What is CBDV Oil: Everything You Need to Know [2023 Updated]

Cannabidivarin (CBDV) may not get the spotlight that THC and CBD do in the world of cannabis. But cbdv oil certainly packs a punch, and highlights how much we still have to learn about the cannabis plant.

CBDV oil is a tincture oil product containing cannabidivarin, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid naturally occurring in legal hemp. There is limited scientific evidence on CBDV’s effects, but current research suggests the compound may help reduce seizure frequency, nausea symptoms and more. CBDV products are growing in popularity, as the hemp market expands.

Perhaps you’re an experienced CBD user looking for something new. Maybe you’re completely new to hemp and are learning about its complexity and potential benefits. You’ve come to the right place. In this post, we’ll discuss what CBDV oil is and how you can maximize it, and investigate whether it can really help to improve your health.

What is CBDV Oil?

CBDV oil products are typical hemp-derived tinctures, infused with isolated or full-spectrum extract. The hemp scene was initially dominated with CBD products, but recently, demand has increased for tinctures with inflated levels of other cannabinoids, such as CBDV.

Now, you can even find oils with an equal ratio of CBD to CBDV. These products tend to be more expensive than standard CBD products, but the higher CBDV concentration can make that worth it, especially if you’re trying to remedy a specific ailment.

CBDV, being non-psychoactive, does not provide you with the feeling of getting “high”. Rather, these “high-inducing” effects are most felt in Indica strains and strains that contain less tetrahydrocannabinol. However, CBDV is excellent in its way of preventing several ailments, such as seizures, nausea, and inflammation. It has also been used in relation to pain and mood issues.

Where to find CBDV strains

For some secondary cannabinoids – like THCV and CBG – you can actively seek out THCV-rich or CBG-rich strains. This doesn’t seem to be the case with CBDV. However, experts have said that strains with higher levels of CBD are more likely to be CBD-rich strains, or cannabis indica landrace strains. Cannabis and hashish products with rich quantities of CBDV have been found in northern India and Nepal.

Other places to find strains that are rich in CBDV are from Africa or Asia. These regions contain the most Indica landrace strains that are genetically pure in nature. These, as of date, are free from any experimentation. Particularly, Indicas known as Medical Mass and Euphoria contain large amounts of CBDV.

Reputable cannabis and hemp vendors will make independent laboratory reports available for all of their products. A good report should feature a breakdown of the cannabinoid concentrations in the product, including the exact amount of CBDV.

5 Potential Benefits of CBDV Oil

CBDV has been studied a bit more than other secondary cannabinoids, but research is still light compared to that for THC and CBD. As a cannabinoid, many of CBDV’s effects are initiated in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which was only identified in the 1990s. This section looks at the existing research body on CBDV.

Anti-seizure effects

Anti-seizure effects

The Journal of Epilepsy Research published a study in 2017, exploring the effects of cannabinoids on seizures. CBDV appears to have anti-seizure properties, but does not seem to initiate them via the ECS. Research has also found that CBDV produces anticonvulsant effects in mouse and rat models.

Cannabinoids have long been talked up for their anti-seizure potential, and CBDV may have a role to play in the solution. CBDV could work in conjunction with other cannabinoids, and used to treat certain types of seizures, being a potential anticonvulsant.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report from 2013, year-on-year, the number of individuals with epilepsy has an increasing trend in the United States. This is because almost 30 various types of seizures have been taking over the body of patients and they are continually trying to endure this.

Hopefully, with the higher attention given to CBDV, less and less people will suffer from seizures.

Reduced nausea and vomiting

Could CBDV possibly be the answer to a hangover after a night on the booze, relieving all that nausea and vomiting? Initial research says yes. A paper in the British Journal of Pharmacology outlined how CBDV and THCV both interact with CB1 receptors in the ECS, in a way that would suggest an anti-nausea effect.

This preliminary research was conducted on rats. Rodents are commonly used as a precursor to human studies, because of the neurological similarities.

Anti-inflammatory effects

Given what we know about other cannabinoids, that CBDV has anti-inflammatory effects is no shock. A study found that CBDV counteracts intestinal inflammation and reduces cytokine expression in mice. The study’s authors reported that CBDV’s anti-inflammatory effect was produced via the TRPA1 receptor. Other cannabinoids, such as CBD, are known to interact with receptors in this receptor family.

If CBDV reduces inflammation throughout the body, it may aid with symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis. Localized relief from osteoarthritis may be possible with topically applied CBDV (i.e. CBDV oil in a cream).

Analgesic properties

Researchers are optimistic that cannabinoids can offer a solution to pain and give patients an alternative to opioids. There are numerous anecdotes online about the supposed therapeutic value of CBDV for pain, but the science doesn’t currently support its use.

While CBDV is safe, there are no compelling studies yet that show a significant reduction in pain from taking CBDV. In fact, a recent study focussed on HIV-associated neuropathic pain determined CBDV had no effect, potentially due to a lack of interaction with cannabinoid receptors.

