Delta 9 vs. Delta 10: Differences, Similarities & Benefits

Delta 10 vs Delta 8? Delta 9 vs Delta 10? If you are a cannabis enthusiast, you might find yourself asking these questions lately.

For the longest time, the cannabis industry was united behind one word: tetrahydrocannabinol. But what people knew only as THC was actually Delta 9, just one of many possible iterations of the psychoactive substance.

This past year, another THC variant suddenly exploded in the cannabis market: the Delta 8. It is a gentler, more responsible cousin of Delta 9, which makes it a great option for those wary about getting “high.”

People are still getting to know Delta 8, but here comes another new cannabinoid: the Delta 10. Similar to Delta 8, it is getting positive responses from those who have tried it.

With the emergence of all these THC variants and the possibility of more in the coming days, it is truly an exciting time for the cannabis community. However, it can also be confusing to some enthusiasts.

If you are one of them, don’t worry. We got you covered with this in-depth look at the old and new versions of THC.

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 is the THC variant known to most people, even those outside the cannabis community. It is very easy to distill because it is naturally present in high concentrations of 0.3% to 4%.

Some specially cultivated cannabis plants contain much higher levels of 25%, which is still safe compared to the upper limit of 35%.

The Pros and Cons of Delta 9   

Among all the THC variants known today, Delta 9 provides the most potent psychoactive effects or the sensation people call “high.”

It is one of the reasons why some people are apprehensive about using THC products despite many reported health benefits. They do not like the anxiety, paranoia, hunger, or confusion that sometimes comes after using it.

This is especially true for medical patients who want to manage various symptoms but still maintain focus and remain lucid.

Still, for many other cannabis enthusiasts, the benefits of using THC far outweigh all of its side effects. They find that using THC products helps them relax, be more creative, and manage pain.

With its overwhelming popularity, manufacturers were compelled to make it accessible to users in many forms, including gummies, concentrates, edibles, and flowers, to name a few.

What is Delta 10 THC?

If you only heard about Delta 10 in the past few weeks, you are not alone. Even scientists did not know about it until recently, and it took a natural disaster for them to find out about its existence.

How Delta 10 Was Discovered

How Delta 10 Was Discovered

It all began when a California-based company purchased highly potent cannabis plants to produce its concentrates. It turns out that these plants were exposed to fire retardants dropped on a nearby area during a wildfire.

As the company carried out its normal production processes, its lab technicians noticed the formation of white crystals on the cannabis biomass. They purified these crystals further for testing purposes.

After doing an HPLC data analysis, they found out that it bears similarities to cannabichromene or CBC but is different from all the other popular cannabinoids.

With another test — an NMR data analysis in a specialty lab — they identified the crystal as the Delta 10.

From there, the extraction process was improved more and more until it became viable for commercial production.

What is Delta 10?

As it turns out, Delta 10 is one of the many active compounds found naturally in the cannabis plant. It also has psychoactive and other properties, similar to its cousins in the THC family.

Information about the newly discovered compound is still limited, but it is emerging as the obvious winner of the Delta 9 vs Delta 10 battle and for a good reason.

While Delta 8 is less psychoactive than Delta 9, Delta 10 is even milder. However, those who have used it report experiencing the same benefits.

Delta 10 is naturally present in minute quantities only, which is why it did not receive much attention from manufacturers and enthusiasts alike. This is changing fast with the discovery of new ways to mass-produce the compound.

What Differences Can Be Used To Separate Delta 10 and Delta 9 Today?

The THC experience offered by Delta 10 is different from Delta 9, at least according to countless testimonials and limited studies.

It is important for cannabis newbies and even old-timers to know the difference, as this will allow them to make a better decision when choosing which product to use.

Delta 9 vs Delta 10: Potency 

Will Delta 10 get you high? It will, but not nearly as much as the Delta 9. As a point of reference, Delta 8 is estimated to be 34% to 50% less potent than the long-known THC variant.

