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The Honeyroot Delta-8 CBD Cartridge is perfect for a relaxing day out or a chill night in! With more than 90% pure delta 8 THC, they are sure to deliver a fast-acting and extremely potent experience.

These cartridges by Honeyroot Wellness come in a package containing 1000 mg Delta 8 THC and have six different available strains for you to choose from, such as Forbidden Fruit, Honey Kush, Zkittles, Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Pineapple Kush.

Rest assured that after only a few minutes of vaping the Honeyroot Delta-8 CBD Cartridge, you will be feeling clear-headed and ready to take your work on or decompress after a busy day.

Key Features:

  • The Honeyroot Delta-8 CBD Cartridge comes with 1000 mg Delta 8 THC

  • More than 90% pure delta-8-THC

  • Available in 6 various different strains: Forbidden Fruit, Honey Kush, Zkittles, Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Pineapple Kush.

  • Push-button style battery, not auto-inhale

  • Third-party lab tested

  • High standards of quality and purity

How to Consume Honeyroot Delta 8 Vape Cartridges?

The Honeyroot Delta-8 CBD Cartridge is simple and intuitive even for beginners. You just need to connect your cartridge to a battery, then activate it via a push-button, not auto-inhale.

These Delta 8 vape cartridges are best used whenever you just want to feel relaxed without the extra undesirable effects.

One or two vapes of the 1000 mg Delta 8 THC are ideal for beginners. On the other hand, intermediate or expert users can vape until three or four. Effects can be felt within a few minutes of vaping.

Is CBD Legal in the US?

As stated in the 2018 Farm Bill, CBD is legal in the United States according to Federal Laws. With this said, people can consume, possess, and distribute substances with less than 0.3% THC. It must be noted that in addition to this, only state-licensed farmers are allowed to source hemp.

Because of these regulations, CBD products have become readily available both in physical stores and online catalogs that provide home delivery. However, you must still be careful when consuming or obtaining these products.

Although many state laws are in line with federal laws, other states and municipalities still have varying regulations for CBD. In fact, the states of Illinois, Nebraska, and South Dakota still consider the substance illegal and may fine or jail anyone caught in use, possession, or distribution.

Meanwhile, other states allow only those with medical conditions to consume the substances upon presenting their doctor’s prescription or a medical certificate.

Due to these varying regulations, we highly recommend that you refer to the latest cannabis laws in your state before using CBD products. This is of importance in order to avoid jail time or any subsequent fines.

Aside from this, consumers must also observe great care in choosing the right products. The key is especially to make sure the brands are of proper labeling and high quality, and the shop features essential information about their products such as ingredients, active CBD per serving, and more.

Why Choose CBD Genesis?

CBD products are readily accessible in the United States. In fact, they are available both in retail stores and online catalogs. What makes CBD Genesis your one-stop shop is that it has everything else you’re looking for when shopping for your needs.

At CBD Genesis, we do not only sell the best brands and ensure the highest quality products to our customers, but we also have a diverse catalog of affordable products that come in cartridges, pens, capsules, gummies, and more.

In addition, our trained staff is also well-equipped to answer any inquiries you might have, as well as serve as a guide in finding the perfect, best-suited CBD product for your particular needs.

CBD Genesis can deliver your order as long as cannabis is legal in your state. Don’t let Delta 8’s benefits go to waste – get your Honeyroot Delta-8 CBD Cartridge today!

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  • 3
    Customer review

    by asteroidblues92 on 28th Jun 2022

    I really love how fast CBDGenesis ships things to me. It's honestly amazing. I order it one morning, and it's here the next. What I don't love is how quick these carts smoke. A 3chi cart lasts me 2 weeks. I used to only have to buy 2 carts a month at the rate I smoke. The Honeyroot and CBDGenesis brand carts, each hit I can see the tank level dropping majorly. I'm lucky if I get a week out of them. I can't deal with that anymore ): Hoping this is au revoir and not goodbye.

  • 2
    Customer review

    by szczepaniak.elliott on 6th Jun 2022

    I ordered the forbidden fruit and honestly was a bit disappointed in the overall quality of this cart. I wasn’t a fan of this flavor as it kind of tasted like soap imo, but also this cart clogs really bad and after a few hits the oil was traveling up into the mouth piece. The few times I could get a good hit or two out of it the high was pretty nice but definitely wasn’t worth the struggle of trying to get it to hit.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Lee Dutton on 24th May 2022

    The best price and quality of any cart I’ve used. I’m so glad they are finally available in my area. I’m going into my second spinal fusion and refuse to take opiates and this product helps my pain beautifully without using brutally destructive pain killers. I can’t say enough good things, thank you

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Maddy ODonnell on 10th Jun 2021

    Great carts! Potent, hit well, and taste good :) I've had honey kush and wedding cake, I found the honey kush to be particularly strong. Definitely will order again.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Nate on 27th May 2021

    You can never go wrong with these carts. Great potency, flavor and quality.

  • 4
    Customer review

    by sarahagray1984 on 27th May 2021

    I just ordered the Wedding Cake and the Gelato for the first time and I'm really pretty pleased. The Gelato tastes pretty good, but the Wedding Cake tastes so good. I keep getting notes of vanilla that just make me happy. The only reason I took one star away is because it is a decent bit harsher than most of the other carts I've tried, and I have had a bit of the clogging that others mentioned, though I've had others that were much worse. Overall they're pretty nice carts that I will definitely be ordering again!

  • 1
    Customer review

    by John on 17th May 2021

    I don’t know what all the fuss is about over Honeyroot because these carts are GROSS. Unlike all the other premium carts, these are constructed entirely out of plastic. I got wedding cake and the terpines make it too harsh to use. Save yourself $30 and just eat a mouthful of paprika. You’ll get the same effect.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Erica Knight on 10th Apr 2021

    I got the wedding cake and I must say I was pleasantly surprised. I purchased a honeyroot b4 and it got clogged a lot. That wasn't the case with this flavor so I'll purchase again.

  • 4
    Customer review

    by Gabriel Hanson on 23rd Mar 2021

    So far in my D8 experience this one is gotta be one of the better, Didn't clog, the draw was nice, and the flavor of wedding cake was phenomenal, hence why I'm ordering it again right now!