The Best CBD Pre-Rolled Joints For Sale in 2021 [+Top Products]

FTP CBD Flower Pre-Rolled Joints & Matches (7-Pack)

CBD For the People is renowned for manufacturing top-quality CBD products, and their joints certainly deliver. With a whopping 27% CBD, these are up there with the strongest CBD joints available in America today. Made with lab-certified Wine Widow CBD flower, these hybrid joints offer pleasant, balanced effects, and are suitable for smoking at any hour of the day.

Each CBD FTP joint contains seven 0.5g joints filled with 27% flower, working out to 135mg of CBD per joint. And that is not to mention the other cannabinoids and terpenes that will be present. You will feel super relaxed in just minutes with this premium pick. Click here to get your FTP CBD Flower Joint.

Pinnacle Hemp Pre-Rolls (Terpene Enhanced Flavor)

Pinnacle Hemp is an established brand in the hemp-based CBD market, and we’re big fans of their terpene-enhanced pre-rolls. These CBD-infused joints provide a bigger burst of flavor than regular joints. The increased terpene content also means extra therapeutic effects.

Each joint contains 0.7g of flower, and less than 0.3% THC, meeting federal law requirements. We currently stock three types of pre-roll: Green Apple (sativa), Blueberry (indica) and OG Fruit (hybrid). Teeming with flavor and first-class CBD, you don’t want to miss these! You can buy Pinnacle Hemp Pre-Rolls here.

Hempzilla CBD Pre-Roll

Quality and attention to detail are the first things that come to mind with Hempzilla. This company prioritizes excellence, and that is reflected in their legal, lab-certified pre-rolled CBD joints. Each joint contains 100% CBD flower, sourced from Oregon, with not a hint of trim or shake – maximizing potency. Hempzilla uses a slow-curing method to bring out all the flavors in the flower. These joints are, without doubt, the connoisseur’s choice.

Each joint contains 1g of hemp flower and up to 22% CBD. Hempzilla pre-rolls are currently available in five different strains: Special Sauce, Hawaiian Haze, Cherry Wine, Lifter and Suver Haze. Don’t wait! Click on the link to get your Hempzilla CBD Pre-Roll!

CBD Axis Hemp Pre-Roll

Enjoy bigger and fatter joints with CBD Axis. Their hemp pre-rolls contain a mighty 1.5g of top-shelf CBD flower, packed into premium RAW king classic cones. Each joint is sealed for freshness in a clear glass tube with a black top and has less than the 0.3% legal limit of THC.

At, we stock a wide variety of CBD Axis hemp pre-rolls. First-time CBD smokers will be satisfied with strains like Sour Head and Harley Quinn, which have more than 13% CBD. More experienced CBD smokers may prefer the more intense relaxation offered by Cascade, a strain with an eye-popping 20.5% CBD. Don’t hesitate, get your CBD Axis Hemp Pre-Roll today.

TIMBR – Hemp Pre-Roll

Every TIMBR pre-rolled hemp joint is packed with 1g of CBD flower. We have a selection of TIMBR CBD joints here at These include Sour Space Candy, a light joint with just over 11% CBD that boasts a fruity and earthy flavor. We also stock Suver Haze, a more potent strain from southern Oregon that has more than 17% CBD. And let’s not forget Lifter, an ever-popular CBD-rich strain with a citrusy twist that tops out at around 19% CBD.

All TIMBR joints are lab-tested and come in a sealed glass bottle with a black top, keeping them fresher for longer so don’t wait buy now!

Lifted Living – Bum a Bud (Hempcigs Pack)

CBD cigarettes are growing in popularity, giving you the satisfaction of a regular cigarette, without the addictive nicotine. Bum a Bud CBD cigarettes from Lifted Living consist of pure, US-grown hemp, with no additives or fillers in sight.

An impressive 120mg of CBD is present in each cigarette, with 10 cigarettes per carton (1200mg of CBD in total). Lifted Living’s “Original” cigarettes come with a gorgeous spicy and earthy flavor. We also stock a “Menthol” version for those who prefer a fresh, minty finish. Buy your Bum a Bud Hempcigs today!

Missouri Hemp Co – King Rolls (3-Pack)

Missouri Hemp Co. is an established industrial hemp company from the heart of middle America, and the hemp used in their king roll joints is cultivated on-site. The company’s ethos is to make hemp products affordable to all, and with three joints for less xthan $25, they’ve managed just that.

Each 3-pack comes in a plastic black tube with a pop top, and contains more than 1.5g of hemp flower. Missouri Hemp Co. joints are rolled with RAW tips and hemp papers, for a classic, chemical-free experience. We currently stock three CBD strains from this brand: Pineapple Haze, Sunset Diesel and Cotton Candy Kush. You’ll love these delicious flavors, so get your King Rolls today!

Pinnacle Hemp – Pre-Rolls (5-Pack)

In addition to the terpene-enhanced CBD joints from Pinnacle Hemp, we also have some regular CBD joints from this revered brand. Made with industrial hemp containing less than 0.3% THC, these classic joints are tightly packed, allowing for a smooth and steady smoke.

