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Medical cannabis is replacing pharmaceutical drugs for millions of people around the world. The relentless flow of positive media stories about marijuana’s seemingly never-ending medicinal benefits have swiftly shifted public opinion in favor of medical and recreational legalization.

The increased focus on medical weed has opened up a new avenue for cultivators – they are focused on boosting CBD concentrations, in contrast to recreational growers who are all about THC. Now, Minnesota Medical Solutions have had a strain independently verified by a laboratory that is 34 times more potent in CBD than THC.

‘Katelyn Faith’ is a strain named after an 8-year-old girl, Katelyn Faith Pauling, who died from a rare lysosomal storage disorder called Battens Disease. The condition stops neural cells from getting rid of waste lipids and proteins, due to a stifling effect caused by cell mutations. Patients suffering from Battens and other lyosomal storage disorders normally suffer from regular seizures, and in some cases the illness renders them unable to talk.

MinnMed’s new strain has an outrageous 34:1 CBD to THC ratio, more than any other CBD-rich strain has managed before. The recent medical cannabis drive has focused on cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive cannabinoid with potent anti-seizure and antispasmodic effects. THC is therapeutic, but produces psychoactive effects unsuitable for some, hence why medicinal users often prefer strains potent in anti-psychotic CBD.

Could cannabis prices fall?

Kyle Kingsley, CEO of MinnMed parent company Vireo Health believes that the new Katelyn Faith strain could lead to a surge of medical cannabis tourism into Minnesota as patients flock for it. A similar situation happened when CBD became popular in Colorado, and people – particularly families with epileptic children – descended on the state to get hold of Charlotte’s Web, a CBD-rich oil.

The unprecedented CBD to THC ratio of this newly-bred strain will improve MinnMed’s overall manufacturing efficiency, according to Kingsley. He suggests that the “novel development” of Katelyn Faith will make products cheaper for all patients who shop at dispensaries operated by Minnesota Medical Solutions, and that prices should begin to fall “within the next year.”

Competition is great for the CBD industry

Competition forces companies to stay innovative, and the new 34:1 strain from MinnMed has put down the gauntlet to Charlotte’s Web, whose 20:1 CBD to THC ratio products have dominated the market until now. Charlotte’s Web CBD oil first attracted the media’s attention after it was used to treat a 6-year-old girl with Dravet’s syndrome – in fact, the strain was named after the girl, Charlotte Figi.

The CBD treatment has almost completely eradicated Charlotte’s grand mal seizures, which at their worst would occur more than 100 times per day. No longer stifled by her epilepsy, Charlotte’s quality of life has improved significantly, and she will soon be starting school – something unimaginable before she was administered cannabis oil.

The CBD market consists of several companies battling to develop products with a unique twist to attract consumers. While the fancy products are great for those who want them, it’s most important that the industry is made up of competent brands producing high-quality CBD oil – effectiveness must come ahead of profits. For many just experimenting with CBD for the first time, the treatment offers a way out of the vicious prescription drug cycle. Opioids have tormented many, causing a physical addiction which has left the body craving stronger and stronger medication. Cannabis may help kick that addiction.

The new 34:1 CBD to THC strain out of Minnesota is proof that medical cannabis and the high-CBD market is still developing. The full potential of cannabinoid therapy might not yet have been unlocked.

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