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Cannabis may not be legal yet in the Big Apple, but residents are already lapping up non-psychoactive cannabidiol (CBD) products. The cannabinoid has several medicinal qualities and will give you all the calm and relaxation you want from weed, but without the high.

This compound will elevate your mood, whether you use it sparingly or regularly. CBD has been proven to treat a collection of intractable epileptic conditions and also exhibits neuroprotective properties that could be used for the treatment of Alzheimer’s in the future. CBD is also beneficial for the skin.

New York City folk are taking CBD in their coffee, buying infused beauty products and some just choose to vape or smoke high-CBD bud. So, where can you buy CBD in NYC? Let’s take a tour.

Clover Grocery and Café Clover

Clover Grocery are developing plenty of CBD-infused products and are seemingly staying ahead of their competitors. They make juices and smoothies with fresh fruit and vegetables and a dash of CBD oil. Lotions, oils and soaps are popular with customers who want localized pain relief.

Edible fans could trial Clover Grocery’s Lord Jones CBD gummies, while keen vapers can experiment with peppermint and eucalyptus-flavored options. CocoRau chocolates will go on sale soon – these are set to be delicious CBD treats, if founder Kyle Hotchkiss’ words are anything to go by.

Clover Grocery takes care of the CBD needs of all kinds of users. Those who haven’t tried CBD before often go for edibles at first, said Hotchkiss. Some people are trying to find a remedy for their anxiety, others want an end to their chronic pain and another group just wants a product to help them chill out.

Caffeine Underground

Hipsters will love this coffee shop in the Bushwick, but Caffeine Underground appeals to everyone, with an excellent range of CBD products accompanied by some Thai chi and spectacular live music. You can have CBD in pretty much any beverage, as this quirky coffee shop will show you. They source their beans locally from Queens, and you can also purchase Flower Power beans for home use.

The CBD products have become quite popular according to Caffeine Underground owner Ian Ford when he talked to High Times. All sorts of people are finding benefits from the compound, from those seeking a study aid to those wanting to ease their arthritis pain.

Caffeine Underground doesn’t just sell coffee either, but nutrient-rich smoothies, tasty candy and delicious jams. Caffeine Undergound is an awesome place to go to relax and listen to a great band, practice your Thai chi or just to meet other likeminded CBD users.


5th&Mad’s CBD-infused gin cocktail is an awesome way to get the party started and improve your sociability. Bombay Sapphire, Chartreuse, Midori, citrus a basic syrup and CBD are the ingredients used to make the ‘Pot Luck’ cocktail. A green garnish is used to finish this drink off in style, but it’s not actually a real cannabis leaf. You can only get Pot Luck from 5th&Mad on Saturday nights though – so don’t miss out!

Oliver Coffee

CBD was popular among the owners of Oliver Coffee, situated in Chinatown in NYC, before they started selling it to customers. Aisa Shelley said that she first started experimenting with CBD in “coffee and beverages” and then decided to begin selling infused products after that. The products sold by Oliver Coffee are made with CBD oil.

Oliver Coffee takes care of the needs of customers who would rather not pump their body with caffeine. Demand for caffeine alternatives has soared of late according to Shelley, and she is hoping to incorporate CBD into such beverages for extra therapeutic impact. Both the spicy chai and golden turmeric latte sold at Oliver Coffee contains CBD.

CBD can also be added to any beverage on the menu at this Chinese-style coffee house. Mr Shelley compares CBD to taking Advil, saying it makes him “feel better.” A dose in the morning prepares Shelley for the day ahead with an optimistic mindset.


Head down to the narcbar in NYC any day except Thursday and try out a tasty, relaxing and alcoholic CBD-infused cocktail. It’s yet more evidence that CBD is sweeping America not just as a new medicine, but as a helpful social tool to manage anxiety. The Standard Hotel is the perfect setting to drink this awesome cocktail, and it just so happens that narcbar is affiliated with them.

Matcha Haze is the beverage you need if you’re after a health twist. Gin, matcha and mezcal are all found in this cocktail, but the addition of egg white and CBD makes it a narcbar special.

Alchemist’s Kitchen

This business concentrates on natural, plant-based therapeutics, and have come up with several products that have satisfied customers. The company employs a herbalist and also makes its own incense.

Alchemist’s Kitchen is there for people hoping to learn more about CBD. Thankfully, they have a large enough for selection for everyone to find a CBD product of interest – from CBD minty toothpaste to CBD skin-protecting lotions. In addition to the host of holistic products on sale at this store, Alchemist’s Kitchen also makes CBD products intended for pets.

Weed World Vans

Get your potent edibles from Weed World Vans, which deliver all over New York. Unfortunately, while their products are named after real cannabis strains like OG Kush, the names come from the terpene profile, as it goes against New York law to use THC. The NYPD tested Weed World’s products, CBD-infused lollipops, and have confirmed that they meet THC requirements,

In addition to New York, Weed World can also be found in Atlanta, New Orleans, Chicago, Miami and certain areas of Texas – they’ve grown a lot in a short space of time. As well as introducing customers to CBD lollipops, Weed World Vans are focussed on advancing the legalization argument, arguing that medical and recreational marijuana should be decriminalized and legalized throughout the nation.

Bright future for CBD in New York City

New York City is playing catch up with cities in Colorado, California, Oregon and elsewhere that are revelling in the cannabis boom. But marijuana is making progress in the Empire State, with CBD not just legal but well-known and used often. It’s only a matter of time before THC treats are on offer, too.

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