Delta 9 Vs. CBD: Key Differences, Similarities & Effects

If you continue to stay on top of rising stars in the cannabinoid arena, you must have heard of Delta 9. Now, this is truly where the royal rumble of the hemp industry lies. Apart from the all-new Delta 8, there continues to be the triumphant Delta 9 vs CBD.

So, what’s the tea between the two? Is delta 9 and CBD the same? What makes them different from each other? Does Delta 9 have CBD in it? Who has more strength and power? Read on to find out.

What is Delta 9 THC?

What is Delta 9 THC?

Delta 9 THC is a cannabinoid that can be found in the cannabis plant or marijuana that was discovered in 1964. Since this is a molecule found in marijuana, it is considered a psychoactive ingredient that induces multiple psychological effects.

THC means delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol. It is also the most well-known cannabinoid that makes people “high.” Delta 9 is confused with the effects of other cannabinoids, for instance, Delta 9 vs CBD.

Most experts conclude that Delta 9 THC has the most potent psychoactive effects. Hence, the definition of this molecule deems to be accurate.

Delta 9 THC has versatile effects, and it depends on the mix of terpenes and cannabinoids in the THC product used. It can either relieve pain, make you intoxicated, have a feeling of euphoria, or relax your body and mind.

However, it may produce unwanted side effects because of its strong potency. Some side effects may include paranoia, anxiety, or even hunger.

Delta 9 vs CBD: Are they complementary to each other?

Along with Delta 9 THC, CBD has also gained major interest in the science field. CBD or cannabidiol is also a well-known marijuana compound in the market. It is more therapeutic than Delta 9 THC and improves the enjoyable effects of THC by minimizing these unwanted effects.

So, when it comes to a battle of Delta 9 vs CBD, there is no actual winner because CBD helps improve the effects of THC on a person taking it.

How Delta 9 THC works

To know how Delta 9 THC works, one must understand the endocannabinoid system (ECS). ECS is the system of cannabinoid receptors, enzymes, and lipids that help maintain the internal regulatory balance.

The THC activates specific receptors in our brain, ECS, and the CNS, which controls our appetite, auditory, memory, coordination, and visual perception. Once the cannabinoid interacts with these receptors, it affects all our processes, making us “high.”

Delta 9’s Addictive Tendencies

Marijuana is one of the misused substances, and people who use THC tend to become addicted to it. However, it has been proven that THC is a safe substance, and there has never been a case of THC overdose.

Despite its safety of use, a person must be aware of the excessive intake of THC in their body. If you or your family member has an existing psychiatric condition like psychosis or schizophrenia, it is unsafe to consume THC products as they may aggravate these disorders.

What is CBD?

What is CBD?

CBD is also known as a cannabinoid. Aside from that, there are also many familiar names that CBD is called, such as cannabis and hemp. It is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis sativa plant, which is more known as the marijuana plant.

There are two kinds of substances that can be extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. One of those is CBD or cannabinoid. According to the US National Library of Medicine, CBD is a naturally occurring substance that can be utilized in different products such as edibles and oils to give a feeling of calm and relaxation. The other one is called THC or delta 9 tetrahydrocannabinol, and it is the most popular ingredient in cannabis.

When comparing delta 9 vs CBD, the latter is mainly used for medicinal purposes, while delta 9 is utilized for recreational use. The reason behind this is because CBD is a non-psychoactive drug, while THC can have significant psychoactive effects on the brain of its user. So, to sum it up in this aspect of delta 9 vs CBD, the first one can give you a “high” while the second one won’t.

If we tackle the legality of delta 9 vs CBD, we will see that CBD can be readily obtained in various parts of the United States. Its legal status is still hazy, just like that of delta 9’s, and the different states that have laws legalizing the use of CBD have varying levels of restriction.

Besides that, the government also considers it the same class as marijuana, and their position on it is still confusing.

There are a lot of medical uses of CBD. It can be prescribed to manage seizure disorder or epilepsy. Furthermore, it can also be used to help ease anxiety and pain. CBD can also be administered to treat a muscle disorder called dystonia, Crohn disease, Parkinson’s disease, and other conditions that we will elaborate on in the latter part of this article.

In terms of dosage, CBD can be safely taken by mouth in appropriate doses. If it will be used for six months, the recommended daily intake is only up to 300 mg daily. However, if you are asked to take higher doses, say 1200 to 1500 mg daily, it can only be taken safely for four weeks.

If it exceeds its recommended duration, close monitoring should be conducted to watch out for possible side effects.

How Does Delta 9 And CBD Differ?

The cannabis plant contains several chemical compounds. But the most common and active components include delta 9 vs CBD. Now, you may be wondering whether these two are the same.

How Does Delta 9 And CBD Differ?

Don’t worry because it’s common to interchange these compounds with one another. So we’ll guide you through the primary differences between delta 9 vs CBD below.

Is Delta 9 and CBD The Same?

Since both chemical compounds are active in cannabis, many people often think that they are the same. But in reality, delta 9 vs CBD are significantly different.

