Why vapers are turning to Koi CBD in their droves

KOIKoi CBD is more exciting than most CBD brands out there right now, given the ease of use. You don’t need to waste time mixing the CBD in with other substances and hoping that you get the dosage right, Koi CBD is ready to vape as soon as it comes out of the bottle. Red Koi and Gold Koi are the two product flavors currently sold by the company, and these can be bought in various dosages of CBD and nicotine. The flexibility of Koi CBD’s products has made them accessible to everybody. New vapers love how easy it is to get started, while offering nicotine products has also been popular.

Pure CBD with Koi CBD

Pure CBD with Koi CBDThere remains a stigma in society about marijuana, leaving many vapers seeking constant reassurance about their chosen CBD product. Koi CBD uses CBD isolate which allows them to boast 99-percent purity and a product free of both terpenes and THC. As such, Koi CBD consumers know that there’s no way they can feel unwanted psychoactive effects from vaping. Furthermore, to remove any doubt about the CBD that Koi CBD is using in their products, the company has produced and released lab results, proving that the extract is terpene and THC free.

Right now, Koi CBD only sells their products in two flavors (Red Koi and Gold Koi) as we touched upon earlier. Red Koi has a tasty strawberry milkshake flavoring while the Gold Koi offers a more complex vanilla-caramel hybrid. Both are wonderful to vape with and are sold in plenty of different CBD and nicotine dosages.

Koi CBD opts for three CBD strengths: 50 ($24.95), 100 ($39.95) and 250 ($69.95) milligrams. The 250-milligram products are not sold with nicotine. The 50 and 100 milligram products can be bought nicotine-free, or with 3 or 6 milligrams of nicotine.

The Koi CBD vaping experience

The two Koi CBD flavors are very distinct, although this will be nothing new to vapers who have seen all sorts of sweet and savory e-liquids appear on the market in recent years. There’s nothing spectacular about what Koi CBD offers flavor-wise, but they are solid tastes which hold up to scrutiny.

The Koi CBD vaping experienceWhat Koi CBD does do brilliantly is minimize the aftertaste. CBD doesn’t taste great on its own, tending to be earthy, and it’s been a hard task for all CBD e-liquid producers to mask this out. However, Koi CBD have managed it and when you vape their products, you’ll find that the vaping itself is incredibly smooth, while the only aftertaste you get is that of the e-liquid’s flavorings.

The 250-milligram dosage is extremely potent and the effects are felt extremely quickly. The others are great too, but it’s this high dosage which puts Koi CBD ahead of the rest, and those who suffer with chronic pain or inflammation should look toward this super strength option for relief.

Not everybody is going to want the nicotine, although from a vaping perspective, having it does help to improve the experience somewhat. The vapor is smoother and easier on the throat. This is perfect as the nicotine-infused e-liquids are of lower dosages, meaning you’ll likely be administering it to yourself at regular intervals throughout the day – hence you want the experience to be as pleasurable as possible.

Our advice is to play around with a couple of dosages before settling on one. Quick, high dosages may best suit your ailment, or you may find a steadier, slower release more suitable to your requirements.


ConclusionKoi CBD has left us really hopeful for the future from their first couple of products. This is clearly a company that knows what they’re doing, and the vast array of dosages (both CBD and nicotine) means that nobody is left behind. The CBD used by Koi CBD is reliable and consistent, and their transparency about production is very welcome. As far as taste goes, both the Red and Gold flavors offer something different in the dessert range, although it would be nice to see them delve into savory options in the future. The choice to have nicotine in your e-juice is also a nice touch.

It is worth mentioning a new brand that Koi CBD has recently released: White Koi. This product is nicotine-free and contains 250 milligrams of CBD, but is crucially flavorless, giving something to those not keen on the Red or Gold flavors. However, it’s not as easy to medicate yourself with White Koi, as it must be taken sublingually (under your tongue). For people who need rapid and simple CBD relief, the thought of having to combine that process with food and drink is a time-consuming and unappealing one.

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