CBD has been a real game-changer for medical cannabis. Previously dogged with the reality of psychoactive “side effects”, people can now enjoy marijuana’s therapeutic qualities without getting high through CBD products. The increased profile that CBD and medical cannabis has subsequently received, has transformed public perception of the plant dramatically in the space of a few years.

Now, there’s a new store just opened in Las Vegas that’s a world first: a specialized CBD shop. Customers can purchase more types of CBD products than you could even think of, and if they choose to, take them on-site.

The growth of the CBD industry online now appears to be showing offline too. In every state, medical marijuana laws are even progressing or remaining the same. While some states are yet to take the plunge, even just for medicinal CBD products, cannabis isn’t regressing in a legal sense at state level anywhere.

The variety of safer consumption methods has also played a role in taking medical marijuana mainstream. Capsules infused with CBD are available for those who prefer more recognizable medicating, while fun edibles such as CBD chocolate and gummies have also proved popular. CBD concentrates (i.e. crystals, shatter) are much-loved by people who need larger doses of the cannabinoid.

2014 Farm Bill Act opens up CBD access

Thanks to the 2014 Farm Bill act which legalized industrial hemp in all 50 states, companies are now able to produce their own hemp-derived products, making it much easier to create a successful medical cannabis business. It seems likely that we’ll be seeing plenty more CBD shops in the near future – they may act similarly to vape shops, as communities for users to learn more about products with likeminded people.

Spreading the word to those who may not be aware about the therapeutic potential of CBD is vital – as a non-psychoactive, side effect-free substance that can treat so many physical and mental ailments, everybody will know someone who could benefit. Some take CBD for fibromyalgia, others for anxiety, others for arthritis pain relief, some even use CBD creams for skin complaints. The list, if not endless, is extremely long!

The backlash against pharmaceutical drugs is very promising for the CBD industry and medical cannabis in general. Americans are finding that taking CBD is more effective and less harmful than medicating with strong painkillers. The Hemp Business Journal estimates that the consumer sales market for CBD will exceed $2 billion by 2020, with more than 20% of that thanks to hemp-derived products.

Final thoughts

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