How to make the most of vaped weed

If you vape your weed and then throw your bud away afterwards, you’re doing it wrong! Just because they have gone brown doesn’t mean your already vaped buds (AVBs) are finished – there’s usually plenty of CBD, THC and other marijuana goodness left for another session.

While some of the cannabinoids will have been extracted, the amount is largely dependent on the temperature you vaped them at – the higher the temperature, the more CBD and THC will have been used up. But just what can you do with your AVBs? Read on to find out.

Don’t burn your buds while vaping
Don’t burn your buds while vapingWhen vaping, try to avoid the hottest temperature settings as this could result in you burning your bud, creating an unpleasant taste and preventing you from using them again – you’ll know if they’re burnt as they will turn black. Ideally, look to vape your marijuana at around 350-375F. This is the perfect range for creating excellent, thick, flavorful vapor for an enjoyable experience first time around, yet it doesn’t ruin your bud. This is perhaps the most economical way to use cannabis.

In fact, you may still get higher from vaping than smoking your bud, as the absence of burning plant matter allows more cannabinoids to be extracted. It’s not the smoke that is responsible for the effects of marijuana, but the compounds infused in it.

Making edibles with AVBs
You could choose to smoke your buds in a pure joint or bowl, but since a lot of the THC and CBD have already been extracted, burning what is left probably isn’t the most efficient method. However, AVBs can be used to make deceptively potent edibles.

The vaping process still heats your bud, and this turns CBD-A and THC-A into their activated forms, which makes them incredibly easy to work with. If you’re looking to make a CBD brownie using a CBD-dominant strain such as Charlotte’s Web, a fair chunk of the initial 20 percent of CBD could be used again – this is more than enough to have a relaxing, therapeutic time on edibles.

What’s more, if you decide to use cannabutter as part of your recipe, you can effectively double the overall potency of the edible. We recommend using butter with high fat levels, as this helps the CBD bind more strongly to the butter, slowing down digestion and allowing for more of the cannabinoids to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Making tinctures with AVBs
Making tinctures with AVBsMaking tinctures out of your AVBs is a more complex process, but it can be a very rewarding one. It involves mixing AVBs with alcohol before distilling them into tincture form. Aim to use around half an ounce of vaped bud.

Distillation will cause the majority of the alcohol to evaporate, leaving you with a condensed, potent final product. There’s a reason why tinctures are often taken using a dripper – they can be so strong that a few drips will suffice. Medical marijuana users, however, may find more joy with tinctures than edibles, as the THC is noted for not being as psychoactive in this form as it is in others. Hence if you’re looking to take THC for medical reasons, this is an awesome way of consuming higher quantities without getting too high.

Final thoughts
Whatever you decide to do with your AVBs, just don’t throw them out! Save them up over time, and you’ll have more than enough CBD and THC to have some great marijuana experiences at no extra cost!

Got your own tricks for reusing AVBs? Let us know in the comments section!

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