Experts believe that Delta 10 is even less psychoactive than Delta 8, a characteristic that many THC enthusiasts prefer. That is why the cannabis community has higher hopes for this compound.

Delta 9 vs Delta 10: Legal Considerations

Delta 9 vs Delta 10: Legal Considerations

Another important aspect of the Delta 9 vs Delta 10 discussion is that Delta 9 comes mainly from the cannabis plant, which means that you can’t buy it legally in some states.

Is Delta 10 legal? The new THC variant comes from hemp, which is now legal in all 50 states, thanks to Idaho’s recent change of heart.

However, it is essential to note that the rule does not apply to Delta 10 products derived synthetically from Delta 9, which is still categorized as a Schedule 1 substance.

In addition, there may be some local laws that might have an impact on the application of the federal law, so it is still best to seek legal advice first before buying Delta 10 products.

Health Benefits Of Delta 9 and Delta 10?

Delta 9 is mostly known for its recreational uses, but its users report experiencing various health benefits.

Most of these personal accounts coincide with the long history of marijuana, which has been used for thousands of years for a wide range of medicinal purposes.

There are studies that support the claims of THC users, but the information available is still inconclusive. More research is needed to lay all doubts to rest.

Regardless, here are some of the symptoms which might be alleviated by THC:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Inflammation
  • Migraine
  • Nausea
  • Pain
  • Seizures
  • Loss of appetite
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Delta 9 stimulates the brain to release neurotransmitters called dopamine, which are responsible for the feeling of euphoria associated with marijuana. However, it can cause adverse reactions, which vary from one person to another.

Delta 10 is a THC isomer of Delta 9, and there is every reason to believe that it can offer the same health benefits. Even better, initial tests show that it does not cause the same side effects.

This assumption is supported by anecdotal evidence as more and more people experience the benefits of Delta 10.

Does Either of Delta-9 and Delta-10 Have Any Side Effects?

Does Either of Delta-9 and Delta-10 Have Any Side Effects?

Delta 9 has been around for years. Its benefits are well-known, as are its side effects. It varies from one user to another, and the extent depends largely on the dosage used.

Here are some of the adverse reactions reported by Delta 9 THC users over time:

  • Hallucinations
  • Anxiety
  • Delusions
  • Memory loss

On top of the symptoms listed above, there are studies suggesting that prolonged use of Delta 9 increases the risk of developing psychosis, especially among teenagers. It is also associated with learning impairment.

Delta 10 is potentially groundbreaking in that it offers the same benefits as Delta 9 but without the harmful side effects.

Will Delta 10 get you high? It will, but it is much milder than the Delta 9.

Information about the new THC variant is still in short supply, so it is still too early to say for sure.

There was a study done on pigeons that confirmed the theories of Delta 10’s lower psychotropic potency, but no research has been conducted involving humans. What’s more, more data is needed to determine its long-term impact.

Nevertheless, the swelling number of Delta 10 supporters is a good indication of big things to come for Delta 10 THC.

Delta 9 vs Delta 10: Which Is Better & Safer To Consume?

Delta 9 vs Delta 10: Which Is Better & Safer To Consume?

If consumer reports are to be believed, Delta 10 is a safer option than Delta 9. It offers a similar THC experience without causing the psychotropic effects that people are trying to avoid.

For now, the Delta 9 vs Delta 10 battle goes to the new THC variant.

However, as mentioned before, more evidence is needed to know for sure that Delta 10 is indeed what it is believed to be — a healthier alternative to Delta 9 THC.

As its popularity grows, it will continue to draw the attention of scientists, researchers, and governments all over the world. It won’t be long before the cloud surrounding the promising THC variant is lifted.


The Delta 9 vs Delta 10 debate is settled, at least for now. The newest member of the THC family is poised to take the reins from the “traditional” Delta 9.

However, it is important to take it slow and start with a low dosage, as information about the new THC variant is still scarce.

More importantly, make sure that you purchase your THC products only from reputable sources like CBD Genesis.

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