Introducing the most exciting new CBD products from MJ BizCon 2017

This year’s Marijuana Business Conference and Expo (or MJ BizCon) was held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and introduced us to plenty of new, intriguing CBD products. The industry has been graced with innovative CBD intake methods, yet manufacturers continue to impress us – this year with CBD nasal sprays and CBD-infused water.

While brownies and other sweet-treat CBD edibles have been immensely popular, the arrival of healthier options for cannabidiol users is exciting and timely news. Here are some of the brilliant new CBD products that featured at MJ BizCon 2017.

CBD nasal sprays

A few companies brought nasal sprays to MJ BizCon, and we liked what we saw. However, there were a few differences between the sprays debuted by MedRight and Organabus.

MedRight’s spray focusses specifically on epilepsy and migraines. Boasting quick activation times and 200 sprays per bottle (0.10ml CBD administered with each spray), this nasal spray struck us as efficient and perfectly suitable for fast medicating on the move.

Meanwhile, Organabus had two sprays concentrated on producing uplifting and soothing effects in the user. These products definitely had a more pleasant aroma to MedRight’s, with an exquisite blend of essential oils. The uplifting spray mixes eucalyptus oil with CBD while the soothing spray uses lavender oil. Both are easy to use – just shake beforehand and use them as you would any nasal spray.

CBD oral supplements

Manufacturers look to be getting their act together with CBD water, if EpiQ Water is anything to go by. CBD water products use nano-technology to break down CBD molecules and greatly increase absorption, making it one of the more economical intake methods.

In addition to CBD, EpiQ Water also contains CBG, caryophyllene, myrcene, linalool, whole-plant (minus THC) hemp oil and colloidal silver. Yet despite all of these extras, EpiQ Water tastes just like, well, water.

The CBD-hydration combination is an appealing one and clearly very discreet. Up until now, CBD water products have been quite expensive, so it will be interesting to see what EpiQ Water retails at.

More cool products at MJ BizCon

If CBD water and nasal sprays aren’t for you, no worries – MJ BizCon had plenty more revolutionary products on show.

MedRight also brought a fascinating nootropic-like product called Brain, designed to enhance concentration and improve memory – perhaps a good, natural studying agent for students? Brain is sold in capsules, with each consisting of 10mg CBD and CBG (a lesser-known cannabinoid) combined.

Lexaria Bioscience Corp also showcased a capsule known as TurboCBD. This capsule is really more of an overall health supplement than CBD, with hemp oil, terpenes, omega fatty acids, America ginseng and Ginkgo biloba all packed in. They’re gluten-free and vegan-friendly, help to improve focus and memory, ease stress levels and act as an energizer.

For those not keen on capsules, Patriot Botanicals introduced a delicious CBD oil product, brimming with vanilla and peppermint. As well as being pesticide-free and organically-produced, the hemp used is cultivated as part of a federal program. The beautiful, natural earthiness of this oil’s flavor just confirms the presence of CBD – peace of mind for medical users who want a product they can trust. To take this Patriot Botanicals oil, just drip a few drops under the tongue and enjoy sublingually.

CBD’s future is bright

MJ BizCon 2017 just confirmed what everyone in the marijuana community already knew – that CBD has an extraordinarily bright future. The possibilities seem endless with this cannabinoid, and it’s always great to see what the leading brands can bring to the table at exhibitions such as these.

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