Is CBD Legal in Tennessee? [Laws, Usage & Buyers Guide]

Is CBD legal in Tennessee? That’s probably the first question you should ask when you plan on consuming CBD. There’s no question that these products have been making rounds in the wellness movement. If you live in an area where CBD is legal, you might notice that you can find it literally anywhere.

Believe it or not, you may encounter it in coffee shops, spas, or even in sampling beauty companies.

So before we tackle whether you can buy CBD in Tennessee legally, let’s first explore what CBD is and how it can be beneficial to its users.

What is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is a chemical compound extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Some individuals may know it as marijuana.

Some might only know CBD as the grass-like product that is usually shown in movies. However, others might not be familiar with this substance, which can also be integrated into edibles and oils to impart a feeling of calmness and relaxation.

Keep in mind that unlike the delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), its cousin, CBD is nowhere near being psychoactive.

The Benefits of CBD

It can reduce anxiety and depression 

Unlike before, people nowadays are now taking mental health disorders seriously. Mental health disorders, such as anxiety and depression are seen to have devastating effects on a person’s well-being.

In fact, the World Health Organization reported that depressions and anxiety disorders are part of the largest contributors to an individual’s disability, which are ranked 1st and 9th, respectively.

CBD has been one of the go-to remedies to treat these. Some prefer taking the natural road instead of taking pharmaceutical drugs with various side effects like insomnia, drowsiness, headache, and sexual dysfunction.

It can help relieve pain 

Back in 2900 B.C., CBD is known to treat pain. More and more research intensely studied its effect on the body and whether it is responsible for pain-relieving.

According to the results, the body produces endocannabinoids, neurotransmitters capable of binding with our nervous system’s cannabinoid receptors. CBD then impacts the activity of the endocannabinoid receptors, leading to reducing chronic pain and inflammation.

It can help reduce acne

Most people might not treat acne as a disorder. However, this most common skin condition has drastic effects on the 9% of the population experiencing it.

According to recent scientific studies, CBD products like CBD oil are known to treat acne brought about by their capability to reduce sebum production and anti-inflammatory properties.

Is CBD Legal in Tennessee? [Laws & Regulations]

Is CBD legal in Tennessee

With the ongoing developments in the CBD world, the next question is CBD legal in Tennessee 2021? What is the CBD law in Tennessee that we can refer to in order to answer this question?

The Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was the law responsible for legalizing hemp cultivation. This paved the way for hemp to have a separate rule away from the Schedule I category – primarily from its differentiation from the legal definition of marijuana.

Schedule I are those pinpointed by the law that is seen to be prone to abuse. These also do not have the license to be used as medical treatments in the States and are not yet considered safe for usage.

What sets hemp apart from the usual cannabis?

Hemp refers to cannabis that houses less than 0.3% THC. This is different from the definition of marijuana which goes beyond the 0.3% THC level.

Because of this, this hemp-derived CBD, with the help of the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, was stricken away from the Controlled Substances Act. However, remember that the marijuana plant is not exempted and is not covered in this act. It is still part of the Schedule I category that is considered illegal by law.

Believe it or not, some products even have zero THC. One example is the Active CBD oil Roll on – 500 mg.

Hemp Farming Act of 2018

Aside from setting the standards based on the THC level, this law also gave the rights to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on the following:

  • Therapeutic claims
  • CBD labeling
  • Usage as a food additive

The FDA also took a stand on not allowing CBD to be integrated into any food and beverage product. They also did not allow it to be promoted as an alternative to food or as a dietary supplement.

Senate Bill 2125

Aside from the Hemp Farming Act of 2018, what is the CBD law in Tennessee? The bill enabled those cannabis products with less than 0.6% of THC to be excluded from the legal definition of marijuana. These include cannabis seeds, flowers, and oil.

House Bill 1044

In 2016, House Bill 1044 followed the developments of Senate Bill 2125. This allowed those cannabis products with less than 0.9% THC to be manufactured, dispensed and possessed by individuals recommended by a Tennessee four-year public institution to be part of a clinical research study.

These research studies may cover anticancer or antiseizure.

What is the CBD Possession Limit in Tennessee?

What is the CBD Possession Limit in Tennessee?

If you were to buy CBD in Tennessee, what is the CBD possession limit?

Now we know the truth about is CBD legal in Tennessee? But Last year, both Sen. Katrina Robinsons and Rep. Antonio Parkinson proposed to increase the possession limit to 1 ounce of 1 marijuana. This is from the original 0.5-ounce rule. However, they did not succeed in this endeavor.

Currently, those with marijuana with a weight of 0.5 ounces or less are considered a misdemeanor in the state. This is punishable by law and may result in either one year in jail or a $250 fine.

Where To Buy Best CBD Products In Tennessee?

Where To Buy Best CBD Products In Tennessee?

Tennessee is home to many sources of CBD. You may find it in either pharmacies or online. However, most consumers find it easier to buy it online since the assortment is higher and more convenient for them.

Listed below are some of the best products to buy in Tennessee.

CBD Vape Juice

CBD Vape Juice is an alternative to smokers. This is formulated liquid that is used in either e-cigarettes or vapes. What’s good about this form is that it can easily be absorbed by the lungs, which enables the users to benefit from this CBD-rich product.

Active CBD Oil Distillate Cartridges 275mg

Try out this Active CBD Oil Distillate Cartridges 275mg for your next fill!

CBD Cigarettes

For regular cigarettes, tobacco is the primary ingredient that gives the high to its consumers. CBD cigarettes may serve the same use, but instead of using marijuana or tobacco, it is composed of industrial hemp. This is known to have low THC concentrations that will satisfy the legalities of usage.

Active CBD Oil

Most individuals prefer this product since it serves two main functions. The first one is that it becomes an alternative to the usual smoking habit. This is a great way to avoid harmful additives that come from smoking tobacco.

The second function of CBD cigarettes is to experience the health benefits brought by CBD while still having fun from the puffing.


CBD oil comes from marijuana plants which are extracted as either powder or oil. These are usually mixed with gels or creams but can also be rubbed on the skin or orally through capsules.

CBD oil is known to treat pain, stimulate the appetite, or even reduce depression and anxiety. What’s good about this is that it steers away from the usual psychoactive effects.

Pinnacle Hemp’s CBD Tincture w/ MCT

To experience the all-natural full spectrum, you may try Pinnacle Hemp’s CBD Tincture w/ MCT.

CBD Infused Gummies

Unknown to many, CBD also has edible forms. These CBD-infused gummies forms are easy to take because it is tasty, interesting, and has a way to incorporate CBDs discreetly.

If you don’t want people to know that you are consuming CBD, this is a good idea. Many cover its effort by telling others that it’s a vitamin instead of a CBD product.

To ensure that it will make your life more colorful, you may buy those with exciting flavors. Some products contain lemon, vegetables, and even sweets.

CBD Flower

If you want to see CBD in Tennessee, you may also go with CBD flowers. It is known to be the dried flower bud coming from a hemp plant. Experts treat it as one of the cleanest ways to consume CBD because of its low THC concentration.

Keep in mind that this type of flower is never intoxicating. It’s one of the most effective ways to relax or soothe you when facing stress, depression, or anxiety.


Is CBD legal in Tennessee? The simple answer is yes.

If you want to buy CBD in Tennessee, make sure that you know the laws and regulations set in Tennessee. It has various rules on legal possession so always take note of the weight that will satisfy this.

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