Leading Canadian medical marijuana brand D.S. & Fitz has developed CannaCaps, an intriguing new product offering your favorite marijuana strains in capsule form, with the added guarantee of ethical, organic, pesticide-free cultivation.

What are CannaCaps?

D.S. & Fitz is famed for being a pioneer in the medical marijuana industry, and CannaCaps offer perhaps the safest way yet of consuming the herb. The company has listened to its customer base, and manufactured the world’s first – and so far only –decarboxylated marijuana product.

D.S. & Fitz has so far worked with two strains – one THC-dominant, the other a hybrid. The decarboxylation process activates the cannabinoids. By decarboxylating the marijuana using innovative scientific techniques, users can take a capsule and enjoy the same experience they would from smoking it.

The Canadian company uses a fine milling process to produces the capsules, which makes the bud as finely ground as flour or sugar. This is the perfect consistency to infuse into a capsule for oral consumption.

Dosing with CannaCaps

You can buy a capsule machine and empty capsules from D.S. & Fitz to make your own capsules, or choose from a 1:1 CBD to THC strain and a high-THC strain. A CBD-dominant capsule is in production and is scheduled for release later this year.

Each CannaCaps capsules can hold 0.5 grams of finely-ground marijuana. This equates to 18mg and 19mg of THC and CBD respectively with the 1:1 capsule, and 65mg of THC with the high-THC product.

Non-smokers who want to sample marijuana’s therapeutic benefits will love CannaCaps. These can be taken on their own, with a glass or water or even mixed into your food. Furthermore, they are discreet and convenient for on-the-go use.

CannaCaps are just the latest proof that a legalized marijuana industry is safer than a prohibited one.