Most people know delta 9 as delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), while cannabidiol is short for CBD. From this, it’s evident that the two compounds have varying properties and effects.

  • Side Effects

Compared to delta 9, CBD is non-psychoactive. So consuming it won’t get you high. It also won’t cause psychological and motor impairment.

Delta 9, on the other hand, contains more THC content than CBD. Because of this, you may feel more anxious and paranoid. Its effects are also instantaneous.

  • Availability

Furthermore, CBD is more readily available than delta 9. One of the reasons is because federal and state laws accept it. Meanwhile, you may need to secure a medical card or certificate to possess and consume delta 9.

Does Delta 9 Have CBD In It?

Apart from mistaking the two chemical compounds with each other, you may have also wondered whether delta 9 contains CBD. Or perhaps, you may have thought of the other way around.

So to answer this question, delta 9 doesn’t have CBD in it. Instead, it’s the other way around. CBD may contain small doses of delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol.

Usually, CBD products may have up to 0.3% of delta-9 THC in their content. That’s why you’ll need to be careful of the THC when undergoing drug tests.

What Does Delta 9 And CBD Do To The Body?

Delta-9 and CBD are both active ingredients in marijuana that provide different effects on the human body. What are these so-called effects? How does Delta 9 VS CBD differ in how they interact with the human system?

Are Delta 8 VS Delta 9 effects worthy to study as well? What differences do they play on the human body?

As mentioned earlier, Delta 9 vs CBD both have different effects on the body. However, both Delta 9 and CBD interact with the body’s cannabinoid receptors. This either shows treatment or limitations on several conditions in the body.

The Different Effects of Delta 9 and CBD

Even though Delta 9 vs CBD both present themselves in marijuana and affect the human brain and nervous system, there are significant differences. A primary example is that only Delta 9 or THC has the ability to provide the euphoric feeling of getting high for a few hours. This is why it is known as recreational marijuana.

On the other hand, CBD is medical marijuana. It is commonly used for the treatment of conditions. It also lacks the high induced by THC. Compared to THC, it also has several calming effects.

The Different Benefits of Delta 9 and CBD

CBD is commonly used to treat several issues in the human body such as:

  • seizures
  • psychosis
  • migraines
  • depression
  • anxiety
  • inflammatory bowel disease

On the other hand, THC has been said to potentially treat:

  • muscle spasms
  • insomnia
  • glaucoma
  • little to no appetite

However, THC has been said to induce paranoia, anxiety, and other negative effects on the body. This is why it is not commonly used in the context of medical marijuana. Rather, it has been enjoyed more as a recreational drug.

Is Delta 9 & CBD Legal And Safe For Me?

The legality and benefits of Delta 9 vs CBD may be confusing to many people. Some may think that they’re similar. But in reality, there’s a significant difference between Delta 9 vs CBD.

Is Delta 9 & CBD Legal And Safe For Me?

Delta 9

Most people know marijuana as the plant that gets you high. But its Delta 9 component is the main culprit for this side effect.

Delta 9 is marijuana’s active cannabinoid. In other instances, locally-grown hemp also contains this component.

Since it’s psychoactive, Delta 9 may cause severe anxiety, paranoia, and impaired motor skills. Its effects are also rapid and instantaneous.

Because of this, Delta 9 is illegal if it comes from marijuana. You’ll be consuming higher amounts of THC.

However, if it’s from hemp, it’ll only contain 0.3% of THC. So it won’t get you high or arrested. But you can get higher doses if you have a medical card.


When talking about Delta 9 vs CBD, a crucial difference between the two is their side effects. CBD is a non-psychoactive component. So it won’t get you high.

Since it usually contains below 0.3% THC, it’s legal and safe in all states. So you won’t need a medical card to possess hemp-derived CBD.

The Best Place To Buy Delta 9 & CBD Products

The Best Place To Buy Delta 9 & CBD Products

If you’re wondering where the best place to buy Delta 9 products is, we’ve got you! With technology by your side, you can easily buy online.

1. Delta 9 THC 

Delta 9 THC is a popular destination for buying Delta 9 products online. It continues to be known for its stellar service and family feel that keeps its clients coming back to them.

Delta 9 THC also offers store pickups along with their speedy online orders. They also provide several hundreds of carefully curated cannabis products.

2. Delta 9 Labs 

Another popular, reliable brand to buy your Delta 9 products from is Delta 9 Labs. They offer pure plant alternatives that are farm fresh and all-natural. This company aims to ensure the health and wellness of its clients.

Delta 9 Labs offers cartridges, capsules, and edibles. All of their products have been thoroughly tested for purity and safety.

Where to Buy CBD Products? 

As of writing, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) still does not have the authority to regulate the distribution of products. Therefore, it is in the hands of the consumers to research and chooses which ones suit them.

The first thing to do is to validate whether the CBD you are buying has a COA and third-party lab results. These are provided by both online retailers and health food stores.

Final Thoughts

Don’t miss out on the magical effects of marijuana. Just don’t forget to check your state’s regulations and laws regarding its usage for both medicinal and recreational purposes! Get your THC and CBD fix from CBD Vape Juice.

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