Each pack comes with five Pinnacle Hemp CBD joints. Right now, we have three CBD strains available in our store: Blueberry, OG Fruit and Green Apple. These joints still have terpenes in them, so rest assured that you’ll get a flavorful smoke by buying here.

Koi CBD Hemp Flower Pre-Roll

Koi CBD is one of the most recognizable names in the industrial hemp market – and it’s a brand that oozes quality. Unsurprisingly, Koi CBD has gone the extra mile to ensure its CBD joints are a cut above its competitors. Their focus is on creating joints with a rich aroma that smoke smoothly, and provide relaxing and balanced effects.

Koi CBD pre-rolls are sold individually and in packs of five. At present, we have three different strains from Koi CBD in our store: Special Sauce, Sour Space Candy, and Lifter. The flower used by Koi CBD is grown in the United States and lab-tested for purity and potency so don’t miss out and buy Koi Hemp Flower today!

CBG/CBD Pre-Roll by CBD Axis

CBD is the first cannabinoid that springs to mind when thinking of hemp, but it’s not the only one – as demonstrated by CBD Axis. This innovative brand is producing pre-rolls with a mixture of CBD and cannabigerol (CBG), a secondary cannabinoid thought to have a myriad of therapeutic properties.

Don’t worry, like CBD, CBG is totally non-psychoactive. Each CBG/CBD joint from CBD Axis has an even cannabinoid ratio, and contains a hefty 1.5g flower, wrapped in unbleached, RAW papers. Each joint has a blend of Suver Haze, a CBD strain, and Jack Frost, a CBG strain. Get your CBG/CBD Pre-Roll by clicking right here!

CBD Axis Private Reserve Pre-Roll

The Private Reserve Bubba Kush pre-roll from CBD Axis is a delightful indica strain, providing that potent relaxation you need after a long, hard day. As with all CBD Axis joints, this offering is packed with 1.5g of hemp flower in a king-size RAW cone.

Indica strains tend to be most enjoyable in the evenings, as they produce strong, all-around relaxation. Expect these effects to be even more punchy with one of these large CBD Axis joints! Get your Private Reserve Bubba Kush today!

CBD Axis Gold Pre-Roll

Go for Gold with this classic pre-rolled joint from CBD Axis. Like all CBD Axis joints, the Gold packs 1.5g of flower into an unbleached RAW cone. The difference is this joint is coated with CBD oil and has a smattering of CBD-rich kief for extra potency.

The CBD Axis Gold pre-roll is lab-tested and also teeming with flavor. The five strains in our collection are: Coconut, Grape, Original, Strawberry, and Strawberry Lemonade. Get your delicious flavors by clicking here!

Crystal Creek Organics – Pre-Roll CBD Hemp Cone

These pre-rolled hemp cones from Crystal Creek Organics are made with some of America’s finest flower, sourced from the hemp hub of Oregon. Every joint is completely natural, non-GMO and pesticide-free, and rolled with a RAW cone and tip. Crystal Creek Organics conform with federal law, and have less than 0.3% THC.

This is a classic CBD joint, producing typically relaxing effects. This is a great entry into the world of CBD joints for those who haven’t smoked before. Increase your relaxation by buying your Crystal Creek Organics today!

Urb – Hemp Pre-Rolls

Urb is a premium cannabis brand targeted at those who want more from their experience. Here, we have their impressive selection of pre-rolled hemp joints, which boast a high-CBD, low-THC content. Urb joints are available individually and in packs of six, and we currently have five Urb strains on sale at

Charlotte’s Wife is an invigorating sativa-dominant strain promoting focus and creativity. Stormy Daniels is an indica-dominant offering, delivering a desirable body buzz. Jupiter is a world-class indica strain producing deep relaxation. Mountain Mango is a dependable hybrid and a cross between White Widow and Sensi Mango. And not forgetting White Whale, a CBG-dominant strain with sativa-like effects and a sweet, citrus finish. Urb’s Hemp Pre-Rolls are the way to go, buy yours today!

The Lit Pharmacy CBD Pre-Rolls

The Lit Pharmacy is a classy hemp company, making lab-certified, pre-rolled CBD joints with 1g of hemp and less than 0.3% THC. No tobacco, additives, or fillers are used in any joints made by the Lit Pharmacy.

We have three CBD joints from this company in our collection. Merlot is a relaxing, sleep-inducing strain with more than 13% CBD. AC/DC is a balanced strain with more than 16% CBD, and provides a sustained energy boost. Meanwhile, Lifter has a mighty 19% CBD, and gives you the focus and mental clarity needed to get through a day of brain-busting tasks.

Click here to get your Lit Pharmacy Pre-Rolls today!

CBD Axis Ice Pre-Roll

Looking for an amped-up CBD joint? Then CBD Axis has the answer with its Ice pre-roll. This joint has 1.5g of 20.55% CBD Suver Haze hemp flower packed in a RAW cone, but has a much higher CBD content than the brand’s regular joints. This is thanks to the inclusion of CBD oil and a dusting of 99.5% pure CBD-isolate.

