Top 5 Delta 8 Carts You Need to Try in 2021 [+Best Place to Buy At]

One of the cannabinoids that have found itself in the world of regularly consumed substances is Delta 8-THC. Although similar to the psychoactive Delta 9-THC, D8 THC is less psychoactive. As a result, most people are on the search for Delta 8 carts to enjoy the product.

Various types of cartridges are used in vaping CBD and THC products. The Delta 8 carts are specifically designed for Vaping D8 THC. They come prefilled with D8 products such as oils which are heated when the atomizer is activated. Just like other cartridges, they are used in vape pens and provide the best way of vaping Delta 8 THC.

In this review of the top 5 Delta 8 carts, we will be looking at the available products in their market, their pros, and cons among other factors. Keep on reading for the details.

Top 5 Delta 8 Cartridges

When shopping for D8 carts, there are a few questions that must be asked. Anyone shopping should first answer the following questions:

  • Why are D8 carts important?
  • What distinguishes D8 carts from other carts?
  • What are the best Delt 8 Carts?

In the review of the top 5 Delta 8 cartridges, we will be trying to answer these questions. All manufactures of cartridges distinguish them based on their uses. They are also distinguished by the potency of D8 compounds in the oils used. If a product is labeled as D8, it should have oil that is at least 80% D8-THC.

Below are the top five D8 Cartridges:

  1. Treetop Hemp Co – Delta 8 Cartridge

Treetop Hemp Co – Delta 8 Cartridge

The Treetop Hemp Co D8 cartridges are among the best in the market. Besides the fact that Treetop is an established brand that has proven its authority in the market, the cartridges themselves are of high quality.

This cart contains 700mg of pure Delta 8 distillate. Their distillate is derived from hemp and does not contain any D9 components that may lead to euphoria. The product contains natural terpenes that provide a natural flavor.


  • Comes in diverse flavors including blue dream, gelato, and cherry pie.
  • The product is well loaded with 700mg of D8 distillate.
  • The cartridge can be attached to the standard battery.


  • The product can be quite strong for beginners, with approximately 1mg per puff.
  • The product is relatively costly going for at least $35.

When shopping for the Treetop carts, it is advisable to purchase from the official manufacturer’s site to avoid being scammed.

  1. Honeyroot Delta 8 Cartridge 

Honeyroot Delta 8 Cartridge 

The second product on this list is the Honeyroot Delta 8 cartridge. Honeyroot also produces quality products for those who vape cannabis products. Their cartridge comes loaded with 1gram of Delta 8 THC distillate.


  • They are compatible with the standard 510 thread.
  • Loaded with 1000mg of pure Delta 8 distillate.
  • Available in different flavors and aromas.


  • Only available in two flavors.

While the Honeyroot cartridges are among the best, they are available in just two flavors. The Pineapple and Master Kush flavors are however decorated with diverse aromas including earthy, citrus, and hybrid among others.

  1. CBD Genesis – Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge in Strawnana

CBD Genesis – Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge in Strawnana

Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge in Strawnana from CBD Genesis has earned itself a name among the best Delta 8 cartridges world. Their cartridges contain about 1000mg of legal Delta -8 THC extracted from the hemp plant. D-8 does not cause the psychoactive effects of D-9 although it offers similar health benefits.


  • Highly loaded with about 1000mg of CBD.
  • Relatively cheap as compared to similar products in the market.
  • It is compatible with regular cartridge batteries.


  • The distillate is not 100% pure Delta 8.
  • May contain some chemicals and compounds from the distillation process.
  1. Delta 8 Factory – Delta 8 Vape Juice Cartridge 

Delta 8 Factory - Delta 8 Vape Juice Cartridge 

Delta 8 Factory also produces some of the best cartridges in the market. Their cartridges are pure without additives such as vitamins which are commonly added to such products. Their products are also affordable with each puff containing 1mg of Delta 8-THC.


  • Loaded with about 1000mg of D8 THC.
  • The product is organically isomerized, which means that it does not contain chemical compounds.
  • No additional vitamin E acetate
  • Extracted from organically grown hemp.


