Long Trail Brewing Company has teamed up with a CBD hemp company in Vermont to develop the first CBD beer. For lovers of great beer and marijuana-inspired products, this is exciting news. Let’s find out more about the hemp company helping to make the idea reality and the final product itself.

Introducing Luce Farm in Vermont

Luce Farm has been ever-present in Stockbridge, Vermont, since it was first established in 1820. Until recently, the farm’s owners, Rebecca and Joe Pimentel concentrated on cultivating high-quality organic herbs and rearing animals, alongside Tyler Wakstein, their good friend and business partner.

However, in 2016, the team made the bold decision to move into the hemp industry and attempt to cash in on the burgeoning market.

The Pimentels were keen to prioritize quality, growing high-CBD hemp as opposed to standard industrial hemp which – while still a crucial CBD source – actually has relatively low CBD concentrations Their decision was an immediate success, with their first batch of 100 plants growing wonderfully.

Keen to branch out and set themselves apart from other hemp farms, Luce Farm moved into the CBD-infused honey in 2017, manufacturing and vending their own products.

Joe explained that Luce Farm has its own bees to help with honey production, but that their main reason for being there was to promote a healthy farm and planet. An alliance with Champlain Valley Apiaries has been crucial in guaranteeing a regular, steady honey supply at the farm.

It was ultimately Luce Farm’s CBD-infused honey that brought them into contact with the Long Trail Brewing Company.

Luce Farm and Long Trail’s CBD beer

Luce Farm’s CBD honey first caught Long Trail’s attention when bartender and friend of Rebecca and Joe, Matt Kopicki began using the product – to great success – for pain relief.

Classic word of mouth soon got Long Trail customers on board with the natural painkiller, and it wasn’t much of a wait before Brian Sherwood, manager of Long Trail Brewing Company heard about it.

According to Joe, the Luce Farm-Long Trail partnership was initiated to get their CBD honey on the restaurant’s cheeseboard and into the gift shop. Then someone at Long Trail had a brainwave and suggested brewing a beer with the honey.

“It sounded like a great idea,” said Pimentel. He wasn’t wrong!

Making CBD beer was a lot easier in practice than it sounds in theory, especially since Long Trail already had a Honey-Ginger IPA – all they had to do was tweak the recipe to include the CBD honey made at Luce Farm.

The Vermont public was first introduced to the CBD beer on Labor Day Weekend, and even the Pimentels were stunned at just how crazy the response was, calling it “outrageous.” The honey proved a big seller, but incredibly, their CBD beer sold out in just two hours.

Does Luce Farm and Long Trail’s CBD beer have a nationwide future?

In order to meet the astonishing demand for their CBD beer, Long Trail brewed 30 gallons (double the amount of their first batch) to sell on Columbus Bay Weekend.

As for the future, Pimentel says that they are “definitely keeping” their beer in Vermont for the time being, but expressed a desire to keep brewing big batches, with the aim to eventually have them sold outside of the brewery.

But if the feverish popularity for Long Trail’s CBD beer continues, then Pimentel and co will surely consider capitalizing on the opportunity and taking it to other states. It sounds like the sort of product that craft beer-loving, marijuana-progressive states such as California would lap up!