The Best CBD Joints Available Right Now (2021 Review)

Seeking an authentic CBD experience with plenty of choice? Then you’ll love CBD joints. Perfectly legal and non-intoxicating, CBD joints recreate the delicious taste of regular marijuana, without the psychoactive high, and provide CBD’s calming effects at a rapid rate.

CBD joints aren’t for everyone, but if you enjoy a full-flavored smoke and need your CBD to hit quickly, they’re a standout product. And CBD-rich hemp flower poses less of a health risk when smoked than both cannabis and tobacco smoking. We’ll delve more into the science of that later.

In this guide, we’ll discuss what you can expect from a CBD joint, and look at the variety of products available today, from brands like Hempzilla and CBD For the People. We’ll also look at how you could benefit from CBD, and address some common questions and misconceptions about CBD joints. Let’s get started.

What is CBD?What is CBD?

CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive and non-addictive cannabinoid generated by cannabis and hemp. These products have sprung from nowhere in recent times, and can be found infused in anything from oils to edibles.

CBD is an unusual compound that has profound effects on the body – although our present understanding of it is somewhat limited. Bear in mind researchers only isolated CBD in the 1960s, and didn’t discover the system it affects most – the endocannabinoid system (ECS) until the 1990s.

But these discoveries have unlocked new doors in health and medicine, and set the stage for so much important research. The ECS plays a role in both mental and physical health regulation, hence why CBD has emerged as a natural remedy for everything from anxiety to inflammation. Now scientists must find out just how helpful CBD is for various ailments.

Why are CBD joints legal? 

For the unacquainted, CBD joints – and the CBD flower they’re rolled with – just like typical cannabis joints and buds, and have that same herbal aroma. But that’s where the similarities end. While those joints are rich in psychotropic THC, CBD joints are laden with, well, CBD!

CBD joints are created from hemp, a high-CBD, low-THC form of cannabis sativa. When hemp products were legalized, it came with a caveat – all products must have less than 0.3% THC. Providing a CBD joint meets that requirements, it’s completely legal, no matter how it looks or smells!

3 reasons why you need pre-rolled CBD joints 

With so many ways to get your CBD, why would you even want to smoke it? And for sure, smoking has health risks and isn’t for everybody. And if smoking isn’t your thing, we recommend checking out CBD tincture oils, edibles, syrups, capsules and even e-liquids. It’s easy to go smoke-free with CBD!

But naturally, there wouldn’t be a market for CBD joints if they didn’t have some special benefits. Here are just three reasons why they’ve become so popular.

‘Full-spectrum’ relief ‘Full-spectrum’ relief 

‘Full-spectrum’ normally describes CBD products that contain whole-plant hemp extracts. This term isn’t really necessary for CBD joints, as you’re literally getting the whole plant! But it’s important to note that these joints are not just about CBD, but all of hemp’s other components.

First we have the other cannabinoids. Researchers have unearthed more than 100, although we only really know about a handful. Cannabigerol (CBG), cannabichromene (CBC) and cannabinol (CBN) are three non-psychoactive cannabinoids that often appear in hemp strains, playing second fiddle to CBD. The trace levels of THC may offer a therapeutic effect, too.

Terpenes and flavonoids shouldn’t be discounted, either. The former bring a punchy aroma, and some health benefits to boot. Flavonoids may also have some valuable health properties.

And crucially, cannabinoids produce a synergy when enjoyed together, coined the ‘entourage effect’. The concept is that CBD has more substantial effects when taken as part of an entire plant, as opposed to when it’s isolated.


Pre-rolled CBD joints are ready whenever you need them, and you’re always assured of a superb smoke. Rolling is an intricate and hassle-causing process that not everybody can or desires to learn – never mind rolling a perfect, tightly-packed joint that smokes evenly!

With pre-rolls, all the hard work is taken care of, for just a little extra cost. You also know exactly how much CBD is in your joint every time. When you just want to kick back and chill, pre-rolls are ideal, with no preparation required.

Fast-acting effects

The reason why anybody smokes any substance is for the swift onset of effects, that other routes of delivery can’t match. With edibles, you could be waiting up to an hour, and even tincture oils take a few minutes to work. In contrast, CBD inhaled from the smoke of a joint (or the vapor of an e-liquid) starts kicking in within seconds.

