Is CBD Legal in Hawaii? [Legality, Usage, and Where to Buy]

Today, cannabidiol (CBD) is available in many places in the United States in different forms. You can get your hands on oils, edibles, topicals, and many more. If you live in the Aloha State, you might be wondering, “Is CBD legal in Hawaii?”

The answer to this question can be clear-cut, especially as Hawaii has been taking steps toward more progressive marijuana-related laws.

What makes Hawaii different from many states is its more definite rules and regulations surrounding CBD and marijuana. Read on to find out more about CBD laws in the state.

What is CBD?

In asking, “Is CBD legal in Hawaii?” it is important to first tackle exactly what CBD is in general and without the definitions established by federal and state laws.

The most basic definition of cannabidiol, also known as CBD, is that it is one of the two primary cannabinoids in cannabis, the other being delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol (delta 9 THC) or most commonly called THC.

Cannabinoids are chemical compounds that bind with the human body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). When cannabinoids are sourced from plants, they are more correctly called phytocannabinoids, while if they are produced by the body, they are referred to as endocannabinoids.

Let me explain how it works. When you consume cannabis or cannabinoid-infused products, the chemical compounds reach your bloodstream. They are absorbed into your cells through CB1 and CB2 receptors.

What is CBD?

These receptors make up the ECS, also known as the body’s Universal Regulator. CB1 receptors are abundant in the brain cells, especially the limbic and peripheral nervous systems.

Meanwhile, CB2 receptors exist primarily in the peripheral and central nervous systems, as well as the immune system. Studies also show that there are CB1 and CB2 receptors in the circulatory, reproductive, and digestive systems.

Now, as a primary cannabinoid, CBD is known for its medicinal value that has been recognized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Federally, there are a couple of approved medications containing CBD. They are Epidiolex, used to treat Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome and Dravet syndrome, and Aduhelm, a recently approved drug for Alzheimer’s disease.

Aside from these two medications, you can get your hands on different products such as CBD joints, capsules, gummies, and infused oils, just to give some examples. These are made for easy consumption, especially for those who want to incorporate CBD into their daily lives.

The thing is, this cannabinoid is not only produced for humans, but you can also find a variety of CBD products for pets such as infused treats, oils, ointments, shampoo, and many others.

Given the wide range of products for humans and animals, many people have taken interest in cannabidiol. What sets them back is their uncertainty about rules and regulations in their state.

Is CBD Legal in Hawaii? [Laws & Regulations]

For those who live in Hawaii, it is only understandable that they are curious, “Is CBD legal in Hawaii?” What I like about this state is that it has relatively clear rules and regulations about cannabis, hemp, and its cannabinoids such as CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

This is miles better compared to other states, where improvements in marijuana laws are needed to create a solid body of laws and regulations on everything about the plant.

What is the CBD law in Hawaii, you ask? Let us refer to the Hawaiian government’s websites. The State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture said the state will follow federal rules and regulations on CBD and CBD products.

According to the Hawaii DA’s latest version of hemp frequently asked questions, the federal DA does not regulate cannabidiol and infused products.

A more comprehensive set of rules was released by Hawaii DA’s Food and Drug Branch through Chapter 11-37 of Hawaii Administrative Rules.

The interim rules say that the sale of any product containing phytocannabinoids such as CBD is only allowed when they are properly labeled and tested. Labels should include product names, ingredients, cannabinoid content requirements, and advisory warnings.

Products are also only meant to be consumed as an oral diet supplement, but only in tablet, capsule, soft gel, gelcap, powder, and liquid forms such as oils or tinctures. Moreover, they are allowed only when created for topical use on the skin or hair.

What the state does not allow is the sale and consumption of any hemp products that contain more than 0.3% THC, regardless of CBD content.

is cbd legal in hawaii

Producers, retailers, and consumers are also not allowed to make, sell, or consume CBD products for oral consumption that are not in the form mentioned above. This means that CBD-infused gummies are not allowed.

By extension, edibles and drinkables are not allowed, whether they only contain hemp-derived cannabidiol or other cannabinoids.

