How to use CBD crystals

Marijuana users in cannabis-friendly states have been introduced to an exciting new CBD product: crystals. But what are CBD crystals, how are they used, and what makes them so popular? We’ll clarify all of that and more in this post.

The CBD revolution

CBD isolates are hot property at the moment – they provide the medicating effects of cannabis, without causing a psychoactive high (something which has put many potential users off). CBD isolates are calming, refreshing and can even be energizing – like an amped-up herbal tea.

The medical potential of the CBD compound is phenomenal, with clinical studies now confirming what anecdotal stories have said for years. For example, CBD is now recognized in many states as a working treatment for serious epileptic conditions (i.e. Dravet syndrome, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome) Now cannabis users can get their CBD doses in the form of purified crystals.

What are CBD crystals?

CBD crystals are made with CBD isolate, as opposed to full-spectrum CBD (CBD extracts which contain other cannabinoids and terpenes from the cannabis plant).

Terpenes are compounds which give marijuana its recognizable scent. CBD crystals contain neither these nor other cannabinoids (both psychoactive and non-psychoactive). CBD crystals deliver CBD in its most isolated and purest form – some crystal products consist of more than 98 percent CBD. Some manufacturers have also developed THC isolate products – while THC is also a medicinal cannabinoid, in such high potencies, its use is more likely to be recreational.

How to consume CBD crystals

Because CBD crystals are so pure, it’s relatively easy to dose with them, as the overall weight of the product will only be slightly higher than the weight of the CBD. This is one of the biggest advantages to using CBD crystals. With an accurate digital weighing scale, you can precisely measure out your dosage with confidence. 

Intrigued about CBD crystals and want to give them a try? There are several ways to consume these CBD isolates, and you can do so in the comfort of your own home. Here are the five best ways to use CBD crystals:

1) Dabbing

Looking to administer large doses of CBD as quickly as possible? Then dabbing is the method for you.

You can dab CBD crystals with either a wax vaporizer or a specialized dabbing rig. Don’t expect to get high with these CBD isolates, no matter how much you dab, but expect a rapid onset of calming sensations, and maybe even a natural energy boost.

If you’re a CBD newbie, you may want to experiment with other methods before dabbing, since heating up crystals is a technical process and it’s difficult to take small doses.

2) Edibles

Infusing CBD crystals into edibles is one of the easiest ways to consume them. Crystals dissolve into butter, cooking oils and other fatty foodstuffs. These crystal-infused fats can be used, like traditional cannabutter, to make delicious, medicated treats. Furthermore, it’s much simpler to infuse CBD crystals into edibles than CBD from marijuana bud.

3) Skincare products

CBD is an antioxidant and is teeming with skin-promoting qualities. CBD crystals can be added to a carrier oil such as shea butter or coconut butter and then applied to the skin as if it were a typical lotion. Topical CBD products are excellent at treating localized pain and skin complaints.

4) E-liquid

CBD crystals can be dissolved into e-liquids to increase their potency. Start by heating the e-liquid to around 140F, and then stir in the crystals at a ratio of 20mg to every 1mg of e-liquid. Your enhanced e-liquid can then be used as normal.

5) Oil tinctures

CBD crystals can be dissolved into oil tinctures and then consumed sublingually. Ideal for on-the-go, odorless medicating, olive oil and MCT oil are two of the most popular oils to use for tinctures. After creating a crystal-infused tincture, store in a cool place, out of direct sunlight. Preferably use an opaque glass dropper bottle to help administer CBD with precision.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this article has given you an idea of the many ways you can consume versatile CBD crystals. However, remember that this information is not, and should not be considered as official medical advice. When using CBD and CBD crystals, judge your body’s reactions when dosing, and if you have any queries, consult a medical professional.

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