Not only is this convenient, but for some people, quick relief determines whether CBD is worth it or not. For instance, if you suffer from acute pain, the most viable remedy is the one that works the fastest. In addition, inhaled CBD swerves the first-pass metabolism altogether. This process affects the bioavailability and absorption rate of orally-administered CBD. Note that sublingually-absorbed CBD from tinctures also skips the first-pass metabolism.

Introducing CBD joints at 

At, you’ll find only the finest CBD joints that meet our strict criteria. We look for quality and transparency from a brand – the two go hand-in-hand. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not regulate CBD joints or any other CBD products, so finding a trustworthy manufacturer isn’t always easy.

However, independent lab tests help separate the wheat from the chaff. We only stock CBD joints from companies that are fully open, and provide third-party reports for its products.

A classic report details how much CBD and THC are in a joint, and possibly other cannabinoids and terpenes. It’ll also confirm whether there are any heavy metals or foreign substances, and also provide a testing date, so you know you’re getting up-to-date information.

Hempzilla Pre-RollHempzilla CBD Pre-Roll 

Hempzilla CBD pre-rolls are part of the brand’s Connoisseur Select range. These premium smokes created from Oregonian, artisan hemp flowers are packed with taste, and provide a first-class hemp experience.

There’s no trim or shake in sight, just gorgeous CBD-rich, with 100mg of CBD per joint. Hempzilla uses a slow-curing method to enhance the flavor and effects from the terpenes. We have four types of Hempzilla pre-rolls – here’s what you can expect from each:

Suver Haze: This joint has a skunky and earthy aroma, with a sweet and spicy taste. Suver Haze promotes calm and relaxation without making you sleepy, and contains the following terpenes: beta-caryophyllene, alpha-humulene and alpha-Bisabolol. Suver Haze is a superb strain for all times of day.

Special Sauce: Created from tiny, potent nugs, the Special Sauce pre-roll has a delightful berry-like and musky aroma that translates to a delectably smooth and floral flavor. Special Sauce joints are great for mellowing out after a hard day, and are rich in myrcene, caryophyllene and terpinolene.

Hawaiian Haze: Expect wafts of tropical and pine aromas from this Hempzilla pre-roll, and a similar taste with a citrus finish that will transport you straight to Hawaii. With beta-caryophyllene, beta-myrcene and humulene, this strain leans toward relaxation, without being a full-throated indica.

Lifter: Get energized with Lifter, a sweet and skunky pre-roll with a lemon twist. Improved concentration is nicely complemented with some relaxing vibes. Lifter has plenty of alpha-humulene, alpha-Bisabolol and beta-caryophyllene, a terpene combo to keep your mind and body in balance.

cbd for the people flowerCBD For The People Pre-Rolled Joints (7 Pack)

Another new addition to the collection, CBD For The People pre-rolls ooze quality and potency in equal measures. For years, FTP has sought the perfect hemp flower for its pre-rolls, and has finally found it with Wine Widow, a well-balanced hybrid with an eye-popping 27% CBD. This is astonishing given even the most powerful CBD flowers rarely exceed 20%.

Each FTP hand-crafted pre-roll contains 0.6 grams of flower, equating to more than 160mg of CBD per smoke. And with six to a pack there’s enough to share, although we wouldn’t blame you for keeping them all to yourself! Fed up with rolling your own and failing to master the art? With CBD For The People’s premium and affordable pre-rolls, your troubles are a thing of the past.

Roll-your-own with CBD flower 

Maybe you like rolling your own, and are looking for more variety. Good news! We have lots of excellent loose CBD flower for sale. Choose from more than a dozen strains in our CBD Genesis collection, or check out CBD For the People’s premium nugs which range between 12 and 27% CBD. And not forgetting Blue Moon’s unique Cowdaddy Crush CBG Flower, an exciting strain that shows hemp isn’t just about CBD!

5 possible benefits of CBD joints 

CBD joints have immense therapeutic potential, going by our present understanding of CBD. While existing research isn’t extensive or conclusive enough for medical approval, it’s enough to hint at what CBD may be good for, and what it likely isn’t.

This section will explore five possible benefits of pre-rolled CBD joints, based on recent science and the fast-acting effects of smoked CBD. Quick disclaimer: this content is for entertainment and educational purposes only. Never attempt to self-medicate CBD, and consult with a doctor if you need medical assistance.

Before getting into the science, let’s briefly run through some general effects of different CBD joints.