CBDV for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy & Rett Syndrome

DMD or Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a hard illness to live with, especially when you see your loved ones hurting because of it. Fortunately, new studies have been scrounged up in order to look into the positive effects of CBDV.

Moreover, it also shows that beyond being an anti-inflammatory, it can also serve to increase muscle function and locomotion. The CBDV also discovered amazing effects in mice because it shows how versatile the drug is.

Anti-epileptic activity

Since the cannabinoid has an effect on the capsaicin receptor, it has shown promise in activating the channels involved in neuronal hyperexcitability. This then causes a drop in seizures and epileptic activity.

Due to this, big pharmaceuticals companies like GW Pharmaceuticals have taken interest in CBDV. They had hoped to use CBDV in treatments of seizures during clinical trials.

CBVD for tonsillitis?

Smokers have been continually encouraged over the years to quit and turn to vaping instead. However, how exactly do non-smokers benefit from vaping? Apparently, the answer to this question is about a woman who lost her tonsillitis due to vaping.

This happened to to LM, a survey respondent from the essential report from Public Health England in 2015. After vaping for a few months, she reportedly did not need to puruse an tonsillectomy.

CBDV for autism?

It’s true – CBDV is being explored as a treatment for autism. There is hardly any evidence on its effects right now, but big-name companies, including GW Pharmaceuticals are getting the wheels of research in motion. In fact, a possible great effect from this initiative excited the industry that various financiers and investors showed their interest to fund their pharmaceutical companies. With this, expect the improvement and growth of the CBDV in the coming years with all of these investments coming in.

It’s not a shot in the dark, either. Existing research shows that CBDV and CBD (and sometimes, the two together) can help enhance cognitive and social abilities while combating compulsive behaviors. These are all interesting finds that indicate non-psychoactive cannabinoids could help treat autism.

CBDV Oil Side Effects

Since we only know so much about what CBDV does, there’s only so much we know about its possible side effects. However, CBDV may cause drowsiness, dry mouth, low blood pressure and lightheadedness. These are all side effects of CBD, and given the similarities between the two, these may also be caused by CBDV.

As it’s chemically close to CBD, you should be wary about taking CBDV if you are on prescription medication. CBDV could also interact with liver enzymes, changing how your body breaks down various medications. If this applies to you, ask a doctor about taking CBDV – never attempt to self-medicate.

Legality of CBDV Oil

No worries on this front – CBDV oil products are legal all across the United States, protected by federal law. However, these products must be made from hemp extracts, and have less than 0.3% THC to meet the requirements set by the Farm Bill.

Technically, the Controlled Substances Act – where marijuana is a Schedule 1 substance – still makes CBDV illegal. However, the Farm Bill clarified that what lawmakers are really bothered about is the psychoactive THC. No mention was made of CBDV or other non-psychoactive cannabinoids, hence the emergence of legal, hemp-based CBDV products.

How to Use CBDV Oil

There are three main ways of using CBDV tincture oil products. While the general qualities of CBV remain the same, there can be slight variance in the effects.

Under the tongue: Sublingual absorption is the primary method of consuming any tincture oil product, because of the speed of effects. The sublingual glands whisk the CBDV compounds into the bloodstream, where they start acting within minutes. Smoking or vaping (inhalation) is the only way to get the benefits more rapidly.

Under the tongue

In a drink: Adding CBDV oil to your tea or coffee is a discreet approach and provides sustained relief. CBDV lasts longer when taken orally, although the effects are not as instant as from sublingual absorption. A dash of cream, which contains MCT fatty acids, helps make CBDV more bioavailable, and more effective.

Topically: Rubbing CBDV oil into the skin can have an anti-inflammatory effect. CBDV applied on the skin is not transported around the body, so don’t anticipate any mental effects. For more economic use, mix the CBDV oil with another cream.

CBDV Oil Correct Dose

There’s no specific CBDV dose to solve all your problems. But with a bit of trial and error, you can quickly work out how much you need. Start with just a few milligrams, and journal the effects so you can check back to see how different dosages made you feel. This information will be invaluable, and you will soon zone in on the best amount for you.


From what we can tell, cannabinoids like CBDV serve to complement CBD, rather than go up against it. This is reflected in products that consist of equal amounts of the two compounds. CBDV looks to offer many of CBD’s benefits. If you are experiencing an issue that CBDV may help to treat, it makes more sense to buy a product infused with CBD and CBDV, as opposed to an oil with just CBD.

CBDV on Animals

With 2021 coming in as yet another year for modernization, CBDV reaches greater heights. Cannabis has now, apparently, gained a good reputation among furry friends.

In particular, CBDV in the form of oil can be used on pets’ bodies for the betterment of their well-being and internal regulation and functioning. This is exactly CBDV’s effects on cats, as it helps cats produce endocannabinoids to allow proper regulation within the body.

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