Aside from oral intake, inhaling aerosolized liquids containing CBD is prohibited. This means CBD vapes are not allowed in Hawaii. In the same vein, inhalation of cannabinoids via smoke is banned, including smoking hemp flowers, leaves, and cigarettes.

Any non-oral modes of consumption of hemp cannabinoids such as application to the eyes, ears, nasal cavities, and other similar non-oral points are banned, as well.

Is CBD legal in Hawaii in 2021? Given all the specific regulations by the Hawaii DA’s Food and Drug Branch, it is clear that some forms of CBD are legal in the state. There are also distinct rules regarding what products are not allowed.

What is the CBD Possession Limit in Hawaii?

Knowing the answer to the question, “Is CBD legal in Hawaii?” you can be more confident getting yourself some infused products. However, you need to watch out for possession limits.

Medical marijuana may be legal in Hawaii, but you should keep in mind that there are limits to possessing CBD and marijuana.

Any CBD product that contains more than 0.3% THC is illegal. According to guidelines on laws and penalties, possessing up to 3 grams of illegal products for personal use is considered only a violation. It is punishable only by a fine of $130.

What is the CBD Possession Limit in Hawaii?

Thanks to the decriminalization of marijuana in the state, individuals found possessing illegal products over 3 grams but less than 1 ounce and 1 ounce to 1 pound are considered misdemeanors punishable by 30 days in jail with a $1,000 fine, and 1 year in jail with a $2,000 fine, respectively.

Where to Buy Best CBD Products in Hawaii?

Where to Buy Best CBD Products in Hawaii?

So, is CBD legal in Hawaii? Yes, but where can you buy them? If you are interested to buy CBD products in Hawaii, then you should take a look at the list below.

  • Naturally Peaked – CBD Vape Cartridge (400 mg)

Naturally Peaked

f you are going out of state, and you are looking to try vaping CBD products, then you should take a look at what this product has to offer. What makes this product unique is that it contains natural terpenes to get the purest cannabinoids.

This 1-milliliter vape cartridge contains 400 milligrams of full-spectrum and organic cannabidiol. The best part is you can get it in different strains namely Pineapple Express, Watermelon, Clementine, Skittles, Blue Dream, Tahoe OG, and Gelato.

Each strain offers a unique experience as they are made from sativa, indica, and hybrid plants.

  • CBD Farmhouse – Delta-8 THC Gummies

CBD Farmhouse - Delta-8 THC Gummies

Another option for consumers that are traveling to another state is to try these delta 8 THC gummies. Each gummy contains 25 milligrams of delta 8 THC and pure terpenes for an excellent experience.

This product does not contain any delta 9 THC, so you can expect a milder effect. It offers psychoactivity that does not bring brain fog. It is also made to be vegan-friendly. Not only that, but it is perfect for microdosing with a recommended serving of 1 to 3 gummies.

These gummies are a perfect treat for individuals looking for a discreet and yummy way to consume cannabinoids.

Canna Bloom Farmacy - CBD Flower

Those looking to smoke flowers should consider getting Canna Bloom Farmacy’s CBD flowers. Each pack comes with 3.5 grams of CBD-rich flowers, perfect for medical marijuana patients and other consumers.

You can get this product in different strains, so you have a lot of profiles to explore. Some of the strains available are #5, Electra, Siskiyou Gold, Mountain Mango, Abacus Special Sauce, and Wide, just to name a few.

The packages are labeled with the total product weight and the amount of CBD it contains, so you can rest assured that you are getting the right amount of CBD you prefer.

  • Koi CBD – Delta-8 THC Gummies

Koi CBD - Delta-8 THC Gummies

Another option for individuals with a sweet tooth is these delta 8 THC gummies from Koi CBD. Every gummy contains 25 milligrams of delta 8 THC, which is known for its milder effects when compared to delta 9.

You can choose between 5 flavor options namely lime, watermelon, blue raspberry, mango, and strawberry. You get 20 gummies per bottle, which you can take one gummy every six hours for consistent effects throughout the day.


Now that you do not have to wonder, “Is CBD legal in Hawaii?” you can start looking for the right product for you. For a reliable store, check out CBD Genesis and its variety of offerings.

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