First we have the sativas, which are rich in energizing terpenes. You’ll want these strains first thing in the morning or when your energy levels are sagging in the afternoons. Indicas are the polar opposite, bringing about all-body calm while relaxing your mind, too. Save these for the evenings, or when you have a few hours to fully relax. And thirdly, the hybrid strains – balanced in effects, and a great smoke anytime, anyplace.

Eases pain and inflammation Eases pain and inflammation 

Although there’s no firm evidence to prove it yet, user habits suggest that CBD has some useful pain-killing properties. In comparison to opioids, CBD doesn’t cause euphoria, dependence or a range of nasty side effects. And you can’t overdose on it either.

How might CBD work for pain? CBD regulates the ECS, which regulates pain perception. CBD also interacts with TRPV-1 (vanilloid) receptors. However, there could be other mechanisms we haven’t discovered yet, and other compounds in hemp may be essential to bringing out CBD’s effects.

As for inflammation, the picture’s slightly clearer. CB2 receptors in the ECS are a gateway to the immune system, from which cannabinoids send anti-inflammatory and immunomodulating signals. This effect explains why some find CBD helps with osteoarthritis and even rheumatoid arthritis, an autoimmune disease.

CBD joints are particularly attractive for neuropathic and acute inflammatory pain. For both, quickly suppressing a flare-up is vital, and smoking CBD does just that. If pain is affecting your mobility and quality of life, CBD joints may help you take back control and live life on your terms.

Instant anxiety relief

CBD’s benefits for anxiety are not a recent discovery. Pioneering research from European experts found that CBD could reduce social anxiety symptoms all the way back in 2011. Newer studies have largely focussed on how CBD may alleviate anxiety, and there are signs CBD promotes a neurotransmitter called GABA, which effectively calms down an overactive brain.

Anxiety symptoms can be chronic or acute. A range of CBD products may assist with the former, but fast relief is paramount for the latter. Step forward CBD joints. When you’re feeling overwhelmed and panicky, CBD joints work to clear your head and recapture an inner peace.

Sometimes it’s possible to foresee anxiety triggers, and other times it isn’t. The on-demand relief is perfect for dealing with unexpected symptoms. Keep a CBD joint in your pocket, and you’ll always have a weapon to fight back when anxiety decides to strike.

Improved energy, focus and concentration Improved energy, focus and concentration 

Ever wake up feeling like today just isn’t going to be your day? Don’t worry, it happens to us all. CBD joints may make things a little easier. Sativas especially are renowned for having a genuine cerebral effect, helping with motivation and creativity and just generally flushing away physical and mental fatigue.

CBD could also improve your focus and concentration levels, which would come in handy in today’s world, where we are constantly bombarded with distractions. Research shows CBD boosts wakefulness. These stimulating effects may come out most from small doses, as higher quantities are more likely to induce sedation.

CBD produces the stimulating effects of caffeine and nicotine, sans the downsides. If you’re looking for a sustainable way of staying focused and alert, CBD joints are an intriguing option.

Enhanced mood 

The science behind depression is still evolving, although one thing is increasingly clear: serotonin is not the only contributing factor. Long described as the “happy chemical”, antidepressant drugs have targeted this neurotransmitter, stopping its reuptake to, in theory, alleviate depression. But the leading class of antidepressants, SSRIs, aren’t effective for everybody.

CBD works in a different way. Firstly, CBD stops anandamide reuptake, an endocannabinoid with antidepressant properties. CBD also quells neuroinflammation, which may protect regions of the brain implicated in mood, including the prefrontal cortex. This two-pronged effect may somewhat explain why CBD products are used as mood-enhancers. Although we can’t rule out a placebo effect at this point.

Should CBD work, the fast delivery provided by CBD joints strikes as a great way for breaking out of a mood slump. The motivating and brain-boosting qualities of sativas are perhaps most helpful if you’re experiencing a prolonged slump in mood.

Reduces cannabis tolerance Reduces cannabis tolerance 

While not a potential medical use, CBD joints are an ingenious way of bringing down your cannabis tolerance. Weed smokers will be well aware that the more you smoke, the more tolerant you get, and the more herb you need to get high. The usual advice is to take a break, but CBD joints can also help reset your ECS.

CBD promotes CB1 and CB2 receptor regulation – it’s the CB1 receptors that get desensitized due to THC. Switching out THC for CBD will quickly bring back sensitivity to these receptors so you can start enjoying cannabis once again. And even when on your weed break, you still get to enjoy a relaxing, great-tasting smoke, just without the psychoactive effects.

