Why UFC fighter Nate Diaz uses CBD

downloadTons of people are hearing about the wonders of CBD (cannabidiol) every day, and now it
seems that its benefits are also being heard in the mainstream. Nate Diaz, the well-known mixed martial artist, who can often be found in UFC rings, is perhaps the most high-profile name so far to go on the record about its benefits.

Nate’s job is tough, and whether he wins or loses a fight, the chances are he’s going to be feeling a lot of pain afterwards. While traditional painkillers may do their job, they ultimately aren’t healthy for you in the long term. So it’s understandable that Diaz went looking for a cleaner, more effective alternative to ease the pain after a match, and that’s when he came across CBD.

Diaz hit the headlines following his UFC 202 defeat to Irish fighter Conor McGregor. MMA is known for being particularly brutal, and post-fight, athletes can be extremely battle-weary and need of quick soothing. Nate obviously didn’t think that he was doing anything wrong, as he did nothing to hide – he was even vaping during the press conference, and was very vocal in his support for the cannabidiol.


Diaz said, “It helps with the healing process and inflammation.” He went on to clarify that CBD is perfect for before fights to keep in good shape, and even better afterwards.

That’s not to say, however, that Diaz using a vape pen and CBD hasn’t courted controversy – it most certainly has. After his revelations of using the treatment in August, UFC put him under investigation due to their anti-doping policy. Reports in September suggested that a worst case scenario for Nate could see him imposed with a lengthy suspension. Diaz was keen to make the point that it was CBD that he was using and not the traditional cannabis that people have come to know – it’s the THC which is renowned for causing psychoactive effects.

But everything worked out okay in the end, and Nate was cleared of any wrongdoing in October, after his drug tests produced a clean result. This alone is proof enough that in the sports scene, CBD can be used as a helpful healing agent, without providing an athlete with an unfair advantage.

So what’s the scientific research behind CBD, and what makes it a better choice for people than traditional cannabis? Put simply, CBD gets all the best properties from a cannabis plant, while leaving behind the psychoactive properties. CBD is concentrated on healing, while THC is typically preferred by those who are using cannabis for recreational purposes.


There are many recorded benefits of CBD, ranging from it being an anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant medicine, with some even suggesting that it can be used to combat the effects of cancer. But perhaps best of all, CBD is not addictive so users can feel free to take as much of it as they like without risking an overdose – it’s as safe a medicine as you can get. It has been hard to get the positive effects of CBD out there, which is why the likes of Diaz espousing this information is so important.

It’s clear that sportsmen in many different fields could make the most of CBD. Take a tennis player who has been threw a gruelling match for example, and is suffering with agonising aches and pains – CBD will help to quickly get them back to normal. NFL players are perhaps put through the mill more than any others, engaging in many brutal tackles throughout a game – vaping CBD would significantly reduce the pain from bruising.

So there you are. Even the biggest names are taking advantage of the incredible properties in CBD. CBD oil is great news for cannabis advocates, as not only does it give quick and easy pain relief, but it comes without any of the dodgy side effects that have given the plant a bad name. And it’s purely for this reason that the likes of Nate Diaz can talk freely about it in public, and be safe in the knowledge he’s not putting his career at risk by using it.

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