Is CBD Legal in Texas? [Legality, Limits & Where To Buy]

Is CBD legal in Texas? Not all states approve the use of the CBD product in their state, and maybe you’re wondering if Texas is one of them. 

Texas is one of the states in the United States of America, and it is continuously growing. Its residents will undoubtedly learn about how CBD oil helps many people relieve physical pain.

Now, you might be asking, is CBD legal in Texas 2021? This is your chance to find out if the substance is legal in Texas, when did Texas legalize CBD, and where to buy CBD in Texas.

What Is CBD?

What Is CBD?

The CBD broke out into the media as soon as people found out the best benefits it could do to their bodies without getting intoxicated. 

CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a substance subtracted from either hemp or marijuana plants where it is known to enhance the cognitive function of the user and is proven to reduce stress.

There are many uses for CBD that you can enjoy yourself when you’re oriented with the right CBD product.

There are many uses that you can enjoy yourself with when you’re oriented with the correct CBD product.

Benefits of Using CBD products

What entices people from using CBD products is the benefits they see as they use them. The fact that CBD is far safer to consume than THC, the upsurge in the demand for CBD states the following benefits: 

  •  Physical benefits 
  •  Mental Health benefits 
  •  Benefits for Pets 

Physical Benefits 

Using CBD can certainly pave the way for the human’s condition if they have been using it right. 

The products are optimized to max out the CBD healing features that help to somehow ease the pain they feel. Some people are leaning on CBD massage oils that can reduce pain and stress. 

Researchers also stated the improvement in the user’s immune system as they are more projected to have better sleep and relaxation in their body and improved blood circulation. 

They also found the users’ better skin condition. CBD is said to fight the breakouts of acne and some skin allergies. Most cosmetic brands are now infusing CBD into their products as well.  

Mental Health Benefits

To further debunk the benefits found in investing your money in CBD products, many people loved the boost they get from the CBD. Some of them eat gummies to enjoy the savory taste of the CBD while the others also try to roll up the joints and cigarettes

As they eat or take a hit of the CBD, they found that the CBD works better than most of the pills as it does not show any adverse effects. The substance works on improving the anxiety levels of the users instead, optimizing their moods. 

Benefits on Pets 

The researchers found a big improvement in some user’s pets as they also tried to feed them some CBD-infused treats. Most of the effects can be seen on pets that experience seizures and anxiety. 

But THC on the other hand gives a different feeling for the users. It sure does help people with their mood but is there a significant difference between the two? Which is the superior option for consumption?

Breaking Down the Difference Between CBD and THC

THC, on the other hand, produces a euphoric and ecstatic rush. As stated before, it is better in making the user feel better but it can have an annoying side-effect as it goes. 

The people with high THC reliance end up with dry mouth and bloodshot eye symptoms in addition to dehydration. 

Is CBD Legal in Texas? [Laws & Regulations]

Is CBD Legal in Texas? [Laws & Regulations]

Some of the useful laws that the state of Texas offers are the following: 

  • H.R.2 – Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018
  • Texas Agriculture Code, Chapter 121
  • Texas Agriculture Code, Chapter 122

Since President Trump signed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 or H.R.2, it carried on the legalization of the hemp plant in several states. However, it is still up to them to decide if they want to go through it. 

The Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018 or H.R.2 the difference between the legalized substance – hemp from marijuana. The substance must have a 0.3% or lower to be able to be industrialized. 

By that time, the government saw vital changes in the medical field with the help of what they considered to be illegal substances. And after that, the people went on a frenzy, looking for a way to secure one for themselves too. 

And as for Texas, they approved the residents to be able to grow a licensed CBD or industrialized hemp. 

In Texas Agriculture Code, Chapter 121 stated when did Texas legalize CBD. The Agriculture Code was introduced in the year 2019 in June, which regulates the state to implement a plan that can monitor and look over the production of industrial hemp.