While we’re talking weed, having a pre-rolled CBD joint or two is a wise precautionary measure. Maybe you’ve smoked more than you can handle or double-dosed an edible. Perhaps your friend has tried weed for the first time and feeling anxious and paranoid, two common side effects. You could just ride it out, but smoking a CBD joint will quickly bring your high to a halt, restoring reality and dissolving any anxiety and paranoia within minutes.

How much CBD is in a CBD joint? 

The amount of CBD in each joint depends on the quantity of the flower and the CBD percentage of the strain. Some brands tell you exactly how much CBD is in a joint – but it’s pretty easy to work out if they don’t. Here’s an example: if a joint has 0.5g of 20% CBD flower, that means there’s 200mg of CBD per gram, and 100mg of CBD in a 0.5g joint.

Do CBD joints smell?Do CBD joints smell?

Yes, the CBD joints for sale at do smell. CBD flower contains terpenes – these aroma molecules are responsible for that dank cannabis aroma. That smell only gets stronger when the flower is lit. For this reason, smoking CBD joints in public is a no-no, especially as bystanders will probably think you’re smoking weed.

But there is an alternative if you’re looking for a discreet smoke. Plain Jane has manufactured some revolutionary aroma-free CBD cigarettes. Taking the terpenes out during the processing stage eliminates the weed smell so you can enjoy a lowkey smoke. To learn more about Plain Jane CBD cigarettes, click here.

Are CBD joints addictive?

No, CBD joints are not addictive! Smoking itself isn’t addictive – this is determined by the substance itself. CBD is not addictive and does not have abuse potential (according to the World Health Organization), and nor are any of the other compounds in hemp. THC is addictive for a small percentage of users, but not in the low amounts that you’ll find in a CBD-rich hemp joint.

Researchers exploring CBD and addiction believe the compound may even combat addiction. As an allosteric modulator of mu-opioid receptors, CBD may reduce reward-seeking behavior. A small trial looking at nicotine addiction found inhaled CBD could decrease overall cigarette intake. Therefore, smokers trying to quit cigarettes or marijuana may find CBD joints useful.

Does smoking CBD make your eyes red?

It’s well-known that smoking cannabis – or taking THC in any other way – can cause red eyes, much to the chagrin of users! Since CBD works in the opposite manner to THC, it may reduce the likelihood of red eyes.

However, some CBD flower users have reported getting red eyes after smoking. This may possibly be due to having no tolerance to THC – even a tiny concentration could, in theory cause red eyes. But without research, this is purely speculative, and the only way to find out is by trying it for yourself.

How long does CBD withdrawal last?

Because CBD is not addictive, there are no withdrawal symptoms to worry about. Regular CBD smokers who suddenly stop may find themselves missing their daily joint, but CBD doesn’t rewire the brain and make you crave the substance, so any withdrawal is purely psychological and will quickly pass. CBD may cause minor side effects such as drowsiness and dizziness, but there are no incidents of withdrawal symptoms after stopping smoking joints or taking tinctures.

How do you save a lit joint?

Don’t want to smoke all your CBD joint at once? Saving some for later on is easier than you might think! Just lightly grind the end into the ashtray, and the oxygen-starved joint will soon go out on its own, ready for when you next want it.

How do you make a joint burn super slow? How do you make a joint burn super slow? 

You’ll get much more CBD from a joint that burns steadily and slowly than one that burns through quickly. And that’s important when you’re smoking premium, CBD-rich nugs!

The trick to making a joint burn slowly is finely-ground flower, a high-quality paper and a tightly-packed roll. But you don’t have to worry about any of that with a top-shelf pre-roll.

The best joint manufacturers know exactly what’s required for a great smoke, and this rolling perfection is exactly what you’re paying for. All our featured joints burn smoothly and slowly, so you can take in the maximum amount of CBD.

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The market for CBD joints online is not unlike that for cannabis joints – excellent quality and lots of variety. The only difference is that these joints are legal in all 50 states! We’re thrilled to stock joints from first-class brands, and will be expanding our range further in the near future.

We hope this guide has shown you that CBD joints have an array of benefits, and that if you can get past the smoking aspect, they have a lot to offer. With more scientific research focusing specifically on inhaling CBD, we should be able to say with confidence just how effective CBD is and for what ailments.

But we know our customers are already enjoying CBD joints, and discovering the benefits for themselves. If you’ve experienced one of our pre-rolls, or rolled your own with some of our premium CBD flower, we’d love to hear all about in the comments. Thanks for reading!

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