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Elyxr Delta-8 THC Gummies are your best bet if you are looking for a cannabis product that offers just the right level of high while also being a yummy treat. With a decent amount of delta-8 THC in every gummy, you are getting a good dose of the cannabinoid.

The best part is you are getting your dose through delicious gummy cubes that come in different flavors. You can get it in Cherry, Orange, Watermelon, Blue Razz, and Mango flavors.

If you can’t decide which to get, you can give some of them a try through the variety pack (three-pack) or party pack (four flavors). Each pack comes with 20 pieces for a total of 500 milligrams.

Key Features:

  • 25 milligrams of delta-8 THC per gummy

  • Offers uplifting and energetic effects

  • Laboratory tested

How to Consume Elyxr Delta-8 THC Gummies?

Elyxr Delta-8 THC Gummies are as straightforward as they can be. Just pop your desired number into your mouth, and you can go your merry way. This is great as a discreet way to partake.

Is Delta-8 THC Legal in the US?

You can satisfy your sweet tooth and your need for delta-8 THC with these gummies. While your contentment is in no question, you might be wondering about the legality of consuming delta-8 in the United States, particularly in your state.

If you live in Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Texas, Utah, Vermont, and Washington, you need to check if delta-8 products are allowed in your state.

Some of these states have banned delta-8, while the rest limit who can sell and who can buy such products. A few states cover this cannabinoid under their adult-use recreational marijuana programs like Oregon, while others added provisions regulating them like Connecticut.

What you should be wary about are those that completely ban delta-8. An example of this is New York, which basically banned synthetic cannabinoids and THC isomers made from hemp, directly naming delta-8 and delta-10.

This is consistent with the Implementation of Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018, which stated that it does not affect the legal status of synthetic cannabinoids and that these remain to be Schedule I substances under the Controlled Substances Act.

A lot of the delta-8 THC extracts on the market are made by converting hemp-derived CBD. This process qualifies as a synthesis, with the resulting cannabinoid being synthetic cannabinoids.

As for the rest of the states, you will be glad to know that they are yet to address delta-8 in their marijuana laws. For many, this means that they can freely sell and buy infused products within the state.

Just make sure you do your research on how your state and its law enforcement view delta-8, and you are good to go.

Why Choose CBDGenesis?

Delta-8 THC gummies are the next big thing in the world of cannabis. You are sure to find such products in many stores and dispensaries. What you should be concerned about is the quality of these products. With CBDGenesis, you are sure that you are getting top-shelf and safe goods.

We only go for lab-tested products, so you can rest assured that they are free from harmful ingredients. Plus, we make ordering from us a pleasure. We provide superb service and even offer refunds on eligible orders.

Get a taste of what we have to offer by sending in your order today. You can choose from our vast range of cannabis products, from CBD to delta-9 THC in gummy, oil, tincture, vape pen, and flower forms.

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  • 5
    Customer review

    by Tina D. on 29th Jul 2021

    Love the gummies. I use them as a sleeping aid. There is no aftertaste and price is reasonable. I tried another brand that cost more and the after taste was terrible. I can’t get these in my town… so I happen to find these online.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Ryan D. on 13th Jul 2021

    Great product tried two first time and felt it after couple hrs would recommend.!!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Brianna H. on 28th Jun 2021

    I ordered these off a whim when I saw them on Tik Tok one night, and shipping was not only free but also extremely fast. I ordered the variety pack because I wasn’t sure how they tasted, but surprisingly they tasted like candy and I enjoyed eating them. I do smoke daily, so I didn’t feel much aside from a lot calmer and my anxiety did ease enough for me to have a proper night sleep, which felt amazing because of my slight insomnia. I give these a 10/10 for the price and overall just for the product. It’s high quality and yields great results even for a seasoned smoker. note: I took 3 my first try with these gummies!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Bri E on 16th Jun 2021

    I am a huge fan of these and I recommend them all the time to anyone who has questions. I definitely recommend anyone who is interested to you!!! I had the worst issues with anxiety and I take one of these and I am calm cool and collected and these have just been the best to have on deck!!! I may one day be able to stop my anxiety medicine 100% it’s insane how awesome these are!!! I have tried the tinctures and “RELIEF” is by far my favorite!!! The vapes are amazing as well!!! I could go on and on about this company!! Thanks so much ELYXR!!! I will not forget the impact this product is making on me!!!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Charlsey L on 30th May 2021

    I was actually extremely surprised by the entire experience and completely satisfied! The taste was great and not too sweet or sour. I took two(50 mg total) gummies and waited for about an hour and a half before I felt full effects. Most definitely worth it and will be ordering a lot more!!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Brian Copeland on 4th May 2021

    I recently added these to the mix. They compare well to some of the bigger brands of Delta 8 and are dosed about the same. They are smaller, but just as potent and the price for the 3-pack is certainly right!

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Dennis Gray on 29th Apr 2021

    I'll admit, I'm a lightweight. The THC in most cannabis products is way too strong for my liking... smoking makes me asthmatic and one little puff from a vape pen and I'm leaning against a wall because I feel like I'm going to fall over. I've been wanting to try "regular" edibles for a while but was reluctant until I read about Delta-8 THC. This is the real deal. I started dosing with half a gummy and moved up from there. Half and I just start to feel something... nothing great but, it's definitely working. One full gummy is good if I want to feel relaxed but not high. One and a half gummies and euphoria starts kicking in without any negative side effects. I bought the 3-pack and was so impressed, I placed another order two days later. Flavors are very good and so far the overall quality is impeccable. I'm surprised that there aren't more reviews for this product ... I'm never one of the the first to find anything cool.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Isaac Kang on 26th Apr 2021

    This stuff is pure and powerful. Quality product. Good vibes.

  • 5
    Customer review

    by Daniel H on 19th Apr 2021

    This is one of the best cbd products on the market that I have used I suffer from chronic pain from many injuries acquired in the military in I will admit that this product Really helps in helping me maintain a daily active life