After those laws stated above, the state of Texas also developed several rules and regulations such as: 

  • Texas Administrative Code, in Title 4, Part 1, Chapter 24
  • Texas Administrative Code, Title 25, Part 1, Chapter 300
  • Hemp Regulations – Texas Department of Agriculture
  • Hemp Program  of the Texas Department of State Health Services

This shall help you understand what are the conditions of use in CBD and hemp substances. 

The hemp strains must have 0.3% of THC to be able to legally cultivate, sell and possess because if it goes higher, the crops will be destroyed or confiscated. 

Even though many rules back the possession and its cultivation, CBD still has to be examined for its potency and purity.

If you’re wondering like many people “Is CBD legal in Texas 2021?” Yes, it is legal. However, you have to agree to make your CBD oil or any CBD-related product tested to get a clearance from the authorities. 

What is the CBD Possession Limit in Texas?

What is the CBD Possession Limit in Texas?

In Texas, you don’t have to worry about the possession limit of CBD as long as the one that you have meets the hemp requirements of the state. 

However, the state has yet to agree on using hemp for smoking, especially the hemp products that use vaporizers. 

Where To Buy Best CBD Products In Texas?

The best CBD products that you can find online may be purchased with your money if you know where to look. After all, you’re looking for the company that will provide you with the most value for your money.

In CBD Genesis, you won’t have to worry about your items’ prices being compromised. The quality CBD content ensures that your CBD cigarettes, infused oils, and even edibles like coffees are safe.

There are a variety of goods to pick from such as pods, edibles, juice, and Delta 8 to 10. When looking to buy CBD in Texas, you should consider these items that ensure the finest CBD experience.

Genesis CBD Candy (Watermelon)

Genesis CBD Candy (Watermelon)

The sweet and savory flavor of watermelon comes with the calming and enjoyable benefits of taking CBD. 

CBD Genesis candy comes in with sugar and corn syrup to supplement the right taste of your normal candy without the sour taste. 

With 1 gummy, you will have the content of 625 mg of CBD. 

Genesis CBD Organic Gummy Worms

Genesis CBD Organic Gummy Worms

And if you’re not into the plain watermelon candy, you can also enjoy the organic gummy worms that CBD Genesis has to offer. 

The great thing about eating a gummy worm rather than the candy is that you will have 1000 mg in one serving of a gummy worm that is enough to keep your CBD needs to be satiated for the whole day. 

The Gummy worm does not contain any THC content and it is made solely on CBD-isolate with organic syrup, organic white grape juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid, natural flavors, and colorings to make you enjoy the benefits of eating a gummy worm. 

Naturally Peaked – CBD Vape Pen (500mg)

Naturally Peaked - CBD Vape Pen (500mg)

If you’re on the go, vape pens are the best alternative to edibles. 

Naturally, Peaked CBD Vape pen offers several flavors such as mango, mint, blue dream, and pineapple express that lets you enjoy the best CBD experience while you’re transporting or just chilling out. 

Moreover, this vape pen has an incredibly smooth sensation as you vape as it is composed of broad-spectrum hemp CBD Distillate, Natural terpenes, and MCT oil. 

CBD Pain Cream by Genesis

CBD Pain Cream by Genesis

When vaping or edibles do not easily sit with you, you can just try out a pain cream that can help you relieve your tender back or any muscles. 

CBD Pain cream comes in 250 or 500 mg dosage of CBD with other ingredients such as essential oil, Organic White Willow Bark alcohol extract, and many more. 

The said product can help you with chronic pain relief that lasts in your body for several months now as well as gives you inflammation relief. 


Is CBD legal in Texas? It certainly is. 

Since Texas allows the citizens to use and produce hemp products, the authorities still have to follow the rules imposed by the government. 

But that shouldn’t stop you from getting the best CBD products that have little to no THC content. CBD Genesis is the place to go to find the best deals with your favorite CBD products!

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