Another bit of cannabis jargon for you: shake. But what exactly is shake? We’ll tell you in this article and tell you just how to use it.

Shake is available at most good dispensaries – it’s the little bits of cannabis that finish up at the bottom of the jar. Good cannabis is dry and that means it can break up when budtenders go to take nugs out of the jar. The pieces that break off end up filtering down the jar, where stems and tiny pieces of marijuana accumulate.

There are plenty of misconceptions about shake, but rest assured, it has plenty of effective uses. While it cannot be smoked on its own, you can put it in your joint to deliver an extra kick or top off an edible with it to make it just a little stronger.

Cannabis-infused butter and oil is often made out of shake. While you can technically eat the butter or oil as is, it’s much tastier to bake cakes and brownies with these pot-injected ingredients. You can also make cannabis flour, cannabis tea, hash and cannabis vape oil – often using CBD strains – from shake. Shake is clearly very versatile, and it simply doesn’t deserve the stigma it has in the cannabis world.

Even in cannabis circles, shake is not well understood, contributing to its negative reputation.

A lot of the bad shake stories come from dispensaries shoving too much of it into their pre-rolled joints. A smoke with lots of shake can be harsh and cause headaches and migraines. Even worse, some dispensaries mix all the shake in together, meaning that you end up smoking several strains in one go with all kinds of compounds. For medicinal users, the unpredictable effects of shake can be disconcerting.

But it’s easy to protect yourself from getting screwed over with shake at the dispensary. Simply ask the budtenders what strains are used in their pre-rolls, and then, if they have used shake, ask if the shake is made with one flower or several. This is particularly important for medical cannabis users. If a dispensary is selling shake on its own, just find out what strain it is.

Shake may not be perfect, but there’s more to cannabis than smoking it, and savvy users realize they can utilize these flower pieces and stems. Not everybody will have a use for shake, but since we sometimes end up with it, we might as well be clued up on it.