CBD Critical Cure is an up-and-coming indica strain that has a 2:1 ratio of CBD to THC. This cannabinoid profile makes for a more relaxing experience than a psychoactive one, which explains why it has been embraced by the medical cannabis community.

About CBD Critical Cure

CBD Critical Cure promotes happiness and is naturally uplifting. Some users may feel giggly, whereas others become more focused after consumption. This strain also makes users more sociable, perhaps because it relieves anxiety.

A great indica for aiding depression and PTSD treatment, CBD Critical Cure is also an anti-inflammatory that can help with arthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Its anti-nausea properties have been utilized by some chemotherapy patients, and the strain is also good at reducing stress levels.

Pungent, citrus and berry flavors dominate CBD Critical Cure’s aroma, although some piney and earthy notes can also be detected by a keen nose.  

A strain best used in the daytime, the CBD-dominant, low-THC combo of CBD Critical Cure noticeably relieves pain without the psychoactivity inhibiting cognitive functions.

CBD Critical Cure initially thrived in Amsterdam before making its way to the West Coast. Critical Kush and non-psychoactive ruderalis are crossbred to develop this CBD-dominant strain that has a fairly static THC concentration of 5%, and CBD levels that vary between 8 and 11%.

This strain allows user to experience the calming and sedative qualities delivered by CBD-dominant medical marijuana, without producing too much physical relaxation. However, if you’re intention is to use CBD Critical Cure as a sleep aid, you will be well rewarded. Predominantly, though, this strain is a favorite for those seeking moderate daytime pain relief.

While most marijuana strains cause dry eye, Critical Cure bucks the trend. Many companies are now using the strain to produce high-CBD oils, capsules and tinctures.

Recognizing CBD Critical Cure flower and seeds

The sweet, piney aromas of CBD Critical Cure are the first scents you’ll notice when you take a waft of this strain. Subtle pepperiness comes through when intensely studying the smell. Critical Cure’s flowers have a deep, green hue and a slightly fluffy texture.

Medicinal qualities of CBD Critical Cure

Both medical and recreational cannabis users enjoy Critical Cure, although it’s the former that benefit the most from this therapeutic strain. The anxiety-busting traits help combat social anxiety and generalized anxiety, while the anti-depressant properties tackle depression and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).