, and more human trials are needed.

Other CBD oil benefits include relieving pain, managing arthritis, alleviating cancer-related symptoms, and treating neurological disorders. But are there possible side effects of using CBD oil?

Well, CBD reacts differently between individuals. Most users tolerate it, but a few have suffered dry mouth, also known as cottonmouth. The compound affects the saliva glands to inhibit the production of saliva. 

Others users complain of gastrointestinal upset. The prevalent signs are usually vomiting, nausea, and diarrhea. Reduced appetite, fatigue, and drowsiness are more side effects of using CBD oil. 

If you are taking blood thinners, CBD oil can increase the effects of your medication. CBD has an anticoagulant effect, and when it interacts with blood thinners, it increases blood thinning levels. 

There have been rumors that CBD affects the liver and kidneys, but is it true? No. There have been loopholes in the research that made these claims. For instance, the researchers reached this conclusion by administering extremely high doses of CBD. Picture this; they administered 2460 mg/kg to the lab rats, which was 120x more than the recommended dose. It is no wonder the mice suffered liver damage within 24 hours. 

In terms of inflicting harm to kidneys, some studies have found promising evidence that CBD improves renal function by reducing oxidative stress, inflammation, and cell death. 

It is safe to say that we do not know everything about CBD oil. However, CBD is not as terrible as some people paint it. 

Where Is CBD Oil Legal to Use?

If only CBD legality was black and white. Technically, CBD oil is legal and illegal. Confusing, right? Here is a simple breakdown. 

Before the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD was categorized as a schedule 1 drug. However, the Agriculture Act established that there was a difference between hemp and marijuana, and it legalized hemp.

It was determined that hemp contained high levels of CBD, which did not make users high. Hemp contains zero to 0.3% THC on dry weight, an insignificant amount of psychoactive THC. And with that explanation, hemp-derived CBD is allowed on a federal scale. 

But how about marijuana-based CBD? It is federally illegal. Marijuana is still among the Schedule 1 drugs that are prone to abuse and dependence. So to this point, we understand that hemp-derived CBD is legal and not marijuana-derived CBD. 

Now onto another controversial area, the FDA has not approved the use of CBD oil in edibles. And if we are being honest, CBD oil is meant for consumption. And since the FDA is yet to give the green light, the legality of CBD oil sits on a thin thread.  

Besides, you understand that CBD is naturally-occurring. However, that does not mean that all CBD oil products are natural. Some manufacturers create synthetic CBD, which has a similar chemical structure to natural CBD. According to the DEA, synthetic cannabinoids, including synthetic CBD oil, are illegal. 

Additionally, the difference between state and federal laws creates a gray area in CBD legality. Although the federal law is clear that marijuana CBD oil is illegal, not all states abide by this. 

States like Colorado, Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Washington DC, Maine, California, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, Illinois, Vermont, Arizona, New York, Virginia, Montana, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Connecticut have legalized recreational and medical marijuana. Even though this directly conflicts with federal law, citizens in these states can buy, sell, possess, and use CBD oil from hemp and marijuana. 

And then there are states like Idaho that follow the federal laws but make a few tweaks. Idaho allows CBD oil products with 0% THC. This means Idaho citizens may face prosecution should they use CBD products with 0.3% THC. 

So back to our main question about where CBD oil is legal to use, the answer depends on your state laws. Make an effort to always stay updated about your state CBD laws.

The Best Place to Buy Flavored CBD Oil Near Me

[Photo by Hanf garten on Unsplash]

Did you know that no government institution regulates CBD products? For this reason, you should only get your flavored CBD oil from a trustworthy source.

But where can you get the best-tasting CBD oil? At CBD Genesis, without a doubt. Our products boast natural flavorings that pose no health risks to you. So, place your order for flavored CBD oil and receive it within 3 to 5 business days!

We have CBD isolates, CBD oil roll-ons, and CBD oil capsules in stock too. 

What Is the Best Flavor for CBD Oil? 

Flavored CBD oils use sweeteners, natural flavoring, artificial flavors, or essential oils to mask hemp’s earthy, grassy taste. In doing so, CBD oil taste becomes more appealing for consumption. 

However, the best flavored CBD oils use natural, organic sweeteners. Artificial or synthetic sweeteners pose health risks. And since you are using CBD oil as a supplement or treatment plan, it would be best to stick to natural CBD oil flavors.

Get the best flavored CBD oil at CBD Genesis.

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