We love hemp oil for its healthy qualities, but the oil (and even raw hemp plant) has many other uses. Did you know that you can use hemp oil as a wood finisher? The water-resistant product makes for a beautiful top coat on a brand new wooden floor or new wooden furniture, or anything wooden that you need to protect.

Hemp oil is a very practical finisher because it’s safe to handle and dries in a matter of minutes after being applied to a wooden surface. You’ll be able to handle or touch your wooden products without concern. There may be a slightly oily texture as it takes around one month for the curing process to fully complete, but there’s no risk in handling it. Also, hemp oil dries very cleanly, and doesn’t leave annoying film on the wood as some finishers do.

Before applying hemp oil on wood, ensure that the surface being finished is both dry and clean – you don’t want it mixing with other fluids. For flat surfaces, apply the hemp oil with a cloth; for more intricate, irregular wood, a brush is better as it allows you to precisely cover everything. You should apply small amounts of hemp oil to the wood for two reasons: one, you only need a little anyway, and two, you can always ad more but you can’t take away once the wood has been doused. If there’s any excess oil on the wood after application, be sure to clean it away.

The best way to describe wood finished with hemp oil is that it has a feel somewhere between satin and matte. The oil leaves a gorgeous sheen on the wood, which can be enhanced by additional applications. Hemp oil is a low-maintenance finisher and a top up every two years or so will suffice.