  • It is relatively more costly than other options.
  1. Urb – Delta 8 THC Cartridge

Urb - Delta 8 THC Cartridge

The final product on the list is the URB Delta 8 cartridge. URB cartridges are probably the most affordable in the market. Although they contain just 880mg of D8 distillate, the product is rich in 88% THC. They contain high-quality terpene profiles and do not contain toxic chemicals.


  • Made of ceramic coil cartridge hence no risk of burning.
  • Smooth and great taste since the cartridge does not burn.
  • Contains no additives such as vitamins or toxic chemicals.
  • 880 mg of D8 THC per cartridge.


  • Only 88% of the product is Delta 8 extract.
  • Only 880mg per car while other products contain as much as 1000mg.

What is Delta 8 THC? 

Delta 8 THC is a minor cannabinoid found in cannabis. The D8 THC cannabinoid is similar to Delta 9 THC, which is the primary compound that causes a psychoactive reaction when cannabis is used. Due to recent technological advancements, it is possible to extract D8 THC, which makes up about only 1% of the cannabis content.

What Does Delta 8 THC Feel Like?

Most people are turning to Delta 8 because it does not cause a psychoactive effect. Those who use the product enjoy a feeling of bliss and light-headedness. The experiences are short-lived.

Does D8 Get You High?

Yes, D8 may get a person high. Users may get high for a short period of about some minutes. When compared to D9 THC, the D8 causes insignificant euphoria. Some people do not even experience euphoria. It can be consumed in large amounts without causing significant-high feelings.

Are Delta 8 Cartridges Safe? 

Delta 8 cartridges are just like other vape cartridges. The only difference is that they are specifically designed for vaping D8 products. Most D8 products have been consumed for a long time without a problem. Those who use D9-THC can use D8 products without worrying about side-effects associated with D9 products.

Reasons People Use Delta 8 Cartridge 

People use Delta 8 cartridges for various reasons. The main reason being that it can get a person high without causing paranoia and anxiety. Besides the effect the product has on the user, Delta 8 THC may offer similar health benefits to Delta 9 THC.

Various studies have linked D8 to the following benefits:

  • A delta 8 cartridge can help with anxiety.
  • Using Delta 8 products may reduce pain associated with arthritis.
  • Delta 8 cartridges may help control insomnia.
  • D8 products may help improve lung capacity.

While there are studies that have backed the possibility of D8 dealing with these conditions, more research is still underway. D8 THC has not been officially recognized by the Food and Drug Administration FDA as a treatment for any of these conditions. Various studies have shown promising results, but more research has to be done.

Delta 8 VS Delta 9 THC

Given that D8 and D9 are close relatives, it is only reasonable for users to try and compare them. The main similarity between these products is that they are both cannabinoids found in cannabis. They are closely related in structure but are varied in their effect on users to some extent.

Below are some similarities and differences between D8 and D9 THC:

  • D9 THC is mainly consumed for recreational purposes even though it may have some health benefits. On the other hand, D8 THC is mainly used for medical purposes.
  • D9 THC causes psychoactive effects and users are likely to suffer from side effects such as hallucination. On the other hand, D8 does not cause side effects such as paranoia and hallucination.
  • Both D9 and D8 THC have the potential of getting users high. However, users of D8 do not get high for long periods as is the case with D9.
  • Both products offer diverse health effects including the possibility of controlling anxiety, insomnia, and managing pain associated with chronic conditions.

How to Safely Store a Delta 8 THC Vape Cartridge 

The storage of THC and CBD products is very important. The same case applies to Delta 8 cartridges. The storage of the cartridge determines its usability and shelf life.

For the best outcome and long shelf life, the following factors should be observed:

  • The cartridges should not be exposed to light since they may mess up with the structure of the D8 compound.
  • The cartridges should be kept in a cool dry place away from heat. Too much heat may also mess up the structure of the compound.
  • The cartridges should be kept in a dry place to avoid corrosion of the terminals.

Delta 8 cartridges are specifically designed for vaping Delta 8 THC. They are used similarly to CBD cartridges but the content is what makes the difference. The D8 distillate in the cartridge is loved for its ability to treat various conditions without affecting the mental state.

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