The Ice pre-roll from CBD Axis is available in five flavors: Coconut, Grape, Original, Strawberry, ad Strawberry Lemonade. Get your delicious flavors here!

CBD Axis Hemp Cigar

Enjoy an even classier smoke with a CBD-rich hemp cigar from CBD Axis. This cigar is wrapped in hemp paper, and is fitted with a wooden tip, making for a steady and consistent smoke. This CBD Axis product is triple tested, giving you all of the assurances you need about safety and quality.

This cigar arrives sealed in a glass tube for freshness, and has less than 0.3% THC. CBD Axis uses Suver Haze CBD flower in this cigar, likely for its impressive 20%+ CBD content. Don’t miss out, buy your CBD Axis Ice Pre-Roll today.

CBG Pre-Roll by CBD Axis

Cannabigerol (CBG) has plenty in common with CBD, in that it’s non-intoxicating and seemingly teeming with health benefits. CBD products have stolen the show in the hemp scene for years, but CBG is finally getting the credit it deserves, thanks to products like this pre-rolled CBG joint from CBD Axis.

This joint is packed with Jack Frost, a strain that checks in at 15.1% CBG – a staggering concentration for a CBG strain. As with all CBD Axis products, this joint has less than 0.3% THC, and comes in a sealed, clear glass tube to maintain freshness. Buy your CBG Pre-Rolls right now.

CBD Axis Executive Pre-Roll

Take your hemp-smoking experience up a level with Executive, a pungent and powerful pre-roll from CBD Axis. Packed with 1.5g of Green House Lifter, which has a mighty 21.39% CBD content, this strain is renowned for its punchy aroma, flavor and effects.

Like all CBD Axis products, the Executive pre-roll is lab-certified, rolled in a RAW cone, contains less than 0.3% THC, and is packaged in a clear and sealed glass tube. Buy CBD Axis Pre-Roll now.

CBD Axis Variety Pre-Roll Pack

Not sure which of CBD Axis’ pre-rolled joints to try? Then experience all of them with this variety pack. This is a great way to familiarize yourself with the excellent CBD Axis collection. The variety pack comes with six 1.5g joints. The joints included are: standard hemp pre-roll, Gold pre-roll, Executive pre-roll, Premium pre-roll, Ice pre-roll, and a CBG pre-roll. Get the best of CBD Axis In this Pre-Roll Pack.

Crystal Creek Organics – Coco Puff CBD Hemp Pre-Roll

Innovation is the order of the day with the Coco Puff hemp pre-roll from Crystal Creek Organics. This CBD joint contains 1g of Oregonian hemp flower with 15% CBD and minimal levels of THC. But the most interesting part about this joint is the paper.

Rather than use hemp paper, Crystal Creek Organics have gone for organic acacia leaves instead. This adds a cocoa and vanilla flavor to the joint, making for a unique CBD smoking experience. Chill out with Coco Puff Hemp Pre-Roll.

Delta-8-THC Pre-Rolls by CBD Genesis

With delta-8-THC joints, you can now enjoy a psychoactive high anywhere in the US, and do so completely legally! That’s right, delta-8-THC produces very similar effects to regular THC, but is legal according to the law concerning industrial hemp. And these joints from CBD Genesis prove it!

Cascade, a hybrid, is the strain used in these pre-rolls, which contain 1.3g of hemp flower, and 400mg of delta-8-THC per joint. Despite the very high delta-8-THC content, this joint still has less than 0.3% delta-9-THC. But please bear in mind, due to the similarity in the compounds, you will probably fail a drug test with these pre-rolls. Let Genesis help you reduce your stress by clicking here!

Root Wellness – CBD Pre-Rolls (2-Pack)

Root Wellness is another dependable hemp brand, making high-quality pre-rolled joints, each with 1g of hemp flower, grown right here in the United States. A Root Wellness pack comes with two pre-rolls, which are lab-tested and have less than 0.3% THC.

We stock four different joints from Root Wellness here at These are: Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, Lifter, and The White (a CBG strain). Try Root Wellness Pre-Rolls here.

Canna Bloom Farmacy – CBD Pre-Rolls

Canna Bloom Farmacy is making a name for itself, and we’re proud to feature them in our CBD joint collection. This company is based in Hartfield, Wisconsin, and they are laser-focused on developing products that can benefit their community, and the United States as a whole.

A pack of Canna Bloom Farmacy pre-rolls contains three joints, each with 1g of hemp flower. As of October 2020, we offer 17 strains from this company: #5, Electra, Siskiyou Gold, Mountain Mango, Abacus, Special Sauce, Wife, Bubba Kush, Trump, Frosted Lime, Rainbow Madonna, Cherry Uno, CBG, Sour Space Candy, Cherry Wine, Cats Meow, and Stormy Daniels. Use Canna Bloom to melt you anxiety away by clicking here!

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